Melissa Rosenberg Blogs About Opening Night

MELISSA ROSENBERG: The family started coming to town a couple days before The Night. Excitement has been high, lots of discussions about wardrobe, and some last-minute shoe and shirt shopping. Finally, everyone’s outfit is decided upon.

The big day arrives. Around noon, the house starts filling with the friends and family who are joining me for the premiere. Garen Tolkin, fab make up and hair artist, arrives to glam me up. Her assistant, Lydia Foster, is on hand to attend to my sisters, girlfriends, mother… she’s kept very busy.

Stylist April Steiner arrives with the jeweler whose company is named Diamond In The Rough. They present me with the most stunning, intricately designed bracelets, earrings, and cocktail rings for me to borrow. If I borrow them, I’m guaranteed to be nervous the entire night about losing them. But they’re so gorgeous, I accept the trade-off.

Everyone’s having fun primping. It’s a lot more fun to dress up when you have professionals there to make sure you don’t take any wrong steps. Meanwhile, I’m tucked away in my bathroom getting the final touches. I come out occasionally to make sure that, amid the fun, everyone’s moving toward readiness.”

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  1. Sorry, I don’t like her script writing and I wish to goodness they would get someone else, people around me who haven’t read the books just scratch their heads(?) after seeing the movies. They keep changing directors but they can only work with the script they’re handed. Everyone don’t be upset with me, its only my opinion….I wanted that bedroom scene to bring the relief it brought me at the end of New Moon, I felt like I was finally catching a good breath along with Bella, what in the world happened? I loved most of the rest tho’. Believe they need to get someone else to script. Yet we will be stuck with her again for Eclipse. ugh (my opinion only) it doesn’t mean I hate this woman or wish anything bad to happen to her, its only an opinion….thanks for letting me unload…..

  2. i agree w/ above…maybe a new screenwriter would do the trick. i love new moon, have already seen it twice, but the scenes went to fast. the ending could have been better. those of us that have read know though. love what weitz did & rob, kristen & taylor were fantastic & should be very proud. stephenie meyer, please finish midnight sun! we are addicted. sad we have to wait till june to see eclipse.

  3. allthekingshorses says:

    AMEN! Finally others who agree with me. Melissa Rosenberg cannot write a script that doesn’t make people cringe. The leads (and everyone else) did a fantastic job with the crap they were given. I can only imagine the damage she’s inflicting on Eclipse — the pivotal book. I have to go stab my eyes out now.

  4. i agree. i’ve been saying from the first movie that the screen writer has to go!

    it’s hard to absolutely love a movie when you’re cringing every 15 minutes from a cheesy line. i have no problems with melissa rosenberg writing it, but SOMEONE has got to fix it up! too bad she already wrote eclipse. and i think the critics’ bad reviews are more based upon the fact that the script was bad.

  5. natalhyCullen says:

    sorry to disagree w/ every1 but i thought dat the movie was phenomenally great and dat bcos the scenes went fast(which was totally great bcos they kept pace)we had more book stuff. The screenwriter did a pretty good job she included everything dat us Twihards wanted to see sothnx for dat.

  6. seriously guys! why are you having a go at her? its actually a really hard job to translate a book to the screen and still keep the same feeling. I think melissa does an amazing job at keeping the feeling of the books alive as well as staying as true to the books as she can. yeah there are some differences which die hard fans dont like but when you literally can not take a book and make a movie word for word of that book.
    and cheesy lines? im not having a go here and i am a twilight fan but the twilight series is FULL of cheesy/cliched lines.
    melissa also does FANTASTIC screenwriting for dexter which is an amazing tv show.

    • Zookie Monster says:

      No, she’s not a fantastic screenwriter. Twilight had a horrible screenplay. There were randomness like “Bella, we’re not friends.” And I was like Oh…didn’t know you guys were even friends…

      And the fact that the relationship doesn’t even hardly exist in the movie makes it suck as well. All she focused on was making sure the nomads got spotlight. It’s not entirely Melissa’s fault, though. Catherine was not the best director ever, and I’m glad Chris got a go at New Moon, because he was fantastic.

      Overall, they need a different screenwriter who won’t make everything so awkward.

    • Zookie Monster says:

      Also, the Cullens barely had anything. They barely spoke, and were barely on screen, when in fact Alice is one of the bigger parts, and she’s barely even there. -_- She didn’t even mention Jasper’s power, which by the end she was probably like “Oh crap! I forgot to say that! Let me just add that in the beginning of New Moon…” She didn’t take any noticed of how Carlisle’s “ability” is compassion, Esme’s is love, Rosalie’s is beauty, and Emmett’s is strength (although the last two are kind of given.)

      • Exactly! There is no explaining anything! That bedroom scene was pivitol to the book, sorry, it was the reconnect between Edward and Bella. The moment we held our breath for… would only taken only a few minutes and the right conversation and things would have been back on track. M dropped it again……

  7. Zookie Monster says:

    Dear Melissa Rosenburg,

    Please rewrite Twilight for us and don’t make it so cheesy.


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