Brazilian Press Conference Translation

Team Twilight via TwiFans has a translation of the press confernce that was published in Brazilian papers yesterday.

The character of Robert Pattinson, Edward Cullen, didn’t appear in the book like he appears in the film.

Kristen Stewart – It was a purely creative process. The reason that he appears in the movie more is because it’s basically a personification of Bella’s thoughts. In the book, he talks to her in thought. In the film, we see the illustration of this. He appears in dreams, in subjective ideas of Bella. After all, during almost the whole movie, she has he in mind.

Taylor Lautner – And this needed to happen to establish more strongly the idea of the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob, that Eclipse is fully evident. Bella really in love with Jacob. And she loves Edward. In Eclipse, the story is basically this triangle. So it’s important that this is very visual, that Edward is visual in New Moon.”

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  1. Kristen said Bella should be with Jacob. Can someone clarify that for me? I also read in Nikki Reed’s MTV interview, she said that Edward and Bella’s relationship is “relatively unhealthy and unrealistic”. I didn’t get that from the books at all.

  2. I love Kristen’s necklace. Her hair looks better now that it’s grown some and not so “mullet like”. Taylor looks cute as always!

  3. Well then, we can now assume that Kristen is Team Jacob. Lol. I don’t agree with the intense or tense comment. Okay, sure in the first one, Bella’s tense beside Edward but as the series went on and their relationship grew it became at ease. Idk…I can’t really see the whole Jacob and Bella relationship because from the start I always viewed him as the little brother.

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