ET Meet the Wolfpack


  1. For the people who care Gym Jones is the group that trained 300 also the Wolf Pack. Check youtube for their videos they seem to have taken them down. They did some crazy stuff for 300 I can only imagine what they did for the Wolf Pack.


  2. Totally enjoyable interview! They’re all so funny & well spoken. Glad that the interviewer asked about the roles as Native Americans as it educated me too about what that means. Being from an indigenous people also, I understand what they mean but now can look at it in a new light…”Native of the Americas”…cool:) And truly, I’m sick & tired of seeing other races being cast for roles that are meant for Natives of the Americas. I know that’s not as prevalent in this day & age but I like that it’s continuing to head in the right direction.

    So glad they all got this role that I know will transform their lives for the better. Cannot wait to see the Wolf Pack in New Moon in just 8 short days!!

  3. How much do you love these guys! they just oooooze wolfpack! cannot wait for the film!!!! SEVEN DAYS

  4. lirael cullen says

    If i could i’d marry each and everyone one of em…. It totally blows me away, the movie is only a week away, all these interviews, and pictures and everything publicity about this movie is intense. The wolfpack they are just so awesome and totally remind me of my friends back home. It’s going to be awesome! *apache war cry* . . ee yess. can’t wait!

  5. OK…I kind of love Chaske Spencer and his voice. It’s kinda hot. Haha. He is so Sam to me, but like a nicer, better Sam ha.

  6. Great interview! It was so fun when she asked about the girls and Chaske is like “It’s nice” hahaha he said it in such a hilarious way XD

    So please tell me if I’m getting it wrong, but shouldn’t there be one more wolf? We’ve got Chaske as Sam, Alex as Paul, Bronson as Jared, Kiowa as Embry, and what about Quil? We never see him in interviews and what not…

    • Quil becomes a wolf at the end of the movie. They probably don’t include him because they don’t want to give everything away (for the people who haven’t read the books)

  7. Yeah you’re right; Tyler Houseman plays Quil in New Moon. But I think becomes part of the wolf pack in Eclipse so that’s probably why he’s not part of the promotional wolf pack 🙂

  8. that was an awesome interview, those guys are so much fun! They obviously have great chemistry, can’t wait to see them on the big screen

  9. its nice to see them getting along so well. lol they seem like theyd be loads fun to hang out with for a day.

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