Kristen Stewart Team Edward vs. Team Jacob


  1. Team Jacob!!!

  2. I’m really impressed with Kristen this time around, she’s a lot more relaxed in her interviews and she seems to have a stronger sense of who Bella is, and who Edward and Jacob are.

    On another note, it’s so silly that we have this “Team Edward v. Team Jacob” stuff, because Edward is clearly Bella’s soulmate. (So the question has become “who do you like better?” instead of “who should Bella end up with?” which was the question way back before Eclipse the book came out.)

    But when we’re talking about who you as a person like better, I’d say Jacob, because he’s a lot more positive, and understanding, and honest than Edward. Edward lies to Bella all the time, and mostly its to protect her, but that still just bothers me. You do not lie to the love of your life, its just not okay. Not to mention when he was preventing Bella from seeing Jacob in Eclipse, again it was protective, but I thought it was a controlling, which is also very unhealthy for a relationship. None of this is to say that Edward is not the best gentleman in the world and super charming and stuff, he just lacks a few things that I would personally want in a relationship.

    That is why I say I’m Team Jacob, but I love Edward too…

  3. I totally appreciate that Kristen GETS the whole saga. Bottom line is Bella cannot live without Edward, she cannot breathe without him. She loves Jacob too but not in that way. Like MeyaRose said above, Edward is her soulmate. Period. End of story.

    I’ve heard so many comments where people are just making it cut & dry that Bella prefers Edward because he’s dangerous. It’s not like that; she literally cannot live without him. This story is so emotionally deep & that’s what we love about it. I just truly appreciate that Kristen continues to put it out there that it’s not as superficial as most people make it sound.

  4. Meh. I believe in love, of course, but I’m not sure that I believe in soul mates. If ‘soul mate’ simply means someone who connect with on a deep spiritual and emotional level, then yes, I believe in soul mates. But if a ‘soul mate’ is someone who you absolutely, positively couldn’t live or breathe without, then no. That’s just bull.

    Good interview, though.

    • Soulmates exist just wait, it’ll happen to you

      • Soul mate doesn’t exist honey. They ‘re just different degree of love. And if you one day find someone you can’t live whithout like bella and edward, i’ll advice you to go see a shrink. Because is not a healthy situation. Go find out what’re the holes in your life that make you incapable of living without this person. Is just like people who’re addicted to heroin or drug in general, is mot healthy. And if you happen to see your partner as a drug then something is wrong with your relationship.

        • PAULETA just chillax ok??? Why are you even on this site???? Geez im sure no one wants to date you with that attitude…You probably scared away your soul mate….

  5. Sorry, that should read “someone who *you* connect with.”

  6. Actually it’s mentioned more than once in Eclipse that BOTH Edward and Jacob are her soul mates. Bella contemplates at one point how cruel it is to find two soul mates in one lifetime.

    By definition a soul mate is someone with whom you have a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love and compatibility. That defines both relationships.

    A soul mate isn’t simply someone you can’t live without. That’s just the measure she uses to choose between them.

  7. TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Another really good discussion, Kristen. It’s obvious she’s given some real thought about the story and the characters. That’s to be appreciated.

  9. The Team Edward/Team Jacob thing is just plain creepy. In the end he loves her daughter more than her. She was just the surrogate soul mate for about a year.

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