Stephenie Meyer Comic Bio Hit iTunes

Twilight: Unbound, the unique biography on Stephenie Meyer done in motion comic form, has hit iTunes and is available for download. The video utilizes the storyline, art, and dialog from Washington-based Bluewater Productions’ just-released comic book, and with the addition of voice-over, special effects, music, and animation, creates a fast-paced video adaptation for the viewer to enjoy on various media platforms. Here is a sneak peek at the bio from YouTube.


  1. uh… not sure what to think about this… ;p i guess anybody will try to make a profit off the stephenie meyer/twilight phenomenon. i’m sure lots of people will buy it, so more power to them!

    • yes I agree…what does this have to do with twilight?…hmmm…the whole point was Stephenie completly changed the whole vampire sterotype…so I’m not quite sure what to think of that..hmmmm…

  2. That has to be strange; a documentary of your life turned into an animated comic book.


  3. b ramirez says:

    I can’t believe Meyer approved this. Her bio on Seth’s page is fun to read, but this corny. More over, though Meyer has written 5 books that millions have enjoyed, a biography seems premature. Given that Meyer has been much more reclusive this past year, it’s clear that she isn’t attention grabbing, but approving this film and graphic novel will seem egocentric to the casual observer.

    • I am positive that she didn’t approve this. You don’t have to approve a bio. I mean this company is making books on J.K Rowling and Princess Diana and I think Sarah Palin.

  4. Just strange.

  5. This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. It looks they didn’t do any research, they just copied all their information from Stephenie’s unofficial bio. And they were wrong about her name, what made her name like stephen was the e in place of a. So rather than stephanie, its stephenie.

    This stupid book is just a way to profit on stephenie meyer.

  6. Quite weird. I didn’t like it.

  7. That is really creepy! It’s also really stupid. Honestly people are taking Twilight out of control. I mean I’m a twihard but can’t people just let the series be awesome and not go crazy for money and go changing Forks ( which they already have) . For real guys does anyone agree with me to stop the madness.

  8. I know I’ve only seen 3+ minutes of this “bio”, where majority of it was opening credits, etc., but I found it rather boring. The narrator’s voice was so, uh, boring! That’s the only word I can use to describe it. I can’t imagine that I’d like to watch this video in its entirety….torture for sure! I agree w/Des, it was weird.

  9. FilDeCuivre says:

    One of the weirdest Twilight related things so far.. The narrators voice made me laugh!

  10. ML – it is based off of her dad’s name, Stephen.

    That’s like one of the boring documentary-type stories that put kids to sleep in school, and it doesn’t look like anything is new >_<

  11. This is pretty dumb.

  12. EdgeofTwilight says:

    What a waste. I think it is time for Stephenie Meyer to get back in touch with her fans and stop all this other stuff. Lately, it seems like anything for a dollar. She could certainly use her time a lot better – if not on Midnight Sun, then maybe on the Office Twilight Guide, which I understand won’t even be out until after Christmas now. I love her books, but unfortunately, can’t say much about her.

  13. TwilightFreak says:

    Hmmm…this must be wierd for Stephenie to watch. It was quite cheesy (like in the beginning with the whole vampire in his lair thing. i was like WTF is this?)….but i’ll still watch the whole thing. Love you, Stephenie! Your still awesome even though you approved of this! lol 🙂

  14. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Haha no words.

  15. That was not fast paced and it ruined the brilliant artwork

  16. messofajess says:

    i wish she would spend more time on midnight sun than this cheezy junk

  17. Jasper Whitlock says:

    That is the weirdest creepiest thing!!! They’ve taken this too far. I agree with Cullen. Go on loving Twilight but less weirdness. I really hope Stephenie knows how creepy this is, and I think she didn’t have a say in it. She was probably honored she was having a bio like that done, but I bet she had no idea about what it was, like really.

  18. ahahahaha. People will extend anything to feed on consumerism.

  19. If any of you guys knew anything about Stephenie then you would understand why she didn’t continue writing Midnight Sun. I really don’t think you should be judging her without knowing the full story and even then…..
    Take it from someone who knows.

  20. People will expound and extend upon anything in the feverish rush to feed consumerism.

  21. OK What’s the purpose of this again? lol.Owh….right another way of making money. I guess is my reaction

  22. Kathleen loves vamps says:

    OMG Steph is Bella lol. Its so funny!

  23. Kathleen loves vamps says:


  24. That was truly weird. Where do I even begin? The guy’s voice alone was so creepy and what was the point of him speaking so slowly? Just strange. That whole clip kinda gave me the creeps. I seriously doubt Stephenie Meyer had anything to do w/ this.

  25. It seems like most of you don’t remember when the story about the comic was first announced. I don’t think it was Stephenie’s original idea. In fact, I don’t know if the company has to even get her permission for these kinds of things. People write unauthorized biographies all the time.
    Here’s the link to the original Lexicon post when they first announced the comic book would be made:
    I do agree with most of you that it’s really lame and probably a waste of time, but don’t get mad at Steph… I’m sure she had nothing to do with it.

  26. Here’s the text from the Comic announcement made back in August:

    “Bluewater Productions, which has been churning out one political biography after another, is now turning its attention to Twilight author Stephenie Meyer.

    The comic will be released in October under the company’s “Female Force” banner, which has been home to biographies on such public figures as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Princess Diana.

    “We chose Stephenie Meyer to be one of the subjects for Female Force because her voice is one for a new generation,” Bluewater Publisher Darren G. Davis tells Diamond’s PreviewsWorld. “Now people will find out the history of how she created this series, as well as her life story.”

  27. This is horrible. I don’t worship her and it seems like everyone holds her on such a high pedestal. Like someone said, this is just cheesy.
    I know the twilight series is popular but let’s all just take it down a notch.

  28. Wow… can we say broing? Man that dude reminds me of a science and or history movie doc. movie!
    Oh and GO BYU!! Wahoo rock the world. lol (from maryland not in college yet but want to go to BYU (not b.c she went there but b.c of my religion!))

  29. Wow, you guys are all haters. It’s her freaking biography! Lol. She’s Stephenie Meyer. How is that not appropriate or related to Twilight? She’s the creator, duh. Chill, people. No one is forcing you to like it. Haha.

  30. 4stringqueen says:

    I doubt she directly had anything to do with this. She’s now a public figure and people can do unauthorized bios. She seems pretty grounded and shies a bit from the spotlight so I doubt she sought this out.

  31. What I realy want to know is that why have they turned Stephenie into Bella? It’s supposed to be HER bio, not Bella’s. I didn’t completely hate it, but what creeped me was the voice, and the vampire at the beginning was a little lame. I hope this doesn’t upset Stephenie. I know whatever I said sounds mean, but I have to be honest.

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