New Moon By The Numbers

Here’s the latest analysis of the Box Office numbers and what it all means. According to Box Office Mojo New Moon is in the number 12 position with a domestic earning of $153,345,623.

As our favorite number’s analyst Larry Richman points out:

“Monday’s box office numbers are in. The Twilight Saga: New Moon took in another $10,506,486 from 4024 locations, with a per theater average of $2611. This increases the film’s domestic total to $153.3M and was the 14th highest grossing non-holiday Monday for any film, 4th highest since July 2008. This also places New Moon in sixth place on the all-time list of the first four days of wide release whenever they occurred, not just weekends. The current worldwide total, adding in $132.1M from overseas markets, is $285.4M.”

Once the Tuesday numbers are in later this afternoon, it’s our opinion that New Moon should easily overtake The Fast and the Furious for the number 11 position and quite possibly land in the top ten by unseating The Proposal as well.

Regardless of the Tuesday numbers, we are going into the Thanksgiving weekend movie crunch. Most high schools are getting out early today and where are those kids going? Answer: the mall to the movies. So the Wednesday number is going to be huge as well, and that’s not even counting what will happen this weekend, or for that matter what will happen with the 20+ crowd’s movie going habits.

The other advantage to the New Moon tally is that it is running largely unchallenged by other films. It’s nearest competitors are The Blind Side, 2012, and A Christmas Carol.  Given the themes of those movies, it’s our opinion that New Moon might lose out a bit to the Blind Side, but it’s more the case of people seeing The Blind Side (or any other movie for that matter) AND New Moon. Let’s face it, for most people it’s a five day weekend. Many are going to get in two films, and New Moon is going to be one of them.

So, by the end of the weekend, we are thinking that conservatively New Moon should be in the number 8 position knocking at the backdoor of  Ice Age and Monsters & Aliens that hold the number 7 and 6 postions (just a hair’s breath apart) respectively.

The real challenge is going to be to see if New Moon can advance beyond Star Trek to garner a postion in the coveted top 5 or higher. Our original prediction was that New Moon would land in the number 5 position. We are thinking that our guess may be low. Only time will tell.

EDITED 2:00pm est:  We did it. We are the number 10 film of the year. The domestic total through Tuesday’s sales is  $164.8 million.


  1. I’m going to see New Moon on Friday and Saturday. Maybe Thursday well see. I CAN’T WAIT !
    I hope New Moon ends up number one again and it might just do that !

  2. Seriously – I went to see new moon for the second time last night in hopes of getting a smaller crowd – absolutely not….there were line-ups for the 9:50 and 10:30 showings! the one I went to was almost sold out…and it played twice at early showtimes as well…if new moon keeps this up…the sky is the limit!

  3. I’m going again today at 10:50 am. I really wonder how many will be in my theater.

  4. RunsWithWolves says:

    Is that only USA countings? ‘cos in many countries its starting today.

  5. CantanteDiEdward says:

    Woohoo for making it to #10 for the year…so far 😉 I know New Moon will inch closer to #1 before it’s all over. The dust hasn’t settled yet! I’ve seen it twice and am so looking forward to the DVD.

  6. WOOHOO!!!! Way to go twifans!!!! The 10th!!!! 😀

  7. I’m a big startrek and harry Potter fan, but I seriously hope that Twilight will just climb up and beat all the movies that came up this year to number 1. I wanna prove hypocrite MILEY CYRUS wrong and so as the critics

  8. Yay! We’re the best fans ever! If we keep up, I’m sure we can make New Moon the #1 movie of the year. Let’s do this!

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