FearNet: Daniel Cudmore Interview

Jen Yamato of FearNet is back with yet another great interview:

FEARnet: What’s it been like to jump into this huge Twilight phenomenon?

Daniel Cudmore: It’s been great! It’s such a big film. On the first film, they did such a good job of identifying what Stephenie Meyer had written, and you come into New Moon knowing that you already have this great audience from the books and a great audience from the first film. New Moon compared to the book has so much more action – you’re bringing in the werewolves, you’re bringing in the Volturi, so now you have a new audience of males that can watch this and really enjoy it. You step into this great film and it’s just fun to play a cool character and just enjoy yourself with it.

You’ve mentioned before that you originally auditioned for a different part than Felix. What part was it?

It was one of the guys outside the bar who try to pick up Bella, one of the bikers.”

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  1. Glad he scored a Volturi part, now we’ll see him again!

  2. Rosalie's Pain says:

    Can the eyes look any more fake?

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