Where will New Moon Rank?

Last year, according to Box Office Mojo,
Twilight was the 7 th place finishing film earning $191,465,414 at the domestic box office. It opened with $69,637,740 at the 3,419 theaters where it was shown opening weekend.

This year New Moon is currently the record holder for the highest presales ever on Fandango. It is opening at over 4,000 theaters. So where do you think it will land at the end of the year? We think that it will easily get to at least the number 6 position. Can it overtake Star Trek for the number 5?

Just Edited: We had to remove the poll as it was hanging the site.


  1. HP I think is the one to beat for NM. But as a fan of both, I couldn’t care less which one was #1

  2. NM will def beat HP!!

  3. They messed up Harry Potter so bad that NM will EASILY top it!

  4. Emilypruitt says:

    I’m thinking New Moon will easily take 6th overall but I don’t know who’s currently on the list for 4th & 5th. Regrdless I have this sneaking suspicion that this one is gonna knock it out of the part. My prediction: 138k opening weekend.

  5. According to Box Office Mojo the top five year to date grosses are:
    1. Transformers:RotF $402m
    2. HP6 $301m
    3. Up $293m
    4. The Hangover $277m
    5. Star Trek $257m

    I think if New Moon had been released earlier in the year it would have a better chance of overtaking HP. With only two months in the year left, assuming it does 100m in opening, I think it has a chance at #5 and overtaking Star Trek.

  6. K.. for all of you that voted for number 1 postition.. you are wishful dreaming… there is no way it will get number 1 with having to compete with harry potter and transformers. I am a huge fan of the twilight series, but even i know that it cant top those two. in positions now is 1. transformers 2. harry potter 3. up 4. the hangover and 5. star trek! i do think that it will do so much better than twilight last year, but come on #1?

  7. Amanda Dubs says:

    Third. Behind star trek and harry potter.

  8. Zookie Monster says:

    HP will definately beat New Moon. But I love them both, but the 7th book is my fav 🙂 I hope New Moon does better than Twilight.

  9. All I have to say is that I live a seriously podunk little town and there is a three block line to get into the midnight showing. They are opening the theater 4 hours earlier than usual to include pre-breakfast showings and even though it’s a school day, they are expecting all shows to sell out.

    NOTHING ever happens here! It’s exciting to see the love!

  10. I think #4 is a good position for New Moon because we shouldn’t forget about Harry Potter, Star Trek or G.I.Joe, but I do wish it would be #1. *crossing fingers*

  11. i think it will be a tie between hp and nm. the graphic were great on hp and i hope i can say the same for nm! But if it’s one thing everyone agrees on is New Moon HAS to be better than the twilight movie!


  13. i think that it has a chance of being up there not one or two but maybe three.
    i went to a screening yesterday night at 7 and it was completely full ( and it was around the 6th session that day) as were the 3 screenings after that. and thats just in new zealand..

  14. Twilight Nymph says:

    Well maybe this might help. I just saw the news right now and according to Fandango they are currently selling 10 tickets per minute or was it second, can’t remember have a short memory. Anyways they said it just beat out Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Dark Knight in pre sales. So maybe that might help in ranking. I think it might make it to number 3 maybe 2 at least don’t want to get my hopes up.

    New Moon is definitely BETTER than TWILIGHT.
    Watch out for WOLVES and the VOLTURI.
    It is action-packed and yet the drama is there!
    Love it so much, I will def watch it again.

    Just don’t like the conscience slash hallucination Edward…it’s just…funny.

  16. I’m from the Philippines and I’ve watched the advanced screening last night, Nov 19. It was really cool and shockingly-action-packed! They really put a lot of money here.



  18. Hey Everybody,
    I just got back from seeing New Moon!!!!! It was fantastic, but way too short. It felt like it happened in two minutes….I know I know….most of us feel like we could watch or listen to the series for days…so I’m sad that it’s over. I’ve been counting down the days, and now that it’s done…what do I do with myself. Can somebody say it’s June already?!

    • You got me laughing with the June comment. Since January we’ve all been saying “can’t it be November yet?” and now we’re all going to say “can’t it be June yet?”!! The movie was 2 hours and 10 minutes long…I think it was perfect.

  19. PSH 6? 5? HOW ABOUT #1!!! Thank you Chris <3

  20. Twilight Nymph says:

    Well I wont see it till Saturday in the morning so I won’t be able to tell till then. I mean I’m going based on the sales right now. Hate it when the critics make me think it won’t be awesome, when I know that when I see it I’ll love it.

  21. the movie was really cheesy. 🙁

  22. after seeing the movie, I think it could definitely be in the top three. My God, I’m in straight up shock!

  23. Just got back from the midnight showing. It was spectacular and it surpassed all of my very very high expectations! Chris Weitz is a genius and as fans we all owe him so much because this movie stuck to the book so well, I am just awed. I think NM will do great and I’ll see it in theaters just as many times as I watched Twilight last year, which was like 10 times.

  24. while I think NM will do way better than twilight, I think #4 is the best it can hope for. transformers was so dumb, and thus had incredible mass appeal. I personally went for the spfx and well, Michael Bay’ll sure give you your money’s worth on that. HP was the best potter since Prisoner of Azkaban (IMO) AND it was PG, so lots more people brought the kiddies. NM has had great buzz but the saga is still limited in terms of who will see the movie. more guys will see it this time around, that’s just a fact. I’m totally comfortable in being a twi-guy, but there are some who absolutely needed that wolf pack to come along and make it okay. I think the ad campaign is what will deter families. guys with their shirts always off plus the sexuality that has become synonomous with the books, not to mention the blood, might keep numbers down.

    that said, I hope NM beats “Up” – love pixar, but that flick was terrible. and yes, I am a big Potter fan, first and foremost, and I don’t want it bumped, but I love the twilight saga, Jacob, and I think Taylor Lautner’s a BA! so go NM!!

  25. I loved it I didnt want it to be over it went by so fast!!I want to see it again :)My jacob was amazing!!

  26. Stephenie Meyer Rocks! says:

    I guess New Moon might take the fifth or sixth position, I hope. Maybe its worldwide gross might exceed $500 million!

  27. The Hangover was the greatest suprise of the year. Nobody saw that coming and Launtner is a nottie compared to the boys from The Hangover. OMG Justin Bartha, Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis are all hotties. GO HANGOVER.

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