Fearnet Features Alex Meraz

Fearnet has a new interveiw with wolfpack bad boy Alex Meraz. 

You stand out among the Wolf Pack because of your scene with Bella – the slap heard ‘round the world, so to speak. Tell me how that scene went down.

Alex Meraz: It was exciting. Even just in the casting of it, I just really liked Paul. What happened with the casting process is, we sent in our information and through that they were going to break it down. I sent it in and started reading New Moon while I was waiting and I really liked Paul because of that scene, and I really like bad boys and he’s kind of the bad boy of the Wolf Pack……  Read the rest HERE


  1. dancermommy says:

    Delicious-in a big way.

  2. He needs to button up that shirt.

  3. wow he is 2 hot!! luv his abs!!

  4. An Em & Paul fight? I don’t remember any of the Cullens ever fighting a wolf. Maybe it’s an adeptation of Jasper’s fight training?

  5. coucou sa va? vs êtes trop classe surtout quand paul se fait frapper par bbella oh la hont

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