Taylor Lautner on Jimmy Fallon


  1. That was hilarious!

  2. KSmithGray says:

    Wow, that was adorable

  3. OMG! that was soooo funny! I almost wet my pants laughing so hard! He is so willing to do anything! That was great riding, although I think I would have riden it like Jimmy!!!! lol

  4. the race was so funny!

  5. The race was so funny! I’m crying!!!!!!! LMAO

  6. vamp_koi_girl says:

    WOO! that was hilarious! it was funny when taylor crashed… twice! and did u here when he said “how are going to fit?” oh classic

  7. That was hysterical! I loved the ending where Taylor picked up his bike and ran on stage and slid through the finish line. That was just plain classic. Awesome good fun. LOL I just laughed so hard.

  8. Jimmy Fallon wins the best interviewer/ press person- hands down!!!!
    I wish all talk show people were that cool.

  9. Sooooooo Funny!!!! Fallon is the best! And Taylor is such a great sports to go back and check on Fallon when Tay was in the lead! The ending when Tay slid across the finish line was priceless!!

  10. That was hillarious! I could not stop laughing.

  11. ‘you sneezed! let me take my shirt off’


    i luff himmmmm

  12. I’m crying from laughing so hard. How can anyone not like Taylor, he’s been great through the whole press craziness…and I’m a Team Edward girl! 🙂 So fun, glad I watched it!

  13. I’m crying from laughing so hard!
    This was so funny xD

  14. Jacob luver says:

    omg loveeeeee the interview probably the best ive ever seen lmfao LOVEDDDDD the race =D at first taylor was like ” ur kidding me right” lmfao and then he crashed into the wall like 2 times and it was soooo funny but adorable! lmfaoo at the end where he picked up the motorcycle and he ran and slid across the finish line was the best lmfaooooo LOVEEEEE taylor and jimmy has the BEST 9interviews hes soooo funny but taylor was just AMAZING =D

  15. Jacob luver says:

    lmfaoo by the way taylors such a good sport alot of the comments jimmy made serious ppl wouldhave gotten offended but taylors soo laid back and fun i mean why make a big deal about a joke? i loved the part where jimmy sneezed and taylors like ” oh you sneezed lemme take my shirt off” lmfaooo soo funny =D

  16. lmfao!! taylor interviews so well. better than his co-stars.( still team edward)

  17. thanks for posting this I missed it last nite cos well i was watching New Moon. But that was soooo funny! He’s is so hilarious! What a great sport. I never knew he was sooo hilarious!

  18. I love this interview and segment.
    He is such a great host and when guest can come on and have a great time as opposed to over answering the same reduntant questions. We love the questions and answers, but we know they get tired of it.
    This looked refreshing.

  19. Jimmy is a legend lol! They should air his show in Australia, he is hilarious!
    Great interview, loved the motorbike race.
    Thank you for posting. 🙂

  20. Hahahah, absolutely hilarious!! Taylor is so adorable & funny!!

  21. Taylor Lautner is amazing! What a good sport and he had fun too! Jimmy is one of the best interviewers ever!!! He is so chill and it helps the people he interviews be chill! Yay Taylor and Jimmy!!

  22. Lisi Lobita says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch this interview online? I can’t watch it on Lexicon =( Help me!

  23. That was awesome!

  24. HILARIOUS! it’s true Taylor is absolutely adorable!

  25. He is a good sport, laughing along when Jimmy makes a joke referencing “Teen Wolf,” a movie that came out SEVEN YEARS before Taylor was born.

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