E! Interviews Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner

We’ll have the Taylor back ASAP E! is having some technical difficulties.


  1. Great interviews!!

  2. UGH the videos are choppy and won’t load well! I’ll wait till they fix this before I watch it.

    • The videos on eonline are always like this. I thought it was my POS computer, but now I’ve heard a few people say the same thing.

      Still nice to see the cast, though!

  3. I’m in amazement with these two!!!! It’s unbelievable how grown up they r… & so similar!!!! I’m very grateful for them play my favs characters!!!!! 😀

  4. I have to say that both of them have improved tremendously in interviews. When they were interviewed for Twilight they usually just slouched back and seemed to have a harder time talking. I notice that both of them seem way more comfortable with interviews now beause they’ve had more time to adjust. I think it’ll only get easier for them, as they’ll have two more movies to promote after New Moon. Hopefully they’ll make Breaking Dawn.

  5. They wrote Kristen’s name wrong.
    I’m loving all the interviews I’m getting to watch today!

  6. How many times can we say ‘Like’ in an interview? why do teens talk like that? I didn’t when I was a teen! What the heck is up with the do? I mean I know you can’t really work with a MULLET, but goodness me!

  7. i love you Robert pattinson…Beautiful


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