New Moon Continuing to Break Records

According to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood (at 10:30 pacific time Saturday night):

“SATURDAY 10:20 PM UPDATE: Hollywood insiders tell me that, based on NEW MOON’s early Saturday numbers, the phenomenally performing pic opened with a gargantuan $140 million first weekend.

The Twilight Saga franchise moviemaker Summit Entertainment won’t report official North American, international and worldwide totals until Sunday. But the sequel’s vampires and werewolves shattered the All-Time 3rd Biggest Opening Weekend record of $135.6M (see below).”

Now what does that mean? Hands down the best number analysis that fans can understand right now is coming from Larry over at ProNetworks (3:00 am Eastern Time Sunday):

“For those who are new to the box office numbers game, it may seem odd to have these figures this early in the weekend. But it is standard procedure to have early Saturday totals come in late Saturday night. Most theater chains have already filed their reports at that point and many studios have access to them and unofficially release the information. Once those figures arrive they always estimate Sunday and come up with a weekend projection. Then, several hours later on Sunday, the official numbers are issued for Saturday. At that point they predict Sunday numbers again and come up with a revised weekend projection. This is always done on Sunday. Of course, Sunday and weekend figures can only be estimates at this point. The actual Sunday numbers aren’t known until Monday. But many years and literally thousands of projections have yielded formulas that allow the industry to predict fairly closely what Sunday will be based on Friday and Saturday’s numbers and, therefore, what the weekend will look like. The actual numbers that come in on Monday are usually not too far off from the estimates made on Sunday. They usually adjust slightly up or down but are rarely far off.

No matter what the totals turn out to be, this is already the widest opening of all time for an independent film and guaranteed to be the biggest ever box office opening for an indie. The top four places are held by major Hollywood studio films: The Dark Knight (Warner Bros.) at $158.4M, Spider-Man 3 (Sony/Columbia) at $151.1M, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (Disney/Buena Vista) at $135.6M, and Shrek the Third (Paramount/Dreamworks) at $121.6M. “

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  1. i really hope this means more money for Eclipse and breaking dawn especially breaking dawn cause of the challenges it will pose but if done right will be the most amazing thing!

    • And maybe if we are lucky they will make BD two movies and Eclipse Longer there is so much that is left out due to time and stuff and id love to see more longer movies of the books. Going to see it again today for the 3rd time

  2. Eclipse is done filming so the $$ from New Moon will not affect Eclipse. Too bad too, I want that to be longer as well!

  3. Twi-hards are f*&%ing awesome; plain and simple. And those summit head honchos better confirm BD and definently give a bigger budget for it because they’re being very stingy. I thought 50 million for new moon was really little so I hope with these numbers they’ll stop being so friggin cheap. But on a side note, everyone should see New Moon a second time. I saw it at midnight and again last night and seriously the second time around is so much better. At midnight, with all the hysteria, I couldn’t hear at least 35% of the dialogue. I didn’t even hear Jacob say “I love you” to Bella in Quilute (totally butchered the word). And at midnight everyone’s just so excited you get a little overwhelmed so def watch it a second, third, and fourth time. Lol

  4. I am REALLY happy! Go Twilighters! I can’t wait to go to the theatres to watch New Moon again! I can’t wait for Eclipse either. Why isn’t it June already?

  5. About BD, from the article over on E! it sounds like it’s not really Summit but SM and the actors that have yet to be signed. The actors won’t be a problem, I wouldn’t think, not with the kind of money they can offer now and how they all actually get along. SM, however may be the hold out. I remember reading several articles after BD came out where she said she wasn’t sure that it could be made into a good movie. Her main consern was the baby. She ages and acts in a way that may make it hard to go with anything other than a CGI baby (she said it, not me) and she really, really did not want that. ITA, by the way.

    I still think it will get done, it’s just that Summit will have to have to be able to convince SM that they can do it with out making it look cheesey. I would think this would be a major factor in choosing a director too.

  6. So this is just an estimate, right? I mean Sunday isn’t over yet. So there’s still a chance it could beat dark Knight or Spider Man II?
    I hope Twilighters went out to see it again today as I just did.

  7. Wow, my brother just found the Box office Mojo for me and apparently New Moon is placed 3rd overall! We beat Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, so New Moon made a little more than 140 Million. (can’t remember the exact number) Very impressive. Hope they use that money well and make the other movies better.

  8. this will teach them not to UNDERESTIMATE FEMALE AUDIENCE around the world…..i’m so happy it did great and planning to watch it for the 3rd time this coming friday!!!!!!

  9. If new moon is getting bigger every week ,Eclipse and breaking dawn should be good if done right.i really hope it does cuz i cant wait for eclipse-the theater already has a poster.

  10. Yep, I saw New Moon again, and saw the poster for Eclipse. I’m still very excited from this weekend!

    I hope Eclipse is good. Looking forward to it.

    I’m already anticipating getting New Moon on dvd.

    BTW: It did seem better this time around. I was focusing more because I could heard the dialogue better. Man, oh man, was it great this time around.

  11. New moon was SO much better the second time for me as well!!!

    The first time I was so stressed they would do something horribly wrong and mess it up but it was wonderful!

    I can’t wait to go again. I went to Twilight 10x’s and will do the same for NM : )

  12. princesskimmy says:

    I love the movie…I have already seen it 3 times. Of course there are things that irritate me but we won’t ever be totally happy..but it was great. However, I unfortunately do not speak several languages so if someone would be so nice as to translate all the Quileute and Italian that they keep speaking in the film that would be great. The only thing I understood was La Tua Cantate (spelling?) and that is because it is int he book. Thanks.


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