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  1. It may not be “confirmed” but on the World of Twilight web site it does say Breaking Dawn tab and “coming soon” So even though there is no official word I think it’s safe to say they are gonna do it. I mean why wouldn’t they? And OMG I can’t wait! It was my favorite book, well if I could pick a favorite, I love them all!

    • Rosalie's Pain says:

      Hopefully they wont make this book into 2 movies. It was by far the hardest for me to get through, since I did not think it was that great of a read. I think they can capture the main plots of the book with one movie. The first five minutes can be the wedding and the honeymoon. Cut to Bella coming back pregnant and running towards Rosalie. In all honesty, as much as I love the Saga, and believe me, I do. I don’t think making Breaking Dawn into two movies is necessary. All it will accomplish is to take more money out of my pocket(which I know is what its all about at this point). Anyhow, I thought that the book was way to long and it was pointless for it to be so long. It introduced us to alot of character we really did not care for at this point. They had very little to do with the plot.

  2. Lynn Aquin says:

    I agree Stephenie Meyer has changed the world. Every woman of any age coming out of New Moon, teenagers, young moms with their babies in carriages, grandmothers like me, we all can connect and feel the same. I’m a little insulted about the age cracks in New Moon but they follow the book so I knew it was coming. No one really changes inside. Inside you are always the same person from 5 to 105.
    I can totally see Breaking Dawn. It won’t be hard to do the birth scene. All they have to do is switch to Bella’s perspective at the messy part. She goes in and out of consciousness and they can also switch back and forth to show that. They should imitate the cliff hanger in New Moon and have the break betweeen parts in Breaking Dawn just as Jacob imprints on renesmee.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. They don’t have to show the graphic stuff because most of the book is from Bella’s perspective. Even the sex scenes aren’t described in the book, so they could just cut to the morning after if they wanted to. I also think Jacob imprinting is the perfect place to end the 1st movie, should they decide to break it into 2 parts. Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long for them to make an announcement, they have to figure out whether or not they can do 2 movies from 1 book.

  3. she really has changed the world, its so sad to think of a world without twilight :O
    <3 stephenie meyer!

  4. Stephenie is so wonderful & I absolutly love her!

  5. 08ertwilighter says:

    i think if they split breaking dawn, they should do it right as they take bella to deliver nessie – right when she lets out that scream… cutting to black right there would leave something of a cliff hanger…

    • NOOO they cant do that!! that would just be like new moon a h end. i definitely agree with Lynn Aquin and carrie. the 1st movies has totally got to end when jacob inprints(aka the ending of Jacobs Section of the book) and the s*x scenes dont have to be akward to film. it would actually be quite simple.

      • One thing is for sure though. When they show Jacob imprinting on Renesmee they better have fully developed the Quil/Claire imiprint in Eclipse. Otherwise, it’s just plain creepy. Gosh, could you imagine the critics then? The ones who haven’t read the books and complained about Bella being “down and too teen angsty” in News Moon? And the sex scenes don’t have to be anything but fade to black and then the morning after. I also agree about the birth from Bella’s perspective. I love Edward, but I don’t want to see him biting through Bella’s uterus. Just my opinion.

  6. hmmm i think they should just make it one movie because to me there is not enough action in the second half of the book. what is there to show? Bellas transformation,her playing with Renesmee,her happy, happy life before Alice has her vision, this big anxious wait before the Volturi come, all these other vampires that show up but do not fight, and when the Volturi finally does come there is no fight and everything is peachy keen! Dont get me wrong i love that book but it is so anticlimatic.They should just condense the Jacob point of view part and they will be able to fit everything in. oh and casting for all the vampire witnesses should be really interesting and fun to see.

  7. I just love Stephenie! She has definitely changed MY world!

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