Let’s Hear It For the Humans!

The Calgary Herald has an interview with perhaps the most underlooked people in the Twilight Saga franchise: Team Human.

“Sure, New Moon’s vampires and werewolves may get all the attention, but it’s Bella’s gang of high school friends who keep the movie centered in reality. Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Justin Chon and Christian Serratos (who play Jessica, Mike, Eric and Angela, respectively) talk about providing the franchise’s comic relief and keeping it real as mortals amongst all the supernatural shenanigans.”

Check out what Justin Chon, Anna Kendrick, Mike Welch and Christian Serratos had to say.


  1. Hooray for the Human High School Crew! 🙂

  2. Kudos to the humans! Can’t wait to see them all in New Moon in a few short weeks……YAY!!!!!!

  3. 4stringqueen says:

    I think Christian is absolutely beautiful and it’s too bad she doesn’t get more attention.

  4. Ditto to both of the comments above!
    “Team Human” NEVER gets the spotlight or recognition that’s deserved. Despite being over looked, I always look forward to their interviews. The series wouldn’t be quite the same without them! Go Team Mike and Team Eric! I love the fact that they are so oblivious and so human in the series. They keep Bella sane and grounded, lord knows—she needs that on any given day. IF I had to pick a reason for their likability, I’d say each of the characters individual flaws and frailties make them interesting and valuable to the series.
    P.S.–Speaking of the humans in Forks—
    What happened to Tyler? I thought he was a hoot in Twilight.

    • lol I agree Tyler was so funny and I think the cuties human

      • I really enjoyed the human characters in the movie, especially Tyler, Jessica, and of course, Charlie. When he pulled back that curtain on Tyler…funny! And that scene where he meets Edward. Also very funny. Reminds me so much of my dad. Billy Burke is awesome! I think they’re all great and deserve more credit than they are getting. Sorry we lost Tyler though. The “Eric” character is okay (perhaps his role is stepped up a bit in this next one), but I thought the guy who played Tyler brought a little more in the way of character to his role. No offense, but I’m going to miss him.

  5. They really are talented…..Go humans

  6. Rosalie's Pain says:

    The “human” scenes were my favorite scenes in the whole movie. Don’t get me wrong,I loved the whole movie, but the way that the actors portrayed the high school gang was awesome. I do hope that Tyler is still in New Moon, he was one funny human. Oh Yeah, lets not forget that Charlie is a human as well. I loved his scenes too. Go Humans!

  7. Go Calgary Herald!

  8. Go Mike, Jessica, Angela and Eric!

  9. Go Humans. I agree Christian stands out she’s gorgeous!

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