MTV: Robert Pattinson…Gus Van Sant for Breaking Dawn

Robert also slips and states that he believes the Breaking Dawn will film in Portland (there is no other reliable information available regarding this). He also slipped the other day and sated that he’s been asked to keep fall 2010 open for filming. It will not film in the spring and early summer 2010 as other sites reported.


  1. haha rob keeps letting stuff slip. but i dont mind. =)

  2. If he had a publicist he/she would be pulling their hair out about now…SO glad he doesn’t have one. Normally, I hate the “junket” interviews that accompany a film’s release but Rob’s are always enjoyable.

  3. Actually what he said was that the director was shooting in Portland right now, but then realized that maybe saying that wasn’t a good idea. Seeing as how fans flock to sights to meet people. Personally, I didn’t read Breaking Dawn into any of that. Van Sant could be shooting something else for all we know and Rob doesn’t want people going to mob her and beg her to take on Breaking Dawn just because Rob likes her. I’m not about to get all hyped up and think he’s talking about Breaking Dawn yet.

  4. Why does this information coming from Rob constitute a “slip”. That’s assuming he has been asked to keep things quiet but he “slipped”. I give him more credit than that.

    • Oops, nevermind. I guess I should have listened to the interview first. He did actually comment that maybe he shouldn’t have said something. Sorry.

  5. Gus Van Sant would be a great choice. He lives in Portland. (according to wikipedia) I think he has a great history of beautiful, touching storytelling.

  6. makes you wonder if he’s read the books, kinda think not. he may have read parts of them but when he’s asked about Breaking Dawn he says it’s about teenage obsession. what??? maybe he’s just done too many interviews lately and is in a daze but I get the feeling he doesn’t think too much of the books

  7. He just said he WANTS Gus for BD. LOL he didn’t say they’re getting him for BD.

  8. Oh, gosh. Why do they have Edward taking up 3 parking spaces in the beginning of the movie? That does make him seem like a d-bag :)..I love how he answers the restraining order question. The thing is, Bella doesn’t mind Edward coming into her room at night and he’d stop if she asked him to. Not really cause for a restraining order. I’d be freaked, though, if I found out some vampire was coming into my room at night and staring at me. Yikes. 🙂

  9. Gus Van Zant is a terrible idea for Breaking Dawn. He’s a great director but not a good fit for this saga. Watch a few of his movies and you’ll know what I mean. VERY little dialog and unconventional camera work-not an action movie or romance movie kind-of-guy. He does art house stuff.

    And just because he lives in Portland is no reason at all to use him, as one other poster mentioned. That’s one the most ridiculous things I have read on this site.

  10. One of the movies Gus Van Zant directed was,
    Good Will Hunting, which was a very touching story and had a lot of dialog and a sad romantic story line about Robin Williams character and his wife.

  11. Thanks for the slip of tongue,Rob!
    I’ve got no idea about who Gus Van Sant is.

  12. yeah! New Rob interviews! I always enjoy his interviews. Just funny, like hanging out and talking with a friend. He’s great!

  13. In a recent interview posted here, Ashley Greene is asked about what who she’d like to work with and she mentions Gus Van Sant. Coincidence?

  14. Did anyone see the Ashley/ Kellen interview? She also said Gus Van Sant is the director she would most like to work with too. Hmmm…

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