New Moon About to Eclipse Twilight Total

According to Hit Fix New Moon brought in over $14 million dollars on Wednesday.

“”The Twilight Saga: New Moon” go?  After making another $14.3 million on Wednesday for a new U.S. total of $179 million, the question isn’t whether it will hit the $250 million mark it’s whether it can hit $300 million.  Considering the first “Twilight” made only $192 million a year ago that would be a stunning achievement.”

According to Gossip Cop the Thursday total is $9 million

That would but New Moon’s total domestic earning at approximately $188.4 million dollars. Twilight earned $192.7 million in it’s teatrical run that lasted from November 21, 208-April 2, 2009. In other words, what it took Twilight a little over four months to earn, New moon will earn in a week. Without question New Moon will pull in at least 4 million this Friday which will have it jump the Twilight total. In fact it will probably surpass the coveted $200 million mark by the end of the weekend.

All of this will have New Moon land in the number 6 position right behind Star Trek starting next week. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess.

EW is celebrating the success with this article

“The ascendance of the Twilight saga represents an essential paradigm shift in youth-gender control of the pop marketplace. For the better part of two decades, teenage boys, and overgrown teenage boys, have essentially held sway over Hollywood, dictating, to a gargantuan degree, the varieties of movies that get made. Explosive truck-smashing action and grisly machete-wielding horror, inflated superhero fantasy and knockabout road-trip comedy: It has been, at heart, a boys’ pig-out, a playpen of testosterone at the megaplex. Sure, we have “chick flicks,” but that (demeaning) term implies that they’re an exception, a side course in the great popcorn smorgasboard.

No more. With New Moon, the Twilight series is now officially as sweeping a juggernaut on the big screen as it ever was between book covers. And that gives the core audience it represents — teenage girls — a new power and prevalence. Inevitably, such evolutions in clout are accompanied by a resentful counter-reaction. For if power is gained, then somewhere else (hello, young men!) it must be lost. ..The key to New Moon’s appeal, of course, is that a lack of consummation is built into the movie’s very premise, and so the sexiness, as it was in the ’50s, has to emerge almost entirely from the atmosphere, and from the interplay of those faces. And that, more than anything, is what makes this a picture dominated, in spirit, by a new kind of girl power. Mock me all you want (and from the haters, I expect nothing less), but the reason I believe that the big-screen success of the Twilight saga bodes well for the future of Hollywood movies is that the teenage girls who are lining up to see New Moon are asserting, in an almost innocent way, their allegiance to a much older form of pop moviemaking: the narcotic potency of mood, story, and romantic suggestion over the constant visual wham-pow! of action, effects, and packaged sensation. It’s not that New Moon has none of that stuff. It’s that the movie uses fantasy to liberate, rather than to steamroll, its emotions. That’s what makes it a new-style, feminine-driven brand of popcorn, one that’s more than welcome at a moment when the other kind — the boys’ kind — has grown more than a bit stale.”


  1. This is really amazing! I loved the movie and seen it twice. I will thank Chris and the whole cast for doing a great big job!

  2. Loved the article. As a female I wish it were 100% true, but alas, I have seen plenty of men at that movie.
    Even a court house judge, and he liked it too! Not surprising…lol

  3. I LOVE New Moon – I have seen it twice w friends and plan to take the kids this weekend. I do appreciate the EW article and I do agree on many points. That being said – I am sick of reading/hearing that its teenage girls who have made this new installment such a success. I am a 35 y/o fan and when I went to the midnight showing @ one of the local theatres doing midnight screenings (BTW, I was w/a group of 5 women ages 24-36) I was in one of the theatres that seated about 125 ppl and of the 115 seats occupied most of them ranged in age from early 20’s to mid to late 40’s. My group befriend a group of 30 women who were all in their 30’s. So why can’t tv/magazines/the haters and whoever else just finally admit – The Twilight Saga is not just for teen girls.. Its a worlwide phenomenon because of fans, young and old!!!

    Btw – Team Edward… LOL

    • I completely agree with you! I think that classifying this as a tween film is part of the backlash. Me (33) and my 42 year old sister was discussing this yesterday. Almost every mention of this film good or bad uses the words tween, 12 year old, hormones, or virginal. Its almost as if they want older women to feel abnormal for enjoying it so they demean it as a tween flick. My husband’s boss has authentic light sabers in his office and thats considered cool, but if a woman enjoys Twilight, we’re crazy cougars. Star Wars/ Star Trek is a hobby, Twilight is an obsession (and therefore crazy). I think men/boys feel threatened. They are all surprised by the success and have never had to deal with the shoe being on the other foot so obviously. We have had to look at Megan Fox and the other flavors of the month for so long and now they can’t handle a little Pattinson/Lautner action. It would be funny if it weren’t so demeaning.

      (Definitely Team Edward!)

      • THere you go, Jennifer! My sis was just saying the same thing a couple of days ago.

      • Amen sister! I went to see the 7:20pm feature last night and I’d say the audience was couples of all ages but not too many, more teens and older girls, and lots of mature women. Not that many “tweens” at all. I’m sure that will change over the weekend. I’m 55 and I brought my 82 yr. old Mother and she loved it and has read the books too.

        • Count me in too. I’m 35. When I went to see it the first time it was with my sister. The second time was with 25 women all in their late 20’s to early 40’s. I love that it really seems to appeal to women of all ages (and some men too!). I thought the EW article was really good and I agreed with it on many points.

          I’m taking my tween step-daughters to see the movie today.

          I’m soooo Team Edward!

      • Count me in the tween group – NOT!!! Course I’, sure you could say 54 is between something!

        This nearly grandmother LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the movie, ditto for Twilight and all of the books!

        I do get tired of being left out in the reviews also.

      • Yeah, well me and all my friends range in age from 30 to 60, so saying this is a teen phenomenon is ridiculous and, if nothing else, unobservant. Also, I think one of the reasons it’s done so poorly with the critics is that 1) as far as I can see all of them are men and 2) none of them have read the books. They don’t get it…and they don’t want to get it. This movie was made for fans. Period. Thank you, Chris Weitz! Most men, I believe, are very uncomfortable with romantic/sensitive/emotional scenarios, and those that do feel comfortable with it, those that even like the Twilight series/films, don’t like to admit it to their peers for fear of seeming like a ‘marshmallow’, as Jacob said.

        BTW – Team Jacob, all the way!

      • Preach it Jennifer! We were just saying the exact same thing, our group were in their 40’s and 50’s. I go because I love, love, love those books, just like everyone else. I know men who love them too, not teenage boys, but bonafide men.

      • LoveJasper says:

        Well said!

        You’re so right. “Star Trek is a hobby but Twilight is an obsession.” I now know why I felt slightly uncomfortable when I went to the DVD release party last year. Because the media is saying this is a tween movie.
        But it ISN’T. I saw all kinds of people going to see this movie. All ages and colors.

        I was pleasantly surprised to see older men who came by themselves. Or guys who came in groups. A LOT of women in their 30s, 40s, and up were there in droves.

        Hmmmmm I am soooo glad I read your comment. I am not a teenager and I love the books and the movie. Twilight fandom is a lot more layered and complicated than the media has labeled it.


    • I saw it last Tuesday and I was pretty unsuprised to see that my cinema was filled with 20-40 year old women with their friends/boyfriends and husbands.

      If it was just teenagers, it would be the phenomenon that it is. It has to have cross-appeal to make this much money. Plus everyone knows that it wasn’t just tweens and teens that read the books.

    • By the way I’m 37. I think there are many people with this age that loved Twilight, New Moon and the books.

    • When I purchased my ticket on Friday the 21st for the 1:00 PM show, I wondered if I was going to be overrun by tweens. They were still in school. I was, however, overrun by 20, 30, 40 and 50 somethings. More women than men but not by a lot. Was pleased to be in the company of people in my age group.

  4. Is there a line in new moon saying “hello sunshine”
    im seeing it everywhere and people said they think it was said in new moon?
    was it!? its driving me crazy!
    and who said it then? jacob?


  5. This is pretty damn amazing considering it’s been out for only a week. LOL!
    Twilight fans RULES!!
    Seen it twice and will see it again with my sister and another time with my friend. So I should see it at least 4 times (like I did with Twilight)

  6. Will be seeing New Moon for the second time tomorrow. Enjoyed the movie and can’t wait for Eclipse to hit theaters in the summer. Twilight saga rules big time!

  7. cheering4twi says:

    I really liked this article and completely agrees with it! A return to clever movie making “shocking” has become so boring, sometimes the power is in the suggestiona and the longing.

  8. This is a great article. It articulates something I’ve been wishing the movie industry would “get”, that is: don’t take all of the mystery and beauty out of love by showing us one dimensional sex over and over. Women are governed by the heart, not the body or the eyes. We get this. Stephenie Meyer gets this. If men got this (and I mean them no disrespect – I love my husband, brothers, dad etc)our relationships WOULD become the ones we dream about. We would live our fantasies as a reality.

  9. Seeing it for the second time tomorrow

  10. I also have to say this is not just for teenage girls. I am a 33 year old mother of three boys and I love the twilight saga. It takes me out of my world and into another! I read all four books in just five days, have seen twilight over 100 times and i was in line for the midnight showing, also took my kids to see it on Tuesday. This saga just touches you, the emotions are so real and it’s not just the love part but also about family and friends. I can’t wait for eclipse!!!!!!

  11. Hollywood and everyone else simply REFUSES to acknowledge that this book series and film moves beyond preteens and teens!!! It makes me so angry!!

    This is a love story that crosses ALL generations!! And I’m so sick of the haters whose sole goal in life now is to demean Twilight and people who like it! Not that I care what they think, but boy are they threatened by something in it!

    It’s refreshing to read about a relationship where sex isn’t the one and only goal of both parties involved. Hollywood has never gotten that deep emotional love stories touch people on a more meaningful level that wall-to-wall sex every five minutes!!!

    I love SM’s courage in writing a story like this and Summit’s courage to keep it real and not give in to Hollywood’s almost uncontrollable urge to change everything to fit the current vogue.

    • Barbara Rodgers says:

      And don’t you just love it that it’s Edward who refuses to have sex with Bella until AFTER they are married! What a concept! Let’s hope someof the teens that read the books and see the movies get this message. We have such a high rate of STDs and teen pregnancies in the US, perhaps this is a step in the right direction.

  12. New Moon was awesome!! I saw it three times… I have a question… Aro said “La tua cantande” which we all know what it means… What did he say after that in Italian??? I still can’t understand that…

    • My thought is that Aro repeated Bella’s words, “You know nothing about his soul.”

      Why is New Moon and the Twilight saga so popular with women? Edward and Jacob are virtuous, handsome, charming, dangerous and they want only us(Bella). The casting was perfect. We like the actors Kristen, Robert and Taylor.

    • A friend of mine who knows a little Italian, which is the language that Aro is speaking here, says it means something about ‘trading one for the other’. Meaning trading Bella’s life for Edward’s.

  13. Yisel_Cullen says:

    New Moon is going to make big money this weekend. I went today in the afternoon hoping to find a less crowded theater and watch the movie without the screaming of the last weekend (so I could actually listen to the movie)…oh boy…I was so wrong…the theater was packed…every single chair was occupied…and there were long lines outside to get in. Every single person was buying tickets for New Moon.

    When I got off around 5:45 the lines were longer and some shows were already sold out…amazing..and it was a mixed crowd…not only girls… EW is right in many things but the teenage girls thing is already getting on my nerves…I’m not a teenager…I’m 25…and I’ve seen the movie 4 times already and I’m planning to go again on Sunday….so…STOP stereotyping this movie…gosh…is so annoying!

  14. I agree. I saw it again today. Thought it would not be like last weekend. Surprise! Theater was filled AGAIN! We were so glad we stopped by the theater ahead of time to buy tickets.

    Let’s just say I’m over 30. I’ve seen it 3 times now. Will be seeing it again on Sunday with a friend. She’s 48, has 3 kids, and has read all 4 books at least 3 times!

    Bring on Eclipse!

  15. Some one please TELL the world that its NOT JUST TEENAGE GIRLS driving the Twilight phenom….Its ALL WOMEN OF EVERY AGE!!! Teenage girls are powerful, yes, but they learned it from their mothers, aunts, grandmothers and all strong women in their lives.. and we are LOVING NEW MOON together….

  16. Hello Ladies. I am a Father of 2 tweens and a wife who loves the Books, I just wanted to say that I appreciate the fact that you are all guardians of the subtle mystery of love that is conveyed in the Saga. What we do without your stewardship. Men are brutish at times, but after I read the Books myself (Yes I admit it) I have to say I admire both of theses good men in the Saga and I am inspired by Bella’s growth throughout the books. I hope my Daughters find a Jacob or Edward when they grow up. Maybe its not too late for me to change too. Maybe I should brush up on My Sonnets and hit the gym. LOL. Dont give up ladies. Its your turn to show the world that movies dont have to have all the junk. Stand up for love. I am with you.

  17. I so agree about the reference to the core audience being teenage girls. I was thinking that while I was reading the article and was pleased to see the first few comments were regarding that same thing. I went to see the movie this morning with six other people; Four of them are in their late 20’s and two of them had their daughters who are 8. At 47, I’m the one who LOVES the books and movies and am dragging my daughter to the theater.

  18. switzy4ever says:

    great job, everybody! heck, who’s to say we won’t take number one? let’s continue to take the box office (and the world, for that matter) by storm!

  19. Completely off topic: I love how three of the four twilight titles are in the headline for this blog post 😀

    • I know right! I noticed that too & thought if only they had managed to squeeze breaking dawn in it would have been perfect.

  20. I’m a 47 year old mom from South Central Los Angeles, I love the Twilight Saga and I loved the movies. My 11 year old daughter and I was at Magic Johnson’s AMC in the Crenshaw District for the midnight screening with about 300 of our closest friends.(smile) We saw the movie twice and loved it. The movie is beautiful, it captures the essence of the book. Chris made the film the fans wanted, and we thanked him at the box office for it.

  21. Hey everyone, don’t spend too much for New Moon or we might be broke for Eclipse j/k 😀

  22. You don’t have to be a teenage female or any other age female to like Twilight. I am male, 47 years old, married, two teen kids, and I have seen Twilight over 30 times. I never saw it in the theater tho, and I wish I had. Read the first book after seeing the first movie, saw New Moon with my son and daughter Thanksgiving night, and now I can read book #2. It was interesting listening to the reactions of the females (all ages) at the theater! The movie is great; going back Sunday to see it again!

  23. Teenager film?!?!?!? Bah!!!! This only show us those journalists has never been on the cinemas this week to see the audience crowd… Lame!!! How can they STILL keep this kind of thought with everyone (in all age) packing up the cinemas????

  24. Barbara Rodgers says:

    I agree with the EW article except for the premise that teenage girls are changing how Hollywood makes movies. Baloney. I am a 59 year old high school librarian who has seen the movie twice…so far. I’ve read the books five times. What Stephenie Meyer and Chris Weitz have done is given women they want. Romance, not sex. Emotion and feeling, not car crashes and explosions. The female wallet is finally changing how movies are made. The Twilight Saga has provided an intergenerational jumping off point for many discussions on universal themes. As an educator, it provides so many teachable moments on all sorts of topics. Am I a huge fan? You bet!

  25. I agree about the whole not being all tweens. I am 26 and I fell in love with the books, movies and everything in the Twilight universe.

  26. I think that’s a really good analysis. She pinpointed the appeal of these movies. Great article. 🙂

  27. Loved the comments. And ladies: I am 48 y/o, my daughter is 17.We both think twilight is the worlds biggest love story besides Romeo and Juliet. We just wish all the twilight haters would prend their “precious” time with something else.

  28. When I went to watch New Moon with two of my friends, most of the audience was older than us, and WE are teens. There were also families (husband, wife and kids) at the theatre. But I like all of that, I like to see people of all ages, both male and female, waiting impatiently in the line to watch New Moon.

  29. It ain’t just for teens AT ALL! I’m 30 years old and love it. I like that it’s different than the usual vampire fare. I like that the story grabs hold of you and sucks you in. That’s a mark of good story-telling.

  30. marstoearth says:

    I loved New Moon and have already seen it twice. Thanks for a great article. This girl thinks it’s high time Hollywood catered to us. I hope Twilight will foster more well thought and acted movies though not just Twilight spawned vampire love stories.

  31. I hope the author is right. It would be great for our kind of movies to be the ones at the theater.

  32. haha November 21, 208- April 2, 2009
    that means it took them 1801 years to earn that much money

  33. I remember Nia Vardalos (sp?) earlier this year talking about a meeting she had where the studio exec basically said they don’t make movies for women because they don’t go see them. I’m sure that guy is kicking himself right now.

    All that said, the reason why New Moon has surpassed Twilight’s total in a week…the simple fact of the matter is…New Moon is a FAR better film! It has to do with a bigger budget yes but it has more to do with the better directon, the better editing,the fact that we actually get to see the actors act in this film and it’s in color! Therefore peole are going to see it and that is awesome! There are moments watching Twilight where I feel as if I’m looking at film made by a film school student playing with a new camera.

  34. I love it! Totally agree:
    ‘teenage girls who are lining up to see New Moon are asserting, in an almost innocent way, their allegiance to a much older form of pop moviemaking: the narcotic potency of mood, story, and romantic suggestion over the constant visual wham-pow! of action, effects, and packaged sensation’
    A lot of women of ALL ages prefer this form of storytelling whether it be in books or film.
    I know I loooove it!


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