So…What Did You Think?

If you didn’t see the movie yet, click on the comments at your own peril. Unsurprisingly, critics don’t like it. The one issue we thought was rather funny that many of them brought up is that they thought it was poorly paced whereas it’s not a flaw that we see, though there are others (Alice’s vision, anyone?).

Also of note, is that many of the critics are guys. Is it a Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus thing? Meaning that women want that slower pace to feel Bella’s pain whereas guys don’t?  We’re not saying the film doesn’t have flaws, but is this just the case of the guys not getting what women want?

Here’s some of what we Tweeted on the issue last night:

Side note, critics who don’t like it r all male. Not saying any1 in danger of an Oscar, but I find Transformers just as boring.

What they are seeing as slow (IMO) works as the depression Bella goes through. Thinking the fanbase not gonna have an issue

Press has never “gotten Twilight”. I could explain it, but they are so set in their cubbyhole visions they don’t want to see why it succeeds

It’s a woman’s POV film that resonates & they don’t know what the hell to make of it b/c they can’t get out of their own way fast enough.

Let me break it down: It’s the plot, stupid. It’s not that we don’t see the flaws, we love it despite the flaws! And that ticks the guys off

In 2008: Iron Man, Indiana Jones 4, Hancock are far from quality but did well. Why? They resonated w/guys. Why is what girls want a mystery

It’s going to be a top 10. Fans are happy, drive the box $, & love it. How do ya like them apples?. Oh yeah…One more thing..Bite me!”

Where do you stand?


  1. I think New Moon was AWESOME! Of course the book was better, but they obviously couldn’t fit everything from the book in the movie. It didn’t even seem like it was a 2 hour movie because it flew by =) but Taylor did an awesome job playing the carefree loving Jacob & I am so proud of him! Kristen did so wonderful as Bella! I cried and felt her derpression as I did in the book. Everyone was on top of their game in this movie & its a hit! Thank you everyone for all your hard work making this film! It couldn’t have been better 🙂 I love it & im going to see it again tonight!!

  2. Another thing, I agree David Slade has huge expectations to fill now..I don’t know much about how David filmed Eclipse but I wish Chris would do the last movie(s).
    And about the romance or chemisty or tension not being there as it was in Twilight? I felt there was barely any in Twilight. In this, I feel much more emotion and passion when they are together, WAY MORE THAN TWILIGHT. BY FAR.
    Alice’s costumes, the eyes, the make up…I have to disagree, it was perfect for me. Alice looked like the fashionista that she is (not to mention her acting was so Alice I thought she was real) and I don’t think it looked like she raided her grandmother’s closet at all..the scarf in Volterra is to protect her skin from the sun, and the gloves. That is something I feel like they would have completely overlooked in Twilight! Attention to detail, anyone? It was flawless as far as that goes, whereas Twilight I can’t compare. Personnaly, the first movie (even though I loved it) and this movie are not comparable at all. The step up is to huge you cannot even compare Twilight beside it, at all.
    This movie was about emotion and unreal heartbreak and they got that right on. 5 out of 5 stars. 10/10. They had me stolen.

  3. I am absolutely in love with this movie. I didn’t even notice any flaws cause I was just so HAPPY that it was so close to the book! I was worried that, like Twilight, there would be a million new scenes and the scenes from the book would be so different. But it was perfect.
    Alice’s vision doesnt bother me at all. I thought it was kinda fitting actually. As we all know, Edward is old fashioned and I thought that their outfits they wore and their frolicking represented the way that he would have chosen to live had Bella lived when he was human… anyways
    I loved Taylor, my mouth dropped open in the “RAIN” scene. mmm…
    I thought Kristen did a fabulous job! She was very believable and I felt like she understood where we Twihards were coming from and it made new moon all the better for it.
    I find that most of the people who say they dont like the movies, are the ones who havent either A) read the books or B) seen the movies and are going off of what other people say.
    im going to see it again this weekend hopefully! Good job New Moon!!!

  4. I loved the film, of course there were bits which were changed and a bit off… but nothing like Twilight. With Twilight I was just irritated they way soo much changed. New Moon was amazing and for me much more than twilight really and truly represented that world, my world of escape the twilight world.
    I came out of that movie three hours ago and im still light headed!! It was truly amazing I would have loved it to have been longer!
    There is no way you could have sped up Bellas pain and suffering it is such a key element in the book. From start to finish i was completely engaged the only thought i had was no please don’t end now!
    I will have to go see this again as im stll in shock now! lol

  5. Why wasn’t this in the movie?

    Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars—points of light and reason… And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.
    Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 23, p.514

    I missed the dialoge between Edward & Bella on their way home. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book. I did love how they included “La Tua Cantante”. There were some details I feel they should’ve included. Alice’s vision was a bit silly to me we were laughing in the theater but, it did make me feel like it was from Breaking Dawn (maybe that was the intention). Overall it was very true to the book. I’ll definately be seeing it again & again. The countdown is on for Eclipse!

  6. I’m desappointed, I expected more.Kristen and Rob performance’s could have been way better.It didn’t ring true.
    Alice’s vision was hilarious! Though Rob was sexy in that beige outfit!
    Why didn’t they changed the contacts? The new ones looked awful.And why didnt they rush the reunion sequence between Bella and Edward? It was a crutial moment!
    Mercifully Taylor’s out standing performance saved the movie.

  7. I’m seeing it this afternoon with my husband. He didn’t even want me telling him there was a yellow porsche in it because that was “giving it away” for him (yeah, cars and scenery, that’s the reason my husband likes “Twilight” LOL). Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. I usually disagree with critics anyway.

  8. Why wasn’t this in the movie?

    Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars—points of light and reason… And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.
    Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 23, p.514

    That is one of my favorite quotes from the book. I did miss the dialogue between Edward & Bella on the way home. I did like how they included “La Tua Cantante”. Some details were left out that I thought should’ve been included & it made me a little sad that they weren’t. I thought they could’ve done a better job with Alice’s hair & clothing (especially the horrible outfit in Volterra). Her last vision was a bit silly but, I did feel like I was getting a glimpse into Breaking Dawn (maybe that was the intention). As far as Jacob goes…HELLO! I actually like his character in the movie. I couldn’t stand him in the book! TEAM EDWARD! Overall good movie! I’ll be seeing it a few more times I’m sure! Now the countdown is on for Eclipse!

    • bleckergirl says:

      I agree 100% I felt that passion that I felt down deep in my stomach from Twiight was gone, and I am very sad about it.
      At the end Edward seemed mad almost to me, not happy that he had Bella back and it was hard to believe him when he asked her to marry him that he really wanted to..
      I was soo looking forward to the reunion which I feel never really happened. It made me want Bella to choose Jacob at the end because of Edwards behavior and I am sooo team Edward at heart so that is soo sad to me

  9. ok here’s my review…
    New Moon was so much better than Twilight. the direction, acting, cgi…i was very impressed. I loved the ending. I don’t know how many women jumped up like “WTF!? seriously!?” lol the Volturi were amazing (Team Demetri lmao). Also, def liked the the lack of the blue tint. that really irritated me in Twilight.
    Overall CW’s direction was AMAZING. Def need CW for Breaking Dawn.

    just a couple downsides imo…
    Alice’s vision of Bella post transformation…i think the entire theater cracked…and occassionally the soundtrack may have taken away from performances. some of the scenes def didnt need the music reinforcement.

    but like i said, CW for Breaking Dawn!

    • Totally agree with you about the music… sometimes it was completely distracting. Other than that, technically and visually FAR superior than Twilight. No book to film adaptation is ever perfect… but this was amazingly close.

      • Yeah, the one and only thing that bothered me in the movie was the underwater scene, when the music comes on as she’s floating there to her almost-death with Edward, the song makes it seem a bit cheesy all of a sudden… Definitely could’ve used a different song there.
        But otherwise, luved the music in the movie!! Especially during the chase scene!! That whole sequence blew me away!

  10. Loved the movie! I’m going to see it again today. Taylor did such a great job bringing Jacob from that happy-go-lucky kid to the tortured teenage werewolf. I like how he was able to show how dangerous and temperamental the wolves actually are. I was really impressed with his acting. Also Rob made Edward much more likable and less creepy, which is great because I want Bella with a nice Edward, not Edward the Stalker. Kristin’s Bella was a lot better too, she definitely brought out the heartbreak.
    Go Team Jacob!

  11. I’ve never cared what critics thought. They love movies I hate. I LOVE New Moon. I have never, EVER read a book and not been disappointed by the movie it was turned into. I DID NOT have that problem with New Moon for the first time ever. It was amazing, and Chris Weitz is a genius!!! And I LOVED that Melissa Rosenburg stuck closer to the book this time than she did with Twilight. Every line I loved from the book was in the movie. Movies, as well as books, are meant to invoke feeling in its watchers (or readers) and New Moon made me laugh, it made me cry, it gave me goose bumps, and at one point it even made me gasp out loud. New Moon is truly a phenomenal work of art!!! The cast was amazing, and I was blown away with how much was put into their performances. I wish I could thank Stephenie Meyer, Chris Weitz and Melissa Rosenburg personally for making the best film adaptation of a book I’ve ever seen. Since this is the closest I’ll get…Thank you!!!

  12. I really liked it! There were a few cheesy parts though… and I agree Alice’s vision was weird…. Our theatre started laughing… I mean I thought it was pretty cool but their clothing kind of threw me off… that vision reminded me of them in breaking dawn when she goes hunting for the first time… but like I said…it was weird.

    Overall I loved it!!

  13. My favorite scene of the entire movie was Alice’s vision. Not corny at all, I thought it was beautiful.

  14. I saw it last night and am currently waiting for my 9+ months pregnant sister so we can go again. Now that’s dedication… she was just hoping that she wouldn’t give birth earlier this week so she wouldn’t miss opening night.

    As for the critics, they’re entitled to their opinion and yes the movie has flaws. However, and some of the critics have noted this, NM is for the fans. It is a niche film and so it may not resonate with people who are not of that mindset. I wish the critics would lay off the comments on the actors’ personal lives and just bash the movie if they must. I do feel like there is a bit of backlash against the movie and the franchise in general because of the insane amount of hype it has gotten. Nothing is more fun then tearing down what other people build up. It’s sad, but true.

    What I don’t get is how the same guy can bash NM and just this summer was raving about how good Transformers was. What? So to each their own.

  15. I saw the midnight showing and was completley DISAPPOINTED!! I dont know if its because Im Team Edward and this is a Team Jacob movie but I left this movie PISSED!!! and WHATS UP WITH THE ENDING!!! AHHHHHH !!!!!! So Far Twilight is HANDS DOWN the better of the TWO!

    • Thank you someone who agrees. I was totally disappointed as well as my friend we both almost got up and left but it was like a train wreck you just had to see what went wrong next. So disheartened and sad.

  16. i’m so offended by the men are from mars thing in this post, I think this might just be my final lexicon trip. “most of the critics are men”???? seriously? guess what, those opinions matter just as much as the 14 year old girl in the front who won’t stop screaming “Taylor I love you.” how dare you even insinuate that we don’t enjoy emotional scenes. you all idolize this perfect edward character but the nonfiction men of the world, you’d rather just put in a neat little box. well I hate to break your plate ladies, but this isn’t a world of binary gender anymore and you can’t just say that men don’t understand because we’re from another planet. haven’t you ever seen star wars? it’s all emotion. you might as well say, throw out all the white guy reviews for ‘precious’!

    • @jon
      There is a difference between the male and female perspectives as far as film making and art is concerned. Sometimes it is really subtle and sometimes it is super obvious. But you are right that it shouldn’t matter which perspective the story is told from, everyone should be able to enjoy it. Unfortunately that is usually not the case.

      I would argue that Twilight Saga is a from a female perspective because of the emphasis place on Edward and Jacob’s appearance, and how Bella feels about them. (Versus movies where it is the guy going after the gorgeous girl cough..transformers..cough.)

  17. I have to say that I was slightly disappointed with this film. First complaint is some of the ways it strayed from the book, particularly after reading Steph’s comments about how closely it followed the book. I realize not every scene can be filmed and my favorite line “hiking or ER?” didn’t make it.

    I truly think that the added Edward content slowed it down. There also seemed to be a lack of passion between Bella and Edward, it was distracted somehow.

    The action sequences turned out to be some of the best parts of the movie. But not the best, that would have to go to Jacob. He did a great job.

    Alice as well, the more open and playful character this time around really helped to cement the whole thing together.


  18. i went to the midnight release, and i could only say that New Moon was… Simply Amazing. Now, i do think there was a few things not so right, but it was deffinatly made better than Twilight. I dont listen to critics, because everyone has their own opinion… i took my best friend who isnt obsessed like me, and lets just say she is hooked now, after New Moon!

  19. Love your comments. Transformers bored me to tears as well.

  20. It was way better than Twilight. I hated Twilight so much. Loved Taylor performance. Kristen was better than in New Moon than Twilight, but she was still is ehh for me. Rob did okay in the parts he did. Loved Mike and Anna parts. Wish it was more wolf pack scenes like, the bon fire. When they showed Bella as a vamp, it was lol moment in the theater I was at as well.

  21. @Sarahk
    nope, sorry, no difference in viewing art or movies. that’s a LIE that has been fed to us through our gender-obsessed society and it completely ignores the shades of gender that have existed in societies across the world for thousands of years. and a site like this, feeding teenaged girls this as some sort of casual, insurmountable truth, disgusts me, especially when I know it’s run by grown up women who should know better.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Thanks for proving my point. Another assumption that what is fueling this blog and the movies is teens who seemingly don’t know better.

      Fact is, it’s heavily adult women. Look at the people attending movies, signings, conventions. Median age is easily in high 20’s.

      • how clever. are you serious, by the way? thank you, for purposefully reinterpreting my comments to suit your point. really great intellect coming from this site. I can’t believe I actually thought I could say something good about guys- you all hate us! oops, did I make a horrible generalization? my sincerest apologies.

        alright, you’ve chased another evil boy with an opinion from your readership. oh and just so you know, the story’s good, and I am a fan, but Stephenie meyer can’t write to save her life. pick up Harry Potter. there’s character developement – might be new to you guys, but I think you’ll like it.

      • If it’s mostly adult woman- then that’s sad because using terms such as “How do ya like them apples?” Or “in your face Hp fans” Those kinds of things really show such class and Maturity of these people! I’m 28 and think most of these girls need to grow up and really..just stop speaking, Because at this point-you’re making the rest of us look bad!

    • I have to respectively disagree. It is not a lie. There is always a perspective. Ever watch a movie where there is a slow motion of some hot chick walking as a normal/nice guy watches? That is considered from the masculine perspective, because the emphisis is placed on what someone with a masculine personality would like. Now that does not mean a man can’t create a story from the female perspective and vise versa. I think Chris W did an excelent job of this in New Moon. It also doesn’t mean there are various shades of masculine, feminine and androgenous that can be expresed in film. I’m talking about the masculine/feminine perspectives, not differnces bewteen the sexes.

      • sorry. I meant that there ARE various shades of masculine, feminine and androgeny. (I think I said that there weren’t, my bad.)

  22. Loved the movie. I loved it so much I wrote a letter to Summit to beg them to offer the director role of Breaking Dawn to Chris Weitz. I am a little worried Eclipse won’t hold up.

    • Oh I think David Slade’s version is going to be way way better… He is much more artistic like Catherine Hardwicke was and will show a realism and that was sorely lacking in every facet of New Moon.

      All Chris Weitz succeeded in doing was turning NM into a B Grade soap opera. Breaking Dawn would be a farce if Chris Weitz were allowed to get his hands on it.

  23. @apathy
    oh and I’m not stopping for a couple of comments, I want to stop because if the lexicons attitude toward said comments.

  24. I agree that in addition to critics being critics–wanting to see great films, not fan-pleasing adaptations–there’s also a major male/female divide. My female friends who don’t like Twilight at least get why other women do.

    That said, my brother (a man in his late twenties) *volunteered* to go see Twilight with me and enjoyed it. He’ll probably go to New Moon with me as well. Some guys get it!

  25. Saw it twice last night! Loved it both times! Only gets better each time will gladly see it again! Who really cares about the critics they are never right!!!

  26. I am so totally happy with this movie! Although I did truely love twilight, New Moon has blown it out of the water by far! I had not problems with anything, even alice’s vision (yes people laughed and it was a bit cheesey but I like it!hehe) I’m going again tonight with some friends who weren’t able to come with us last night, and am just as excited as I was last night! LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!!!!

  27. I just finished watching New Moon and I thought it was way better than Twilight. Even though the same actors were use, I think the acting was way better. My only problem was that he wolves didn’t look that great and the ending was kind of rushed. Taylor looked yummy! Team Jacob all the way!!!

  28. I went to the midnight showing as well and loved the movie. When Alice had her vision, everyone in the theatre started laughing…as did I! I couldn’t help myself! So, here is what I wonder: When they had the Hollywood premiere and the casts was in the theatre, do you think that the audience started to laugh?

  29. Don’t listen to the critics!! The movie was awesome.
    It follows the story line very closely & even adds in some things I felt were missing from the first movie. Silly critics. The pace was perfect. It’s not an action only movie. It’s a love story with action etc. I wouldn’t have wanted the movie rushed, it wouldn’t have had the same emotional effect.
    Speaking of effects, they were amazing.The movie has great lighting/coloring appeal.
    My favorite animal CGI effects of all time are now in this movie. Jacob in werewolf form on the cliff looking for Victoria is one of my favorites.
    Re Alice’s final vision.I couldn’t remember if she was faking a vision to save them or if the vision was a real one. It was sort of a dreamy version of what may happen. I think one reason people may have laughed was because the audience was taken from a highly opposite/fearful emotional moment to frolicking in the woods in old fashioned clothing. It may or may not have been ‘cheesy’, but I didn’t laugh. All I saw in the vision was a happy ending.
    Loved the way the movie ended.
    Thank you to all involved for making a wonderful movie!
    Officially nominating Chris for Breaking Dawn (hopefully it will be made)

  30. OME. I loved it so much. I think the acting was better, the writing was better, the directing was better and the chemistry between the characters. Everyone did an amazing job especially in just a years time.

  31. TEAM JACOB says:

    I can’t imagine how anyone could still be team Edward after that movie! Jacob is SO hot and so much better for Bella. Reading the books I was always undecided who I liked better but I am 100% Jacob now.

  32. bleckergirl says:

    I am the biggest fan and loved the first movie so when I saw it I was amazed at how much better it looked without that blue screen that twilight had, and Bella looked so much prettier without all that makeup but Edward had too much makeup it made him look old to me.
    I was also very sad that the ending felt so rushed. The left out my favorite part from the book – when Edward tells Bella he left her things under the floor board and she has her epiphany!
    I felt the romance I felt in Twilight was missing at the end too. So if they could just add more Edward and Bella reuniting time and have done it with the passion that was in Twilight it would be awsome!
    I just hope in Eclipse they have that passion back!!

  33. No, I haven’t seen it yet because it aired here last night at midnight in all the theatre rooms and I wasn’t going to go knowing that almost all of them were sold out already but I am headed there tonight for the latest showing…hopefully less people so I can enjoy it..(Yea right).
    But you are completely and 100% right. My boyfriend is dreading going tonight and many of his friends are too with take their girlfriends. It’s a girl movie..Aren’t we entilted to a different kind of movie every now and then? I loved the first movie, I still watch it all the time, and I am still just as interested in it. There is no reason why the critics should be downing on it just because of it’s story line or because of a “flaw”. Tell me what movie don’t have a flaw…NONE!!! There is not one perfect movie. But yet this one is in the top movies at the box office right now but they say they hate it because of a flaw..its not right. I am sure that this movie is going to be awesome. I can’t wait.

  34. I thought it was amazingly done. Even though I didn’t really have high standards from the first movie it surpaced everything. I went last night at midnight and it was pretty packed. Everyone that was around was laughing and having a good time. IT had all the elements, the depression, the sadness, jacob and edward 😛 Although 4 of my friends hated it and I’m not exactly sure why. Personally I loved it, and can’t wait for June to come around : )

  35. Ok…I sat and read through all of the comments before writing mine. Just to see how we jived together.

    I must say that no movie will ever bring forth the excitement and emotions in me that Twilight did. And not because it was an exceptionally well-made movie, because it was not. As long as I live, I will never forget the cafeteria scene where I got my first look at my Edward. It was a thrill that I’ll never experience again with any of the sequels.

    That being said, I thought Alice’s wardrobe sucked. Someone needs a hand slap for that one! I LOVED the way Nikki delivered with Rose. I actually felt sorry for her and she really made that character just a little more likeable for me. Jasper needed a haircut. Carlisle’s makeup was much more natural looking this time around. It was too pasty white in Twilight. I was a litte upset with Edward’s wardrobe! He dressed like an old man instead of the hip/chick young vampire of Twilight. I guess they were trying to mature him a little bit, but I like the more relaxed clothes on him.

    The vampire Bella scene just confused me. I couldn’t figure out what was going on until she sparkled. But now that I think about it, that’s the type of clothes Edward would have worn during his youth in the early 1900s. Maybe that’s why Chris chose those clothes.

    Taylor was excellent! He almost turned this Team Edward girl into a Team Jacob girl for a little while there. They were so cute together and You know deep down inside that he’s the perfect choice.

    I didn’t even notice Edward’s eyes not being black, but you’re right. That would have made his obvious disheveled look much more devastating. Extreme thirst, and all that.

    OMG! LOVED ARO!!! Michael Sheen played him as so deliciously evil and absolutely off his rocker that you have to love him. He’s totally freaking crazy and it showed with Michael’s wonderful interpretation of his character.

    Jane’s brother, Alec…his acting was a little flat. I realize he only had a couple of lines, but I think he could have done a better job.

    And finally…Robert Pattinson. *sigh* For a Team Edward girl, this film left me unsatisfied. But I KNEW that coming in, so I’m understanding! The Jacob people needed their day, and they got it! When Edward was there, he was wonderfully acted by Rob. He does such a good job of bringing our brooding vampire to life. He’s amazing!

    THE ENDING??!!!! Completely amazing! The entire audience erupted in disbelief when the screen went to black and Chris Weitz’s name appeared.

    My exact words were: “HOW LONG UNTIL JUNE??”

  36. First of all I love the books as well as the first movie. No offence to the fans but I don’t think the screen play was written very well. I think it jumped from scene to scene with no middle. Key points were left out. I think the studio got in a hurry to make money and has compromised Mrs. Meyer’s work. The first mistake was changing directors Kathryn Hardwick protrayed the books better. She wanted to take to much time to prepare for new moon but if you are a true fan I do believe you would’ve waited for a better story and the studios would’ve still made as much or more money without compromise. All in all I’m sad that the book was so compromised.:(

    • Okay.. So.. I totally agree! If I wouldn’t have read the books I would have not been able to follow along. I was literally sitting in the theater so upset that it jumped so hard from scene to scene with ANY FLOW! Seriously.. Do we need to jump from kitchen to living room couch? It would have taken all of two seconds to show them walking into the living room. Or the fact that she just showed up at Jacob’s with motorcycles with no clue as to how she got them, who loaded them up, and WHY she had them.. They could have at least showed her driving there with her talking to herself saying whey she NEEDED to do this to keep Edward in her life in some way, form, or fashion, right?! The fact that you never heard Bella talking to herself like she did in the book and in the Twilight movie was disappointing. It was so upsetting, such a huge disheartment for THIS DIE HARD TwiHARD fan 🙁 As far as the flippin’ scene where Aro reads Alice’s vision/mind regarding Bella being a vampire.. I literally said, loudly, “HOW GAY”. I was so perturbed. I almost got up and walked out. My comments about this movie during the movie obviously upset a lot of people because I was very verbal about my disappointment and I got a lot of looks. Even my friend was ready to walk out and she’s the very one who introduced me to the Twilight saga. Just thought I’d throw that in there for a tid bit. I honestly believe that the only people that LOVED this wholeheartedly are teeny boppers. Seriously…. You’re SOOOOO “in love” with Edward or Jacob that it’s the only reason you see the movies. To see them half naked. Come on, we all know it. That’s the only reason you even like the movies. You don’t see meaning behind it, you just like their faces and/or bodies. If you’re 20 or up you’re looking more for the romance in a story-line. Don’t get me wrong, I would go to jail for Taylor Lautner but he’s not the only reason I stayed up all night to see this and went to work the next morning 8-5 with no sleep, I thought there would actually be a plot since you know, Stephanie Meyer had already written out a great one. Did the director EVEN READ THE BOOK so he could feel the emotion!? I hope they bring Kathyrn Hardwick back. *End rant*

  37. Okay, I had so much fun seeing New Moon. I think the cast of minor characters made New Moon what it was. I don’t care what critics and other’s say. Heck, I took my Twilight Hating Boyfriend and he had a good time. I think New Moon was hilarious for me, seeing as I could give less of a care for Bella, Edward and Jake so I liked it.

  38. KSmithGray says:

    The movie was flawless. I can’t think of a single thing I’d change. Absolutely beautiful. I loved it. Kristen Stewart deserves a formal award for her performance. Taylor Lautner is without a doubt the break through actor of this year. Rob was great, his anguish was moving. Fantastic.

  39. I’m a dude and I can’t get enough Twilight! I went to the show last night and was utterly blown away. LOVE IT! Critics suck!!

  40. I saw it last night and I was sooo excited, but now I’m not. I liked it, but there were things that just seemed off. The cullens looked different, rosalie was not as pretty looking as she was in Twilight. There eyes are weird. It must be new contacts (a bigger budget I guess)but they so don’t work. Rob had such nice eyes in Twilight and they are not the same in New Moon. The red ones on the volturi are awesome!
    Charlie as a jokester? He’s a lot more reserved and sarcastic in Twilight.
    There was a lot of spinning done with the camera. It was making me dizzy. I hope it was part of the “spiral of depression” other wise it was just really distracting.
    It seemed to lack the intimacy that twilight had. It lacked in building the chemestry with Jacob and bella. Maybe that is the female vs male director’s perspective.
    The story was good, action was great. Somethings just missing. Maybe I’ll change my mind with a second viewing on Saturday…..

    • I totally agree with you 100% on all of your thoughts. I just posted a comment above this one and didn’t even get out all I wanted to say. Now that I read yours I believe I’ll comment again because you’re thoughts are exactly the same as mine in all aspects.
      Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in this world!

  41. I enjoy reading the idiotic reviews of fat a$$ed old men. They so don’t get it and it is hysterical. They go through and point out every little flaw their jealous little minds can find. But these are the same fools that totally believe female space aliens wear lingerie or else are all human like and wear only body paint. Also don’t forget Twilight gives women a chance to experience the half of their sexuality that is taboo in our culture, the half where they sit happily on their average sweat panted bums and check out hot men. Very, very taboo and fun!

  42. Wow, I guess even the dudes that were dragged to this flick by their women had little to nothing to say about the movie….I scanned the comments and saw no guys comment (all be it I might have missed one) but my girl hasn’t got me in “yet” but anywho I don’t think ‘IMA GONA LIKE IT’…MY BRO SAID IT’S DEFF A CHICK FLICK…I SEE THAT BY THE COMMENTS HERE!

  43. I went to the 9pm showing of Twilight but couldn’t stay for New Moon because I promised my daughters I would go with them tomorrow and they wanted me to wait. Everyone in line hours ahead was having a blast. A few groups of guys went and were chatting up all the girls. If advertisers and media companies are not interested in reaching the demo I saw in line last night they are fools.

  44. Just saw this movie and I loved it. I think that it was very much like the book which I was happy about. Also it was not as cheesy as the first movie.

    I do not agree with the critics, this movie is for the fans of the book and I think the movie reflected the book as much as possible and it was great.

    Taylor Lautner’s performance was excellent, I think everybody in the cinema was swooning when he came on.

    Love it!

  45. OME……..THAT MOVIE WAS SOOOO AMAZING!!!! I thought It was flawless. I mean, ofcourse they have to change some things because they have to fit a whole book into a two hour movie. I thought all the changes were really good though. I know that I am going to see it again and again and again and again. Now its time for the countdown to Eclipse. I almost died when he said “marry me” and then nothing else happened. I was like “NO! IT CANT BE OVER YET!”. Well I guess we all just have to wait for the next one to come out.I am counting down the days. ONLY 7 MONTHS AND 10 DAYS TIL ECLIPSE! I hope I can wait that long. By the way, a BIG thanks to Chris Weitz. YOU DID AN EXCELLENT JOB(IT WOULD BE REALLY COOL IF YOU ALSO DIRECT BREAKING DAWN)!!!!!!!

  46. That’s why they are critics, If it’s not oscar worthy then it sucks. If it a teen movie then it sucks..
    Critics are overated.. It’s making money! critic that!!

  47. I thought the movie was amazing. Between Twilight and New Moon, I’d definitely pick New Moon. I rarely like movies that critics like, so it really doesn’t bother me that they don’t. If the fans like it, that’s all that matters.

  48. OMG New Moon was amazing, i skipped school to go to the see it in Bedford. I loved its soooo much. The wolves were amazing, so was the scene with victoria and the wolves. The only bits i wasn’t keen on was Emily’s face. Does she really have that many scars? Also Jane didn’t see scary to me. I loved Felix, Demetri and Embry. I swear Jake has a 10 pack!!! HAHA.

  49. Yes, this movie was 100% better than the first. After seeing the first I came out of the theater with total disgust. They had completely ruined the book I did not find robert at all attractive and in anyway fitting Edwards description. He seemed out of place in the storyline and it bothered me the whole movie. Also the fact that in twilight they move like they are constantly tied to a harness and rope the running up a tree by just moving like a crab thing. Yeah not a big fan of the first movie at all. This movie though was amazing. I am glad I spent the money to go see it and came out wishing I had more money to see it right away again. They totally caught the esscence of the book. Though some scenes were awkward. Like seeing Dakota with red eyes the whole theater chuckled nervously as she appeared on screen. We are used to her playing the goody good girl and here she is a killer vampire. The only thing that really bothered me throughout the movie is their eyes never strayed from amber. The voting scene their eyes and costumes looked awful.I must say though Robert looked so much more like Edward in this movie They did and amazing job on his special effects. I would totally go see this movie again. Screw the critics!

  50. am i the only one who thinks kstew’s acting leaves much to be desired?
    true, it was better than the first.
    but that isn’t really saying much considering the fact that it was nearly impossible for it to get any worse than it was in twilight.

    i went in to this movie excited but expecting to be disappointed and i really wasn’t.

    i thought it was pretty phenomenal the whole way through and i cried twice, i think.

    and let me take this time to reiterate how much i HATE bella’s character.
    i love jacob, i love alice and charlie and emmett and the wolves, but bella irritates me like no other lead character ever has…


    i really liked the coloring of this film. it felt real, not all dark and stupid like twilight was.

    i’m probably going to go see it again this week.

    • I thought Kristen did a great job in this one. It was uncomfortable to watch her at times in Twilight but I think she nailed it this time in New Moon. She was vulnerable and beleivable and her timing was perfect in New Moon.

      • I thought Kristen Stewart’s performance was a vast improvement from Twilight. I, too, really thought she nailed the deep despair that Bella goes through. Kristen absolutely embodied Bella for me in this one, and it was an absolute pleasure to watch her performance in New Moon. I hope she keeps it up!

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