Hit Fix Talks To The Cullens


  1. A good interview overall. But did anyone else notice Peter had his iPhone in his hand while he was talking? Tweeting even during interviews. Nice one, PFach. lol

    • buttercupdaisy says:

      yes PFach totally was tweeting…that is why he rocks! lol always loyal to his fans! and never disappoints!

  2. superduper says:

    Thanks for posting! I actually found Nikki and Kellan to be kind of cynical in these interviews. Anyone else see it? Especially in the one with Jake Hamilton. Nice to see the Cullens though 🙂

  3. Aahh, Nikkis laugh is adorable, cracked me up too ))
    Good interview. I loved how they all denied it at the same time, “noo, we dont know when and if the 4th is coming” Hahhha

  4. throughout all of these interviews there have been little slips made about the breaking dawn movie…i’m pretty sure there is going to be one!

  5. They’re so cute, I love how they all get rowdy and go off on giggle tangents all at once! I vote more group interviews!

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