Cyber Monday Twilight Style

For all of you who are making it a Christmas, Novel Novice has a Twilight shopping guide for you. It hits the highlights of all the major suppliers from Borders, to CafePress, to Hot Topic. You name it, they cover it, even the obscure ones. Check out their advice here.

Now for those of you spending money on CafePress, of course we’d love it if you spent it at our shop and have the graphics of our four best sellers listed above, there is a coupon for TODAY ONLY. It’s FREE4VIP and it gives you free shipping no matter what shop you pick.


  1. Ok, I loved the cup…looked thru the web sites and couldn’t find it, can anyone tell me where to go to find it? thanks

  2. click on ‘if you spent it at our shop’ and it should take you right to it. If not,

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