Fansites Interview: Kristen Stewart

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Q: Obviously New Moon is a really emotional journey for Bella. How did you prepare yourself for shooting the scenes in which she was really depressed and distraught?

Kristen: Right. I wish that there was a more solid way, prep for an actor, I mean just in terms of being sure that you’re ready to do what everybody expects you to do, but there’s just not. I was so completely intimidated by that scene. I mean in the book there’s nothing there’s literally nothing like it that I can think of in the real world that I could relate to. You know what I mean? Like I’ve been broken up with, I’ve had my heart broken whatever, like I think. But it was still higher than that. Like “oh, oh you think you know what it feels like to hurt? Have you ever died? You don’t know what you’re talking about.” You know what I mean? Yeah, so it was about being really comfortable with Chris and knowing I could say anything to him, ever. Chris is great and he is the most, like, I just feel very comfortable around him and he made us feel really safe and considering those parts of the book I actually don’t have any of the other actors to play off of so I was very much alone and terrified, absolutely intimidated by the material and he made it so much easier.

Q: We have heard so much about the physical activities that the guys had to go through, and the way they had to build up their muscles and just prepare for all their stunt work; but we haven’t really heard much about you. You’ve been cliff diving and under the water, and I was just wondering what sort of preparation you got to go through and then what stunts did you get to do yourself.

Kristen: I didn’t do any preparation for any of the stuff. I did have to go into like the scuba tank at some point to basically make everybody feel comfortable with me being in the water that I wasn’t like a total you know, stupid who’s going to drown as soon as they get put in – it was a ridiculous session that I was like “I don’t need this, I hate water, I’m supposed to look scared”. But I did all that stuff in the water myself. There was like a semi truck of water that was released like onto my actual- there’s one shot right after I jump off the cliff, it’s supposed to be this moment of elation like I get what I wanted for a split second. I turn around and I’m smiling and BOOM, another wave comes. That was like a semi truck full of water that was released onto me. It was really scary. And other than that I don’t really have any. I probably should have been in better shape, the amount of running, the amount of desperate ravaging through crowds and falling down that I had to do. By the end of the movie I was completely bruised, like all over my arms and legs I was covered in bruises because I’d just gotten back from Italy and I had to go do the MTV awards. I looked like I was a battered housewife and I was wearing Chucks because I couldn’t walk because I had sprained my ankle running in Italy. The only reason I wore flats was because of that and people like freaked out. And that’s it, so like if I had prepared maybe I would have been more able to, but I’m just not like an action hero. But I think that’s kind of the cool thing about Bella is that she’s so sort of incapable until she needs to be and then she’s like “alright, I will do anything”. And I feel like it sort of comes across in the physicality maybe.

Q: I want to know what your favorite scene is from the movie since you’ve seen it, and what you think the fans will most enjoy from the movie.

Kristen: What’s my favorite scene. I think I have to pick one with Jacob and one with Edward. My favorite scene with Jacob is when he comes through her window and they have the talk about the fact that she doesn’t know what’s going on, but she does know already and it’s right after this big sort of blow-out fight that they have and somehow they’re able to just not say anything – instead of actually talking about the fact that they were just so mean to each other and like they had this big fight, they don’t even say anything about it just instantly becomes – the second she sees him, just okay. And he’s totally like it’s so clear that he’s in a different place, it’s just sad. That’s my favorite scene in New Moon between Jacob and Bella. Then I think between Edward and Bella oddly enough sort of like the same sort of, the same but completely different. When I go to Italy and I push him back, well I mean when Bella pushes him into, out of the light I mean and they’re able to reconcile their relationship without even saying anything. And they just look at each other and it’s done. And it’s like so you left me for a year and I have a million things to say to you but not right now. Those are my two favorites. I like it when people know can each other without having to talk. Words sort of fail me consistently so those are my two favorites. What was the second part of the question?

Q: What scene do you think the fans will be most surprised by?

Kristen: I’m not sure.

Q: Or enjoy the most?

Kristen: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I always try to answer the question way too specifically. F***! I don’t know. I think maybe what’s most important to them; because this was definitely the most important thing to me, was the breakup scene – period. I mean like that was what I was the most scared of and hopefully if we did it justice enough, what they’ll be most excited about. And then probably when we get back together. Those are the highest points of the movie.

Q: We talked earlier about getting into character and having all that grief from your character; I’m wondering how did you let it go at the end of the work day? How were you able to just separate yourself from all that pain that the character is in?

Kristen: Right. Sometimes you just don’t. Sometimes …it’s funny, when I was at Comic Con I said – one of the questions was what was the best point, what was the best moment of New Moon and I said without explanation which was stupid, that it was when we were finished. But that wasn’t, I totally understand how that could come across as like ‘oh I couldn’t wait to be done’, but it wasn’t like that. I can’t alleviate the pressure until I’m done, like literally. Because you shoot out of sequence and you can’t just take the normal like emotional ride that you think you’d have to as an actor portraying a character who has to go through whatever she does. I have to know the story every aspect of it at all times and be able to split back and forth from being with Jacob and happy and alive to with Edward and questioning our relationship to without him and dead. I’m a crazy person when I’m working literally, and especially on these movies. It’s just there’s like a lot of tension. So at that moment once we were all in Italy together the last shot we did… Sorry this is a stupid long winded answer, I hope this is ok.
(No it’s great)
Okay cool. So it was, I’m running around the corner, it was just like one of those little shots in the montage where I’m going through Volterra and they don’t, it’s like you’re not sure if I’m going to get to him or whatever. And so it wasn’t that big of a shot but I could feel the end coming and I knew. I’m not allowed to be off until I’m literally done so it’s like all of a sudden throw me into the middle of space, like I’m nowhere suddenly. But it was the coolest sense of like united accomplishment. Basically I cannot alleviate that pressure at the end of the day. But that’s what keeps me going, that’s why I can go to work the next day, because it’s like I haven’t gotten it off my chest yet. So that moment came at the end and it was so cool, so amazing. I literally like broke down and I couldn’t – yeah it was great.

Q: Last year’s premiere you said you really liked the fact that Bella is like a strong-willed person, and that she’s confident in her decision making. I was just wondering with the events of New Moon did you play her that way or was there more give in her resolve for this film?

Kristen: Yeah, the only way that I can play Bella is if I could justify every decision that she made and stand behind it as well as, as much as she did. And the cool thing about New Moon is it is literally taking that and saying “No, sorry! Do you think you know something little girl? You know nothing!” And that’s the story, that’s why she – I mean people call Bella fickle all the time to me; people are always saying like “Oh, you know you’re playing a really immature girl that doesn’t know what she wants and she’s sort of in love with this mythical creature”. It’s like who are you talking to? This girl is willing to put herself through the most asinine – and so not selfish, with a really great perspective. You have to be a pretty strong natured person to do that. And then to, I think in New Moon she becomes sort of hardened and cynical because she’s been told that her whole world that she was willing to spend eternity in was just wrong. And the fact that she can from there, even in the same movie you believe that she’s of the mind to make a decision to go back from that. You have to believe that she’s lived enough and that she’s mature enough and knows herself well enough to make decisions like that. And I feel like in Twilight she doesn’t have that and in New Moon she gains that. Like she’s been through it so it’s like okay actually now it takes a strong person to say I was wrong and that I’m willing to forgive you and hopefully if you can forgive me, we can be together now. That’s why I really love her.

Q: I’m not going to ask a question, but I just wanted to thank you so much for joining us tonight. I know you obviously had a very busy day.

Kristen: Oh no, this is the most important interview. I can’t believe they set this in the twenty minutes in-between the time that it takes for me to get touched up and go over to Jimmy Kimmel or whatever. It’s like wow; I wish I had more time because this is actually like a much more fun interview.

(Thank you!)
Kristen: No problem


  1. I agree w/ her on Bella. I hate it when people refer to her as the damsel in distress or the weak one in the books. I think she’s very strong and selfless, especially for her age. She had to be there for her mom for all those years, she made a tough decision to come to Forks just to make her mom happy, she has the guts to hang around w/ vampires & werewolves and she wouldn’t let Edward or Jacob tell her that she couldn’t hang out w/ the other. When Edward left, she pulled herself together because she knew how worried her parents were. What some people don’t consider is that it wasn’t just Edward she’d lost. She loved his family, too and she was planning a future w/ all of them. It’s a lot to take to lose someone you feel is your soulmate, as well as your best friend (Alice) & almost-family all at once. She wasn’t really interested in getting married & having children, and college didn’t mean that much to her, so they were pretty much supposed to be her entire future.

    • Carrie, I agree. And I’m reading/listening to some really good interviews. Love it. Nice job Kristen…and the rest.

    • I totally agree with you, Bella is a very strong women, considering all she has been through in the books. I think Kris did a great job with this interview.

    • I agree with this too. I think that Kristen gets how Stephenie said she wrote her. People get upset with Bella for choosing love and a family… for being the anti-feminist heroine. I agree that her strength comes from making the decisions that work for her and seeing them through. That’s what’s relatable about the story.

      Kristen has matured in the last year! Amazing, eloquent interview. I can’t wait to see New Moon!

  2. mschicklet says:

    Just had to say… her fave Edward scene involves them reconciling “without saying anything.” So does that mean that nothing even closely resembling the quote on pg. 510 made it into the movie? (“When I told you I didn’t want you, it was the very blackest kind of blasphemy.”) Because that quote is not only famous and loved, but also very important to the plot. Plus it gives Edward a chance to be romantic and sweet! Duh 😉

    • Twilight_News says:

      The scene she is talking about is in Volterra. The scene you are talking about is afterwards once they are safe. So there is no reason to believe that they don’t have a conversation about it, just that in the moment she is referring to, they do it without words.

      • i like the way you explain it…obviously, she didn’t understand kristen’s answer to the question…:)

  3. Kristen’s so sweet! 🙂 A very good interview, it’s great to get in-depth answers from the actors. I agree that Bella is a very strong character, I really started to appreciate her in BD, though I hated her in Eclipse for what she did to Edward. I just wanted to slap her in the face. I still can’t read the Monster chapter without getting all worked up.

  4. A good interview. I’m happy to see Kristen have great incite into Bella’s character and to see Kristen relax and finally show us who she is rather than who she thought the fans wanted to see last year.

  5. Great interview! Kristen is amazing, it’s really not fair that some people are giving her a hard time (for example about the shoes)! It’s great to see her view on Bella and I completely agree :]

  6. I can see why she likes this interview. The questions are more original than others. I watch and read Kristens interviews and i notice that her answers are always similar. It’s the interviewers fault that they dont come up with original questions. I bet she always tries to make her answers sound different, she always has it in the back of her mind that the same question has been asked for the 15th time.
    Why dont interviewers just say: “So hey, in an interview before you said this and this, so whats the deal with this and that?”
    I dont know, something like that :p

  7. What a lovely interview! Kristen is so thoughtful and invested in this project, I appreciate all of her work. She’s amazing. Also props to the fansites, thank you guys for asking some cool questions! And no personal questions so double thumbs up XD!

  8. She is fantastic!! She’s soo well spoken and really feels and cares for Bella. I liked Kristen before, but now I have this whole new outlook on her as an actress! Wonderful interview!!

  9. Wow, great interview! 🙂
    I say this all the time, but Kristen is amazing. Her interviews just get better and better, and I think it helps to get asked fresh questions like these.
    Go the fansites! 🙂

  10. SnoWhite11120 says:

    Wonderful interview.
    I enjoyed every word 🙂

  11. Kristen is truly amazing. I’m really starting to love her and respect her. Great interview, Lex! And Kristen seemed more comfortable during this interview than any other interview.
    Great questions, guys! Thanks!

  12. Can we get the audio too? 🙂


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