Robert Pattinson on Ellen

TY to Twilighters


  1. haha ellen is awesome!
    poor guy, can’t say a word without people screaming 🙂

  2. Nice that his family is with him.

  3. I truley wish him the best. He seems soooo nice. If he gets a house, that means we will be seeing him in more USA movies! Good for him. I hope he can find a house in a quiet place!

  4. I wish people would stop the screaming, it’s not necessary I get it people love him, but people also love their moms, friends boyfriends and don;t scream everythime they see them, I can’t believe people don’t see he’s not enjoying it too

  5. It’s so sweet that he’s totally embarrassed by all the screaming! How many male movie stars are like that these days! Most of them soak it up like a sponge, but he turns red and is obviously uncomfortable.

    Poor guy doesn’t realize that that is what’s so attractive about him…

    Go Rob! Find a house and buy yourself some peace and quiet.

    Love this guy…

  6. OMG i freaking love rob.. he seems like such a nice guy… but im still on Team Jacob i can’t help it.. Taylor without a shirt… HOT

  7. He will never find a house in a quiet place, but I still wish him luck.

    • And if he *does* it’s highly likely that some neighbour will see an opportunity to earn some quick $’s by selling the location of his home to the paps.

  8. omg… he’s soooooooooo hot, charming too. gosh. his smile is just amazing! i love it!

  9. That’s exactly his appeal to us,, the fact that he seems like such a humble & timid soul. ADDORABLE!!!

  10. yeah, less screaming would mean more interview, yet, if I was there I would probably be as excited as everyone else….its because that would more than likely be the only time ever you would be in the same room with him…ever…so let em go…it can be quiet at home.

  11. twilightsbigestfanever123 says:

    hes so down to earth. great guy soooo wish i could meet him. well maybe some day. lets hope. im so glad he got the part fo twilight hes awsome. those fans would not stop screaming but i dont blame them.

  12. I loved the books and im on team edaward but taylor without a shirt-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    rob is so nice and stuff, i hate the magizines that only make the good stars look bad 🙁
    TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You guys I’m in love. <3

  14. blue_angel says:

    he’s so dreamy and shy and adorable and down-earth!!! i adore him so much!!!

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