E! Covers New Moon Fever in LA


  1. Link isn’t working.

  2. DetroitStyle says:

    Lol! I like how she got crazy in the end. “I will never…I WILL NEVER…” haha! Gotta love Kristen

    • I didn’t understand that part at the end. I will never what? Was I just not playing close enough attention to understand?

  3. Flippy…thats great!!!

  4. I didn’t get what she was implying by “I will never…” Maybe tell any gossip about Rob and Taylor? I don’t know.

    Anyway, I wish I live in LA right about now. We fans in Chicago are sure missing out of the frenzy! 🙁

    So that was the Jimmy Kimmel show they were coming out of. That was pre-taped!! Cannot wait to see that show!

  5. “I will never”

    She was implying she’d never betray them. Just before that she’d said she will defend them to the grave.

    I’ve noticed she has a tendency to cut herself off and continue on new tangents… you have to really pay attention to hear her complete a thought.

  6. I love how Kristen completely caught on to the fact that the interviewer was trying to be clever by asking her to “help us understand her relationship with Rob” rather than the usual “are you and Rob dating?” Sneaky sneaky man. But KStew is way to smart for that… she came right out and was like, “No matter what clever question takes me by surprise…” Haha, i just love that girl!

    • I know, she is the clever one. lol I think its great she also threw in Taylor to the mix and made it about the three of them, insted of just her and Rob. lol I love Kristen, she’s a smart girl. I agree, i think she has so many thoughts going on in her cute little head, that’s what makes it hard to complete one. She does cut herself off quite a bit. lol

  7. Love her!! She has been really interviewing great!! So proud of you girl!!

  8. Yep, I second that. She’s been doing really well. Keep it up, Kristen!

  9. Kellan and Ashley are appearing at Westfield Fox Valley Mall tonight. Aurora, Illinois. 8PM

    There you go, Switzgal.

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