Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene on Breaking Dawn

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  1. Chris Weitz make Breaking Dawn, yes?

  2. NO.

  3. Rosalie's Pain says:

    It would be nice to see Catherine doing the last book. Say what you will, but Twiligh is what it is now because of her. Had she done a bad job with the movie, the saga would not be the phenomenom that it is. Also, one movie is more than enough. The first book with Bellas perspective can be done in aobut five minutes. The movie can start with Bella and Edward getting married and goin on their HoneyMoon. The book was to long for no reason, I had a very hard time getting through it and keeping my interest.

    • The only reason Twilight was popular in the first place is because of Stephenie Meyer’s books and people wanted to see a movie. New Moon was 1,000 times better.

    • she bucthered Twilight it is the success it is because Stephenie Meyer wrote an amazing storyline! CH disappointed most true TwiHards!!!

  4. TwilightFan82 says:

    I just hope they don’t do a portion of it in Jacobs perspective, I hated that in the book.

    • I actually thought that was the most interesting part of the book….it was nice to see the story in someone else’s perspective for once seeing as how all the other books (with the exception of the epilogue in Eclipse) were in Bella’s point of view. And of course if they make the book into a movie they will put that portion of Jacob’s view on screen because it was such an important piece of Breaking Dawn, and since Bella is practically dying throughout the book, who else was going to narrate the story?

    • Well if you think about it, we needed his perspective to understand what was going on within the wolf pack – it made the story go much faster rather than if it were in Bella’s POV the whole time while she was pregnant. It was not only entertaining, but it was detrimental to the story as well.

    • I hope you’re kidding. OK you’re entitled to your opinion obviously but THAT to me was THE BEST PART of the book. Jacob’s POV was so well written, you could feel his pain the entire time. The chapters of his book alone was enough to make the reading feel his pain. I mean, it was the best part.
      I know some Team Edward fans hate anything to do with Jacob but really??? That to me made that book.

  5. Wow how we all differ in our opinions. Interesting, so there really is no way to make us all happy. Maybe they just do something completely off the wall. Choose a director no one has heard of, and make BD into 3 movies! hahahah No matter what happens with the films, we always have the books.

  6. i think the movies are what they are because of the fans of the books, and the 1st movie did well IN SPITE of hardwick. glad to see someone with a tighter creative vision tackle 2, and looking forward to 3. i hope summit has the sense NOT to invite hardwick to do 4.

    • I agree completely, Hardwicke would be a giant leap backwards. I love Twilight the movie because I love the books, but I also know how bad it is, not because of the cast but because of the director.

  7. TWILIGHT LOVER09 says:

    I think that if they don’t make breaking dawn the movie people will be upset and maybe even protest. i have read all the twilight books 4 times each and breaking dawn is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE if they don’t make it a movie people will be very very upset with summet!!!

  8. they def need to make breaking dawn. I personally loved all of the books. Breaking Dawn is a part of the series there is no sense in doing a series & leaving out the ending. It gave closure & I think it would be a great flick

  9. I think Breaking Dawn is a deffie. and the definately need to do jacobs perspective because what is bella gonna say? She’s dying for petes sake! and i thought jacobs perspective was really interessting. plus…more taylor lautner!

  10. dancermommy says:

    BD definitely my favorite as well-so many twists and turns! I loved Jacob’s perspective-so many giggle out loud moments! The titles to the chapters alone are great!

  11. Why is everybody hating on CH now? I think she had a very interesting approach to the material, not your everyday, glossy, mainstream thing. I especially liked the quiet moments because she wasn’t afraid to have a minute of silence in the film and it worked really well (think about the Charlie and Bella at the police station). There was an edge to it that I’m afraid the subsequent films will lack. That said, I’m really excited to see New Moon nonetheless.

  12. However they decide to do Breaking Dawn im all for it & cant wait!

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