So…What Did You Think?

If you didn’t see the movie yet, click on the comments at your own peril. Unsurprisingly, critics don’t like it. The one issue we thought was rather funny that many of them brought up is that they thought it was poorly paced whereas it’s not a flaw that we see, though there are others (Alice’s vision, anyone?).

Also of note, is that many of the critics are guys. Is it a Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus thing? Meaning that women want that slower pace to feel Bella’s pain whereas guys don’t?Β  We’re not saying the film doesn’t have flaws, but is this just the case of the guys not getting what women want?

Here’s some of what we Tweeted on the issue last night:

Side note, critics who don’t like it r all male. Not saying any1 in danger of an Oscar, but I find Transformers just as boring.

What they are seeing as slow (IMO) works as the depression Bella goes through. Thinking the fanbase not gonna have an issue

Press has never “gotten Twilight”. I could explain it, but they are so set in their cubbyhole visions they don’t want to see why it succeeds

It’s a woman’s POV film that resonates & they don’t know what the hell to make of it b/c they can’t get out of their own way fast enough.

Let me break it down: It’s the plot, stupid. It’s not that we don’t see the flaws, we love it despite the flaws! And that ticks the guys off

In 2008: Iron Man, Indiana Jones 4, Hancock are far from quality but did well. Why? They resonated w/guys. Why is what girls want a mystery

It’s going to be a top 10. Fans are happy, drive the box $, & love it. How do ya like them apples?. Oh yeah…One more thing..Bite me!”

Where do you stand?


  1. I’ve seen it twice so far and I love it. Some things were off, but these things to not take away from the movie.

    • Ya know, if I didn’t see movies because a critic told me not too I’d never go! Clearly they weren’t there last night with me and 3000-4000 other people until 230 in the morning! None of us were complaining! There were tons of guys here too. No one I’ve spoken to today that saw it last night thought it sucked. There will always be book/movie differences, that’s what makes it so cool! I can’t wait to see it again!

      • I saw it last night at the midnight showing and i LOVED IT!!!!!! I totally agree with you if i listened to the critics i’d never go see a movie! its so rare when i agree with a critic (i think i agreed once! LOL). To me it just seems like they rate the movies on their personal taste and put it out there rather than guide people to either see the movie or not! and also i hate the all the critics have never read the book so they don’t undersdtand what or why we love the series so much! I would like a critic who has read the book to give their honest review wheather it be good or bad just so i can respect their opinion, by knowing that they atleast know what their talking about!!!

        • I sae it at 120 am and loved it! eople need to really reember that it is very difficult to keep everydetal to the ok for lack of time. But it was very close. I would lo to see the negatie critics write such agreat saa and mak the movies deplict every word from the book and have so much of a following. Of course they rather just judge.

  2. Generally, critical reviews are pretty accurate, these people have seen a lot of films and understand the medium.

    Interesting point about the male/female perspective though and I agree that movies like ‘Transformers’ and ‘Indiana Jones 4’ were hardly great quality, yet did not get nearly as much negative criticism as NM. You could argue though that a movie like Transformers does have one ‘best in class’ element, which would be the special effects. NM does not really have one particular stand out element in that way.

    On the other hand, one of the most respected critics in the country, Manhola Dargis of the NY Times, is a woman and she did not like it.

    Also, I think it is key to focus on what the ‘top critics’ have to say as opposed to any fandom fanboy with an internet connection, lol!!

    • I tend to use critics as a tool on deciding movies. If all the critics like it the movie basically sux if all the critics diss it I’m in. I also believe the more Oscar nods the worse the movie. I wanna be entertained thank you not taught some deep life lesson or depressed to death. Funny most of the most popular lasting movies from years past that people Still buy on DVD today were disliked by the critics and received no Oscar nods yet people STILL buy them and rent them and watch them 10, 20, 30 years later. When was the last time you saw people buying Ordinary People on DVD?

      I rest may case πŸ™‚

      New Moon was wonderful for the “few” of us who truly love the series and honey it was not made for critics it was made for our “little tiny” group. Oh and BTW we outsold everyone at the midnight premieres around the country. Guess we actually are not as few as critics would like to think πŸ™‚

    • I don’t trust critics anymore. They kind of have certain ideas of what they like instead of guiding the public to get what they like. I had seen movies getting nearly identical points but the critics were harder on the ones that weren’t done by their poster artistic creators, and also some movies are just treated better because the person that did it is liked by them. No to mention the Oscar has done a lot of bad choices based on weak premises.

      So I think is better to listen to people on your own peer group since more likely they will like the same things you do. With that in mind I think most of us will love New Moon once we see it.

    • I completely agree! Its their job to study and understand what makes a good movie. We all knew that this movie was going to be better then twilight, but that was not exactly a hard thing to do. Critics watch every single movie open to movie theaters, they know their stuff.

  3. RunsWithWolves says

    I have GOT to stop reading all these spoilers.
    Catching New Moon next weekend cos its airing 26th in Germany.

    Stupid film critics!
    Go away – its our movie *grabs the cast and stares wildly at the rest*

    • It’s worth the wait I promise πŸ™‚

    • 26th? My friend is seeing the movie today at a german movie theater in Kaiserslautern!

      • I’m gonna see Twilight and New Moon as double feature in Germany on Sunday… cannot wait… πŸ™‚

        • RunsWithWolves says

          stop it already with making me jealous!

          The only theatre i get to here is showing it spot on 26th. Damn you small villagethingtown! Daaaaamn yooou *whine*

          • TeamJasmett says

            Believe me, its worth the wait, so dont worry…

            Ive seen it 3 times now, I watched the first one on the 16th (because at cineworld in london the workers got to see it early) and then the rest throughout the week… going back for the 4th fix on thursday!

            believe me, its worth the wait, just to see all the amazing stuff this film holds xx

  4. Loved it! More Edward would have been nice but overall it was amazing and I plan on seeing it again tonight!

  5. The movie was absolutely amazing. I don’t think chrisbweitz could have done a better job with this movie.For gods sake he made Edward sparkle not look like he had a bad case of acne. This book is typically peoples least favorite so of course it might be dubbed as slow. Also tell those critics you want happy and upbeat go see a Disney movie stay off our beloved twilight.

  6. I LOVED it and Taylor’s performance was fantastic! I think he was the best out of all the actors. Definitely his true breakthrough performance! However, I completely agree that the Alice-vision was WAY to hokey and completely unnecessary. They could have just had a vision of a sparkly Bella and that would have been WAY better and less alienating to some of the male audience (i.e. men dragged along by their girlfriends). Same thing with some of the “romantic” scenes; they were a little longer than necessary, which might be why some critics think it had a poor pace. It felt stretched in some of those parts.

    • I did forget about Alice’s vision at the end. That was bad. Everyone in our theater started laughing – me included. It was cheesy in the extreme. It would have made much more sense to just have Bella standing in place sparkling in the sun or something. The frolicking was a bit much.

      And I also noticed that Edward’s eyes weren’t black in Volterra like they should have been.

      • I noticed the same thing too. They did the makeup well with the dark circles & bags under his eyes…why couldn’t they just made it black? It’s these little things that’s so easy to do but overlooked.

        Anyhoo, I LOVED the movie. Loved the parts that Rachelle was in & Jacob, oh he was just awesome. The part where he & Bella are standing in the rain is one of my favorites. I could truly feel Bella’s depression when Edward left her, almost bringing me to tears. The music was awesome too. All in all, I think it was as close to the book as anyone of us could have hoped. I see why Stephenie & the rest of the cast are so in love with Chris Weitz.

        On another note, pretty much all the theaters in Hawaii were SOLD OUT! Got to watch Twilight before New Moon too, but had to pay for it, of course. And the tix were half price like Summit reported previously. We bought it cause the theater workers said that anyone who had a Twilight ticket would be able to stay in the theater until New Moon started so I wasn’t gonna sit in line for four hours only to get seats right in front of the screen, which is what I left hours early from home to avoid. So luckily I had some extra $ on me & was able to buy Twilight tickets. It was totally worth it!

      • I agree about the cheesy vision of the two of them running through the forrest. But don’t forget how things happen in the fourth book. There IS a scene like that where she’s first “testing” out her abilities in a dress that Alice put on her. I’m anticipating that we’ll see similar things in the fourth movie —- Which, BTW I CANNOT WAIT to see!

    • I agree Taylor was amazing!!! The perfect Jake!

      • Oh yes. Taylor just reinforced my Team Edward view in that Bella should definitely be with Edward….so I can have Jacob. πŸ˜€ Guh.

    • I thought Edward and Bella running through the woods together in Alice’s vision was rather appropriate considering how much Bella loves to run in Breaking Dawn once she becomes a vampire. The small attention to detail in that very minimal scene was impressive, and while people in my theater laughed also, I rather liked it.

      • I agree! People in my theater laughed as well, but I thought that was Breaking Dawn to the tee! Running together and hunting as vampires..nothing funny about that. I thought it was perfect!

      • I guess I didn’t find the scene comical like everyone else did, because I had seen the picture in the Companion and was happy to see that it had been included.

        I think the reason everyone finds it so out of place is because it was listed in the book as “one of Bella’s dreams, that may or may not be included in the film”. That’s why Bella and Edward are in period clothing. It wasn’t filmed as Alice’s vision, but Chris must have decided that he wanted to include it anyway.

        The other dream that they filmed (with Edward hovering over her bed in the woods) wasn’t included either. Hopefully Chris will release a HUGE box set with all the extra footage in it (He said there is just over an hour of addition footage).

        Anyway, bearing in mind that the scene wasn’t originally intended to be Alice’s vision, I am willing to forgive the fact that it doesn’t really fit. I probably would have been more disappointed if it hadn’t made it into the movie at all.

      • I totally agree about Alice’s vision. I feel like they were trying to foreshadow the part in Breaking Dawn right after Bella wakes up, and she’s dressed in the “too pretty” outfit by Alice and her and Edward go for their first run and hunt in the forest. I feel like it was great attention to detail that true fans would notice and appreciate.
        Overall I was very impressed with it, even moreso than Twilight, though New Moon is not my favorite book.
        I’m sick of critics because I feel like they’re only saying it was awful to create controversy. I think that they just don’t want to like it because then that would be admitting that a “lame romantic young adult novel” about “cliches and mythical creatures” is actually a good film.

      • I have to say that I did laugh at that part! I totally got the “Breaking Dawn” thing but it was the cloths that made it funny! Other than that LOVED the movie.

        • Edward’s vest. Need I say more?

          • How is it that everyone has missed the fact that they are dressed in clothing from the 1900’s??

            Chris filmed the scene as part of a dream sequence and then changed his mind and used it as part of Alice’s vision.

            Do you all really think that Chris would film footage of the future and DELIBERATELY put them in old fashioned clothing?

        • Everyone is commenting on the clothes. Does anyone think about the Anne of Green Gables part of the books? Where Bella envisions living the life with Edwards “world?” The clothes totally matched that along with what everyone is tying into Breaking Dawn. Clothes were hokey, but it was Anne of Green Gables all the way. I think Chris is scratching his head and thinking “why didn’t you all get that?”

          I have seen it 3 times today. LOVED it.

  7. Saw it at the Canadian premiere in Toronto then ran five blocks in high heels to catch it at 10 at the theatre. My review: I love Chris Weitz.

    Though, for some reason, Alice’s final vision really annoys me.

  8. hmmm, felt a lot like the book to me, which i think was good. wolves looked silly… acting not great… some laughable lines which was the same with twilight. however twilight had an overall campiness that did a lot to help the cheesy acting and dialogue. the material is young adult so obviously not as deep as your average oscar winner. it did feel long but not sure what they should have taken out. as a fan i was satisfied– as a moviegoer not so much. of course it doesn’t help that there was a lack of EDWARD! πŸ™‚

  9. I thought it was one of the most accurate book to movie adaptations I have ever seen. I am really quite picky about that type of thing, but I honestly couldn’t find anything to complain about when the movie ended, and that has never happened to me before. (PURIST!!!) Even the parts that were different from the book made perfect sense to me and maintained the integrity of the book. I thought this movie was paced far better than Twilight, and never once found myself bored. The time in the theater flew by, which is not something I could say the first time I saw Twilight. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Twilight, but I took issue with a lot of the missing scenes and inaccuracies in that particular film. Not the case at all in New Moon, which is actually probably my least favorite of the books due to the lack of Edward. This film really has caused me to reassess how I feel about the book.
    The makeup, contacts, costumes/wardrobe, acting, filming, writing, etc all seemed far improved from Twilight to me, which makes sense.
    I am honestly blown away. I walked out of the theater wondering if my expectations were low because that is how shocked I was by this movie. The director and cast absolutely nailed it.
    I truly can’t wait to see it again.

    • I don’t think you were impressed because you had low expectations. New Moon is my favorite book, and I too have NEVER read a book that didn’t disappoint as a movie. New Moon blew me out of the water last night, and didn’t let down at all!!!

    • LOL hey homie!!! 100% agree with you πŸ™‚

    • I completely agree with everything you wrote…saves me time on commenting on the movie since you covered almost everything I was going to say πŸ™‚ I’d just add that the direction Chris Weitz gave was absolutely amazing, and the acting was so much more than I’d hoped for, I came away with new respect for all of the actors involved.

    • There was lots left out and added. Bella never hit Paul, the one time she hit Jacob in Eclipse she broke her hand. When she saved Edward in Volterra he was not supposed to tell her he lied that was after they were home and they told each other how things had been for each of them when they were apart. There was never a fight between Felix and Edward.She never went on a ride with the guy at the bar so she could hear Edward. They left out what Marcus felt about the intensity of their Love. The part at the end of the book when she get mad because Jacob brought the motorcycle to the house to get her in trouble so she could not see Jacob wasn’t in the movie either. I really do understand that they can’t make the movie 5 hours long to get everything in but if they spent less time adding what isn’t in the book then they could get it more accurate. And Edward would never have dressed so casual with his shirt open the idea is to cover up as much as possible so as not to be exposed. Them coming home from Volterra and the family meeting them was left out. New Moon was better than Twilight but still not what it could have been had they actually paid more attention to Stephenie Meyer’s hard work.

  10. Loved the movie. Alice’s hair was horriable. Rosalie looed very bad. That aside, I am going again this weekend. Can’t waite for the DVD.

    • Agree….. Rosalie DID look bad.

    • What about Jasper’s hair? The final scene when they are “voting”…it looks like a wig. Terrible!

    • I totally agree. Hair and makeup and clothing was a disaster for the Cullens. They are suppose to be beautiful, rich, and perfect. Instead they had bad wigs and icky clothes. And those creepy eyes! Terrible!! Very disappointing… I want the old Cullens back. Hopefully David Slade’s vision will be better…

  11. The only part I found laugh out loud because it was ridiculous was Alice’s last vision. The frolicking was a bit much. But other than that…

    I’m wondering if I had low expectations because of the first one, it was so poorly done. However, rethinking it this morning, I have to say that it really was a good movie. I know that some might say it was ‘boring’ because of it’s topic, but it so closely fit the book that I’m amazed.

    The bad thing is, is that Twilight was so bad and didn’t allow Edward time to really develop into someone WE could believe Bella would give everything for. So, when she “chooses” him at the end of the movie even I, a Team Edward-er, was a little disappointed. Lautner did such a good job acting that I was blown away. He got that lightness across, then the angst, and then the loyalty and love.

    Great job, Chris Weitz. You are my hero for doing a true adaptation.

    • I completely agree with you. I wish Chris Weitz could redo Twilight. I feel like he would do a better job of getting Bella and Edward’s love across. When I saw New Moon, I (a diehard Team Edward) was on the edge of changing teams. And that is because everything about Bella and Jacob’s relationship was clear, the chemistry, the loyalty, the friendship – it all worked, it all made sense, it all came across on the screen. As for Bella and Edward, I didn’t feel like their relationship came to make sense in Twilight. So, in New Moon, her depression is extreme, and her choosing Edward at the end also is a little…. it just doesn’t work as well as in the book.
      None of that is Chris Weitz’s fault. If the first movie had been as good as this one, or even on the same level as this one, then Bella and Edward’s relationship would have worked better.

  12. I fell asleep during Transformers in the middle of the movie theater. Then our family went to the sequel on a rainy day during a vacation, and again, my kids had to wake me at the end of Transformers 2. The moving robot parts just got so monotonous and I got to the point where I couldn’t care less what happened next and zzzz. I haven’t fallen asleep at a movie in years! I like Shia, but the girl who plays his girlfriend is pure brainless boredom in tight pants. It was just a bad movie that got an even worse sequel. That said, my little kids liked it.

    Loved New Moon. I was disappointed when it ended because I could have sat and watched three more hours of this story of heartbreak, action and romance. The three main characters were incredibly believable and their roles were played by people who could actually act. Don’t see how you can even compare the two franchises.

    • Moonbeam, I couldn’t agree with you more about Transformers. The first one was surprisingly good, but the second one – especially with that girl – well, let’s just say I didn’t go to sleep, but a LOT of time was spent going back and forth to the bathroom.

      I noticed that many of the critics talked about the slow pace and the depressing tone of the movie. Well, DUH, obviously they don’t know too much about the story. Perhaps they should at least check out the plots before seeing the movie adaptations.

      All in all, however, I liked New Moon. Could parts of it been better? Sure. But for me, it was a much better ride this time. Not as many gaping holes. My cousin, who hasn’t read the books, was totally engrossed in the story and felt she understood quite well what was going on, unlike last year’s Twilight. I’m seeing it two more times this weekend. Can’t wait! Lautner was great!

      BTW: I saw quite a few MEN at the showing last night, with women, and without.

      Whatever to the scifi fan boys. Don’t get me wrong, I like Star Trek, Star Wars, etc, but I also like my Twilight. Can’t we all just learn to get along?

      • That’s what I want to know, Alicia…why do we have to compare franchises? People are all different, we all like different things, and relate to different things. So why do Twilight fans seem to catch all the crap?

  13. I felt like this movie pace was fine and that the cinemotography was worlds better then the first one. For the first time Bella was really Bella to me. In Twilight I saw Kristen Stewart through the whole thing, but I felt like she did a much better job portraying Bella in this one then in the last. Also the first 20 minutes or so I was totally hooked on the screen. I’ve been through that kind of heartbreaking, world-shattering, amazingly numbing kind of break-up and she did an amazing job portraying the pain and anguish that you feel. I give it 2 thumbs way way up!

    • I agree with you, I could totally feel Bell’s depression and Anguish. It felt totally real to me, and we have all been through something that terrible maybe not to that extent but I felt how it read in the book….I am sooo amazed at how Chris W. stayed sooo true to the book. I was glued to the screen the entire time and came out being satisfied.

      Although I also agree that rosalie’s hair looked awful. I think that Edward looked better in twilight, he looked more dark in New Moon, maybe thats because of the tone of the book. I can’t wait to see more of the Voltouri in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I think they did a wonderful job.

  14. I loved the movie. I liked Twilight but was very impress with how true to the book New Moon is. There were a few things that I don’t like but thats going to happen in any movie. I was not a fan of Alice’s vision. Maybe it was just the outfits they were in or the frolicing, idk. I like how they filled in some of the gaps left from twilight (ie Jaspers ability). I loved the ending! Thought it was hilarious how obvious it became in the theater who had read the book and who hadn’t. Will be seeing it again soon!

  15. I love the Twilight saga so seeing it on the big screen is a big YAY from me. Having said that, there were things that I noticed that I might just be too nit-picky about. One of which…when Edward is in front of the Volturi, his eyes are supposed to be black with the bruises underneath. In the movie, his eyes were the perfect golden color…though he had the bruises. I also thought…uhhh, why isn’t Bella screaming at Edward as she’s running thru the plaza? Wasn’t she screaming at him in all the trailers we saw? Yep…but not in the actual final cut of the movie. I was also quite disappointed that they didn’t somehow show how agonized Bella was after seeing the Volturi. She seemed like, oh..okay. That was the Volturi. I was looking forward to seeing how emotional the movie was going to be as Bella clung to Edward on the way home, thinking that once they arrived in Forks he was just going to leave again. Yet, they have the conversation standing in the foyer to the Volturi’s lair? *sigh* Again, perhaps I’m just wishfully wanting it to be exactly like the book. I get it…it can’t be.

    I did like how they showed the months pass. I did like Jessica and Mike Newton’s funny lines. I did think that the wolves were impressive. I, of course,love Charlie. I’m going to see it again this morning.

    Oh, and finally…how cool would it have been if they’d included a small little teaser snippet from Eclipse at the end? I’m sure it’s nowhere near ready, but still…a glimpse would’ve been a cool little bonus. I guess because it’s David Slade and not Chris Weitz maybe? Hmmm…

    Thanks for letting me rant so long. Happy Friday y’all! :o)

    • that’s what really bothered me…bella has a big breakdown after leaving the volturi in the book…i had a feeling that they would leave out the journey home….but having edward tell bella that he was lying about not wanting her BEFORE going to the volturi really changes things.

  16. I haven’t seen it yet, but I thought the first movie was HORRIBLE. It swayed wayyyyyy too much from the book. I hope this one doesn’t do the same. I think if they can stay as true as they possibly can to the books then the fans will love them.

    • Jane, I think you will be pleasntly surprised. I thought The Twilight movie was an embarresment. I was very pleased with New Moon!!!!!

    • I was also fearful that NM would be a copy of Twilight. I was not really impressed with that one, but still enjoyed it.
      NM…. another story! Absolutely loved it!
      If the critics don’t like a show I know I am going to love it…..this has never failed me! I go to shows for MY enjoyment NOT their analytical version.
      Whoever has had doubts and you loved the books…. go and see this.

  17. it was great following along with the book, im still having a hard time knowing if i actually liked it or not! i love twilight, but i feel like if it wasnt new moon i wouldnt actually like the movie. but at the same time, did u see taylor lautner? he made this movie? not only is he good looking but he is a great actor in this! he brought jacob black alive!

    • Totally agree w/your comment for Taylor’s performance. I dare venture to say that his acting abilities may have just out-shined his abs!

  18. Everyone in the theater LAUGHED during Alice’s vision! I agree, a sparkly Bella was all they needed, not some Alice in Wonderland-esque scene. That is my only criticism of the film. Loved everything else, and will watch it again today. Have fun, and enjoy the film everyone! πŸ™‚

  19. mommytwilight says

    It was ok, kinda dragging at the start but it was to complete the significant scenes in the book. It was not as interesting to me as Twilight. The frolicking of Edward & Bella from Alice’s vision with Aro was totally off. Nevertheless, I still love Twilight and all its sequels! I think the next movie should be directed again by Cathering Hardwicke.

  20. Loved the movie, but I’m a die hard fan! I HATED Alice’s hair and how they dressed her like an old lady… but, I think they did an exceptional job with the wolves and Victoria had some SWEET moves! I’m heartbroken that we won’t have our Victoria for Eclipse!!

  21. I went to the midnight release with a bunch of friends, and in truth I think New Moon is worlds better than Twilight was, on every level. I think the pacing was perfectly fine. I didn’t even think of checking the clock on my phone. There were a few moments that were awkward, such as Alice’s vision of Bella as a vampire. It was completely unneccessary, and it sort of ruins Bella’s choice for Eclipse, thus making Jacob’s attempts to win over Bella futile, so I think they made a really big mistake there.
    In reality, I think the biggest issue is the amount of content Summit released before the movie came out. Let’s face it folks, there wasn’t one wolf shot that we hadn’t already seen via the trailers, specials and such. If somebody went to the movie because all of those action shots, then they are going to be sorely disappointed, especially if they don’t know the story. New Moon isn’t an action movie, like that of Eclipse, and every other trailer or special they showed, had werewolves fighting vampires and such.
    As for the CGI wolves… they are hit and miss. In some scenes they are fantastic and in others, especially Sam’s, it is overtly CGI and not nearly as complicated looking as Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia movies. Granted the effects over all were a huge plus.
    All in all, I loved the movie. I’m a guy and I enjoyed it. Yes… I wished Jacob would have bitten Edward’s head off, but hey… :p

    • Hey Noah, Sometimes I wish that too!

      • Don’t you realize that Jacob doesn’t Imprint on Bella so in the end if she chose him she would be TOTALLY alone. It would be like what happened between Sam and Leah when he met Emily and left Leah even though they had been in Love. Doesn’t anyone see how bad that would suck. At least with Edward they have FOREVER!!!!

    • The only thing I want to say about your comment is the Alice’s vision part. Yes, the way they did it in the film was REALLY cheesy – we all laughed – but the vision itself is necessary. It is what saves them all from death. Alice’s visions are subjective, she sees only the path people are on while they are on it. That means that she made the decision right there to change Bella showed Aro, and then could change her mind now. Bella, Edward, and Alice knew that. I’m not sure if you read the books or not, but the book makes it more apparent than just seeing the film.

  22. I saw New Moon at midnight last night, and I just have to saw that it was incredible! Completely overcoming my expectations. Some of the parts (Like alice’s vision haha) we quite cheesy, but in a vampire/ werewolf movie you’re going to get a lot of cheese. The Volturi couldn’t have looked more amazing and Jane was perfectly evil. Taylor Lautner did an amazing ob in portraying Jacob with the sadness, happiness and his phasing into a wolf.

    Near the end of the movie, it did go a bit fast, such as in Volterra. We didn’t get to see bella’s emotional reaction to what shes just seen. There were a couple of scenes that i wouldn’t liked to see, but maybe they’ll be in the deleted scenes. Overall, a great movie. (:

    • I actually really liked the vision, I got annoyed when people bursted out laughing. The one thing that was strange to me about it was the clothing, because I just think Bella’s dress should have been different – or actually, Edward’s outfit should have been different too. Why were they dressed in old-fashioned clothing?
      Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the vision, I just need someone to explain the clothes to me.

  23. for some reason it bothers me that critics bash the film, even though i knew it would happen. i guess i just think it’s sad that not everyone understands and appreciates the series like we do…

    i absolutely LOVED new moon. thought it was worlds better than twilight and was so impressed. i am amazed by how closely it stuck to the book.. even with the differences in the movie, i didn’t feel like anything important at all was left out. would have possibly liked more edward/bella conversation at the end but that’s just because the end of new moon is my favorite part of the saga. i also thought that kristen stewart was phenomenal. in my opinion, she carried the movie and her perfomance was an amazing depiction of bella’s state in new moon. i hope this movie gives her haters a reason to be quiet.

    seeing the movie again tonight and i cannot wait! chris weitz is my new hero.

  24. I was really disappointed with New Moon. This wasn’t my favorite book in the series, but the first Twilight movie was so much better. The film production of New Moon was horrible. Everything looked so fake, the music was awful, and it didn’t have any of the creative feel that the Twilight movie had. I really hope they do better on making the last two books into movies. Jacob was definitely the highlight of the movie. Kristen Stewart did a much better job in the acting department in New Moon, but the production still sucked.

    • Yeah I kinda agree. Twilight had a special beautiful quality to it, whereas NM seemed so much more commercial and blockbuster… Whilst the keeping to the book was impeccable – I just didn’t feel that attachment. My being a fan of the books kept me through it.

      The actors were great, loved the Volturi, dialogue was good etc etc, but something pulling it all together just didn’t happen for me.

      Can’t wait for the rest of the movies though :-))

  25. Lily Cullen says

    I loved it! My only dislikes were Alice’s hair and clothes, they didn’t yell, “I’m Alice!” to me. And her vision? So funny! I could not take it seriously.

  26. I loved it! I thought the acting was much better this go around. Jacob’s acting needs to be improved upon, but thats it! I loved the fact that during the movie scene Jacob and Mike both had their hands facing up! There was only a few of us that laughed at that part.
    The frolicking was slightly weird BUT I’m wondering if that could be and inside look of when Edward takes her hunting after she wakes up… Guess we will just have to wait and see… Was anyone else thinking that the “sparkle” was bit much?

  27. Loved the movie! The pacing was amazing, I thought. It didn’t seem long at all, not even when Edward was away which I worried might make it drag a bit.

    Overalll the film was amazing. Yeah they changed things from the book but I thought it all help it look amazing on screen.

    As for the critics, who cares? They can give it bad reviews all they want that will not keep the fandom at bay. We’ll just wait and let the numbers speak for themselves. Twilight is a movie with a huge built in fanbase. We don’t need critics saying it was amazing because we will all go see it regardless. And most would go see it again even if it was bad.

  28. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!!! I’m pretty easy when it comes to movies…

    Enjoyed the comic relief from Charlie and the Humans…and my favorite was the oh so painful birthday kiss…sigh

  29. omg! loved the movie, it had a great graphics. the wolves in this movie are just… well… AMAZING!

  30. omg these comments are sooooooo mixed i mean my mom wont take me to see it untill freaking 2morrow…ugh….but now i just dont know wat to think. i mean of course im uber-excited but dang apparently this is going to be….ummmm….well… interesting!!!! although from wat i hear alice’s ending vision will bee dissapointing (that was pretty much the same for every comment)yayayayayayayayayayayayay im sooooooo happy its finally out though and after i see it i will be back with my opinion!!!!!

  31. I also saw it at midnight last night and I loved it. This was Taylor’s movie hands down. He was great in it. You could feel his heartbreak. At the same time though, being a Team Edward person 100%, I really did hate him when he talked so badly about the vampires, and how he treated Bella half the time. I thought Kristen Stewart was better in this one than the last one. I felt there was more emotion in this one with her rather than her emotionless performance in the last one. For what Rob was in, I loved it. Ashley Greene was great too. I didn’t think her fashions were that bad. I think she can pull off what’s given to her that great.

    I personally loved the wolves and the Volturi. I thought they looked really cool and loved how the camera’s shake when they’re transforming or even when they’re fighting. It was really cool. I also loved the Volturi. Michael Sheen was great as Aro and I agree with what Pel said in her review about any vision of Aro from before has been erased. I loved Dakota Fanning as Jane too. She was creepy and everyone around me agreed! I thought both of those scenes were good, and I’m not really nit-picky about Edward’s eyes not being black or whatever. You could see he wasn’t good.

    Another thing I really liked about the movie though was the improvement on the simple things. There was an actual meadow!!! The makeup and hair looked much better I thought too. I like that the colors looked good too rather than the dark colors of Twilight. The more I watch Twilight, the more that bugs me.

    there’s so many more things I cans say, but it far exceeded my expectations, whatever those were. I definitely plan to see it at least once more this weekend. Oh, and another thing. It’s totally on for Eclipse…..

    • What do you mean “It’s totally on for Eclipse.” Eclipse is already done filming. Summit wasn’t waiting for box office number to see whether they will make Eclipse. Did you mean Breaking Dawn?

  32. I’m soooo jealous with all of you! NM will only be out on 27th here in Malaysia. Despite all the criticism, I’m sure I’ll love it anyway. Hey, I loved the Twilight movie, so surely I’ll love NM more. Gosh… can time go any slower than it is now?

  33. totally loved the film!! i think it did every die hard fan justice, I was a little annoyed with the cliff diving scene, Edward should have been talking to her in the water like the book. but all in all an excellent film!!

    go team edward!!!

  34. To everyone saying New Moon is well-acted: It isn’t. Have you ever seen any other movies before? Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s trademark stale acting does not do the film justice. Get out and see some actual good movies for a change (eg. Dark Knight).
    P.S., a classic vampire (eg. Dracula) beats out a sparkly emo faux-vampire any day.

  35. I absolutely loved this movie. I left the theater in a haze, trying to wrap my head around everything that happened. I am going to see the film again at 1:30, which is the first available time. There was so much that I need to see again to really wrap my head around.

    The impression I left with, more than anything else, was that Chris Weitz absolutely understands and loves us as fans. The 5 second scene of Edward on the balcony in Brazil….that scene killed me, and I was so grateful to CW in that moment because it shows just how much attention was paid to the story and the seminal moments.

    I actually liked VampBella and Edward… it seemed to emphasize the idea that it might have been… faked.

    Overall, I absolutely loved it. In an absolutely different way than Twilight, but I loved it. It will be another one of those films that I see in theaters multiple times.

    • Team Edward Forever says

      I totally agree wth you the VampBella and Edward scenc was a nice touch, had it not been for Alice’s faked vision they wouldnt have been able to leave alive.

      • I took it as more of an interpretation. Alice sees the future but it fluxuates, as we know. So i saw this as more of Edward’s version of the future, what with the romantic clothes and running in the forest. We know he doesn’t outwardly hope for that future because of his moral delimma issues, but maybe its just twinged with “edward-like-features” since Alice hopes for it too for the sake of her brother’s happiness. Probably read a bit much into it, but its food for thought. Regardless for just the 3 second scene that it is, its not a huge deal either way.

    • As I’ve said above, the reason Edward and Bella are in period clothing during Alice’s vision is because it was originally filmed as one of Bella’s dreams (and is listed as such in the Companion).

      They cut some of the dreams out (like the one with Edward hovering over her bed in the forest), but I guess Chris loved that particular dream enough that he re-used the footage as Alice’s vision. It was an after thought, which is why it doesn’t seem to fit properly.

  36. I was disappointed with Edward in the movie. I am a huge Pattinson fan, think he’s a fine actor. I know the New Moon story, but character was so one-note. I think it’s the script and direction, or maybe just this book. There just wasn’t the Bella/Edward love dynamic at all. Rob had fine acting moments, I think he did great with what he had to work with. But he needs other movies to showcase his talent. The audience was thrilled with his scenes in Remember Me trailer. Please, please, give Edward/Rob more dimension in Eclipse!

    I am afraid that Kristen’s Stewart’s huge acting change (only a handful of he usual horrible acting in this) might get more positive attention than it deserves (to the detriment of the guys’ reviews). People snickered and laughed at her Twilight performance in the theatre (saw before New Moon last night), and in New Moon, she was adequate. I actually saw life in her eyes a few times, never saw before. Lautner was good, until he turned into a werewolf, then was a bit flat, but Kristen didn’t seem engaged with him by then.

    Best acting- Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning (than one flick of her pupils was more acting than I’ve ever seen with Stewart), Mike and Anna Kendrick.

  37. Yisel_Cullen says

    I loved the movie! In my opinion is way better than Twilight…I love what Chris did with the book, considering New Moon is my least favorite book, he did a fine job in the translation. Tylor was amazing, I like Jacob because of him…I didn’t like Jacob in the books…so…standing ovation for him. I’m going to see it tonight again!!!! I can care less about the critics…thank goodness Chris made a movie to please us, the fans, and not them ’cause that way it would have been awful…many of those ppl haven’t read the books and don’t care about the story. We, the fans, made Twilight so popular…so we are the ones that need to be happy…and boy…i’m happy lol!

  38. I still think that Rob’s acting in the movie was terrible except in the reunion scene in Italy. Taylor was fine and i officially thinks he makes a perfect Jacob. The Volturi (my favorites) were…much different than i expected but not necessarily in a bad way. And the slo mo? It still confuses me…

    • I believe the vampires move so fast and well, we won’t be able to see the action if it happened in a blur.

  39. The movie was awsome! It game me the same feeling of butterflies that I got when I first read the books. I forgot how intense that feeling was. It was nice to have it back!

  40. We all have our own versions of new moon inside our heads so it will be difficult to please us all. Those should-have-been-this-should-have-been-that is normal for us. And those critics…well, they were prejudiced and so prepared to not like the film.

    To Chris Weitz and the whole cast and crew, job well done!!!!!

    The Alice vision was truly a lol moment but forgivable πŸ™‚

    • I really liked her vision at the end. It reminded me of the time in Eclipse when Edward was telling Bella that he’s that guy that once he found what he wanted he would secure her hand & then Bella imagines them back in Edwards time all dressed up. I got excited and thought that that scene was like a little glimpse of whats to come in the next movie πŸ™‚ but we all have our opinions… im just sharing mine lol

      • I think you’re right. Some people have missed the fact that their clothing is from the 1900’s. It wasn’t filmed as a vision of the future. It was filmed as a dream that Bella has of what her life might have been if they had met when Edward was still human.

        The scene was cut from the movie, so Chris re-used the footage as Alice’s vision.

        If the scene had been kept in as Bella’s dream, it would have tied in perfectly to that moment in Eclipse that you were talking about.

        • I’m not sure why people laughed in your theaters… When they showed Bella’s diamonds, the theater drew a collective gasp. She looked prettier than she ever has. She was fast, gorgeous, happy, and with Edward. It was a lovely, necessary scene that any person who read the book and retained the story will appreciate.

          The movie was beautiful. I truly appreciate the work they put in to it.

  41. I actually cried when Bella went to the meadow and found it so barren and wasted–heart-breaking…

  42. I saw it Last nite and it was AWESOME!!! πŸ™‚

  43. I really wanted to see the scene where the Quilette’s fill Bella in on their history at that campfire, or is that Eclipse?. And BTW I hated Dakota Fanning’s outfit, is that really what vampires wear, stockings and schoolgirl flats, she looks like she was applying to Gossip Girl. Alice’s vision was a hoot, and the way they slipped in Jacob’s shirtless scene was hilarious!

  44. I think this is what a true book-movie adaptation is like. Granted they aren’t always “perfect” films because the book is their truest medium, but i will take this honest reflection anyday. The new bits that were added or done out of sequence do not detract from the storyline. The emotion of the characters is so much more evident because Weitz allows us time to feel their pain and join their struggles and their passions, where as Catherine’s avante guard style jumped around far too much. I felt like the kissing in this film didn’t wrench my heart quite as much as their first kiss in Twilight did, but as it has been stated, this film has an overwhelming edge of pain and wariness so in a way it works. Its a lot to wrap your head around because so little is left out, so part of me thinks (and i almost hate to say this) that if they’d left out a scene or two but added more time in key scenes it would convey a bit more emotion. Hardwick was all over the place and just flat out missed the mark on so many important scenes; conversely Weitz might have been a bit too much of a people pleaser in trying to put SO much in 130 minutes. Again, not really complaining, just a minute observation. I am truly pleased overall while its a bit generic next to Hardwick’s over-styled mess of the first film, i’ll take a dedicated true adaptation any day.

    Anyone else notice that some of the released footage and their corresponding scenes in the film actually differed minutely? Like Bella running in the “leaked” break-up scene, if you caught that on YouTube, and the bike lesson scene – her fall was much more believeable in the film than the ComicCon snippet. I like how you work Chris Weitz.

  45. I saw the midnight showing last night & I loved it..the pace didn’t bother me at all I think that part of New Moon was Bella’s pain & struggle to cope those that read the book understand that. Yes, Alice’s vision was lol but then again I read the books therefore already know what will happen..I thought it was better than the first and can’t wait to see how Eclipse will turn out

  46. Twilighter1978 says

    This movie exceeding all of my expectations!!!! THANK YOU CHRIS WEITZ!!! It has already been said, but David Slade has some HUGE shoes to fill! The opening scene, with the full moon waning into the title…beautiful! I knew that I was going to LOVE this movie from that exact point! I loved Chis Weitz’s camera angles and his vision while shooting the movie…glorious! The actors were flawless! Rob and Kristen were superb, they made me teary-eyed through the entire film! I felt Bella and Edward’s heartbreak…(sighs)! This movie’s pacing was much more natural. I remember thinking that Twilight felt rushed, whereas, New Moon did not give me that feel at all! I came out of the theater last night and I was utterly speechless! I agree with what a lot of the blogs are saying about critics not understanding this story line. Women do not go to see this movie for its grand special effects! It is an emotional story and that is what is so captivating! Don’t get me wrong, the special effects were fantastic in New Moon, but that is not the reason I went to see this movie! I wanted to cry and get swept up into the heartbreak. New Moon certainly delivered on that! I cannot wait to see it many more times! Again, thank you Chris Weitz and the rest of the cast for an amzaing potrayal of our most beloved characters, you truly made them come to life in this movie! Simply Perfection!

    • I agree totally…and David Slade has some BIG shoes to fill. New Moon is going to be a hard act to follow.

  47. felicia stewart says

    I absolutely loved it. I didnt think I would of liked it better than the 1st one but I did and now counting down til the next one is released. Can’t wait

  48. (Spoiler warning if you have not seen the film.)
    I also went to see the movie at midnight…First, I have to agree the male critics don’t understand the plot thoroughly enough. But, unlike Twilight, I truly believe if you haven’t read the book you still VERY MUCH understand what’s going on. Yes, I did feel a TINY bit like they had to hurry to get in some main points, but you know what Twilight left a lot of that out (even the Volturi, which left them to add that whole story into this movie, TOO)and Twilight was not nearly as true to the book. This movie was incredible, to me…close to perfection. Of course there are some flaws, probablly for me the pack jumping off the cliff was a little bit less compared to the AMAZING werewolf CG. The entire EDITING of this movied, not just the CG was…WOW!!! How they tied Victoria and Harry Clearwater and Bella diving together was incredible, and that’s just an example.
    The acting..oh, the acting. SPEECHLESS. Kristen Stewart didn’t quite have me on Twilight, but this made me love her. Her acting was so perfect for this book…I don’t see how it could have gotten better. She was perfectly alive but still very sensitive around Jacob, but then cried and screamed and looked UTTERLY depressed and dead when she wasn’t with him. The emails to Alice was a wonderful way to understand her more, and I loved how it showed all the ones she wrote that never got sent, yet she still wrote then.
    Taylor and Robert were as I expected, incredible. The rest of the wolf pack doesn’t truly compare to Taylor, of course, but it surely was not enough to make me cringe.
    THE BEGINNING HAD ME SOBBING. (Major spoiler) When Edward pushes her away and walks off, when he finds the picture she folded Edward side up, when she’s calling for him in the woods, when Sam finds her, her nightmares and everything in between is just SAD. Chris Weitz wan’t us to cry like babies, he got it.
    I must say though..the biggest thing I wasn’t 100% happy was the Volterra scene, when she finds Edward and she doesn’t look completely and totally like “the wound is like it was never there at all” but, I did think it was clever how she said she was going to leave now that he was fine, and he explained. I didn’t like how when they were back home she woke up screaming…and she didn’t look quite “relieved” that Edward was still actually there. The ending, perfect. The opening scene with the moon, very dramatic AS IT SHOULD BE, and that just totally made it for me. The flash forward of her running to save Edward, was like the preface in the book, BRILLIANT. Held me attention EVERY second of the movie, not BORING AT ALL.
    They call this a phenominon for a REASON people. THANK YOU CHRIS WEITZ (and everyone invovled in this film), YOU’RE ALL GENIOUS.

  49. A true Twilight fan won’t care what the critics say. They are going to see the movie regardless and make their own judgement. It is up to each of us to decide whether we like it or not. I have not seen it yet due to several factors – VERY small town with no showings until today at 4:00pm, my desire to hear the MOVIE and NOT the screaming teeny-boppers, etc – but I plan to see this one in the theater, unlike Twilight. I’m sure I will be disppointed that they leave certain things out but am still excited to see it. I am going on the hope that it is 100% better than the first (which I HATED!). πŸ™‚

  50. silkoverglass says

    Well, I loved it. I can’t stop thinking about it and even though I have to say I’m a huge fan of the series I can also see the not so perfect aspects of it. Like: Yeah, Alice’s vision of E&B running- Why where they wearing those clothes? Where they playing Little House on the Prarie? It’s just that R.P. kind of runs funny, like his holding a pencil between his um…cheeks. Why did Sam scream at Jacob- ‘Take her home….’ Jake was like two feet away. All I could think of was “Dude, I’m right here!” Why did Jake get on his bike to go help Bella when she fell? I know it’s like that on the book, but in the movie she was what?, ten feet away? Rooommm- the bike inches forward two inches- ok I’m here! Paul’s dialong sounded like a 1950’s detective movie – Moxie says “what’d he tell ya’? What did he say?” Sounds like Humprey Boggart.
    So, yeah I can see the movie was not perfect. But still pretty awesome. So it kind of bothers me that some critics go down on the movie like that just because they are not fans of the series. I really couldn’t give a….’mouse’s poop’ about what they say though because I read the critc’s opinions about Transformers and then proceeded to sleep through half of it! That’s right I said it! Best nap I’ve had in a long time. Other nap inducing hits where: GI Joe, Star Treck and Lord of the Rings. So there!

    • 1. The reason Bella and Edward were dressed like “Little House on the Prairie” was because it was meant to have been a dream sequence of what their life would be if they had met in the 1900’s. The dream was cut, so Chris re-used the footage as Alice’s vision.
      2. Sam didn’t yell at Jacob to take her home, he told the other two members of the wolf pack to take her to Emily’s so that he could go after Jacob and Paul.
      3. Bella was much further away than ten feet. You need to take into account how fast she was going and not how long she was on the bike.

      As for the rest – yes, I totally agree.

      • I thought the Bella turning scene looked recycled. It didn’t seem to fit.

        • It’s a shame that the comments about this scene have been so negative. I understand, because I think it was out of place too. But I’m sure if Chris had kept the scene as one of Bella’s dreams, everyone would think it was beautiful. (After all, it was our only chance to see Edward looking human)

      • Critics seriously mean nothing to me. I loved it, I see some things I think missed the mark, but so many other things that were wonderful!! All the performances were insanely spectacular, not a weak link among them!