Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Billy Burke: Random Facts


  1. i_like_twilight says:

    oh, nikki is sooo sweet! i mean, it´s obviously impossible to satisfy the whole world when its about beauty. everyone has its own definition of beauty. so i like her because she is so honest and cute, saying, “i´m sensitive, such of crisisism hurt my feelings”…
    but i also think shes more beautiful as a brunette 😉 whatever! you rock girl! im sooooooooo excited to see you in breaking dawn, you`ll have an important role!
    love ya!
    twilight fan (but not a crazy one, lol)

  2. SnoWhite11120 says:

    I’m so glad that Nikki said those things.
    I agree with everything that she mentioned!

  3. Agreed! I like her candor.

  4. I enjoyed all the interviews. It was nice to hear about Kellan’s involvement with different charities & I appreciated Nikki’s honesty too. For some reason, Billy looks younger in this interview than he does in Twilight. He plays his part as Bella’s father so well.

    Can’t wait to see them all in New Moon!

  5. I love all the characters. It will be great to see more of the (back)story of Rosalie and Jasper in Eclipse.

    I love Nikki as Rosalie as well as the other actors who portray the characters.

  6. I really liked the fact that Nikki was so honest and I could see that it was her talking there other than pretending to be someone else.
    It makes the interviews so much more interesting when they are themselves!

    So cant wait to see New Moon!

  7. I like what Nikki was saying about the IMDB thing. I never knew actors actually looked at that and I always just thought it was mainly a discussion board for fans or whoever to go to. I think that would be cool if an actor really did respond to someone’s post on the board. But then again you never know if its the actor or an imposter pretending to be them. I just thought that was interesting.

  8. I LOVE Nikki Reed,Kellan Lutz,and Billy Burke they are very important in the twilight films! I also enjoyed all the intervews and info about nikki Kellan and Billy!

  9. Nikki is awesome!

  10. Can’t wait till Breaking Dawn comes out! I am going to see it at 12:00 Midnight with my bff for life!

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