The Volvo: Mixed Reaction

Even since it came out that Edward is not driving a light colored, silver, Volvo sports car in New Moon and Eclipse there’s been a passionate reaction among fans. It’s ranged from:

“Personally fine with the drama of “dark” grey versus “silver”; not a HUGE delimma in terms of continuity controversy. Afterall no one made a stink over Rosalie driving a Benz in the movie instead of the ostentacious BMW Edward and Bella discuss in the book. I’d actually welcome the change if they would ditch the stupid girly shortened S40 with the fin, and put Edward in a masculine Volvo like the S60 or new S80; turbo of course. Stephenie even provided pictures of her Cullens’ cars on her website years ago for her fans, why couldn’t they simply utilize her imput. Truly a small detail in the scheme of things, I’m much more interested in the plot of the movie reverting to a truer version of the book than in Hardwicke’s version, so really this would be one change i could agree with.”


“just saw the trailer. and it’s definitely not the same volvo as in twilight. this one is big and a LOT darker (i’d say it’s black, but hey, if the official term is dark grey..anyway no where near “shiny silver”)…so strange that they changed cars! I’m not nearly as upset about the change in color as i’m about the change in style though..cos this new volvo seriously just doesn’t look like anything edward would drive. it’s the same one my mom has, so i kinda put the middle-aged-suburbian-woman tag on it.”

So, check out the Ad Week article (the makes no difference to me people are probably on this wavelength)  on the issue and the reaction over at Jezebel magazine (the you killed the Batmobile people are probably on this wavelength) from an advertising pro. TY to Beth for pointing it out.

Regardless of where you stand on the movie issue, if you want the chance of winning a brand new car check it out here at What Edward Drives.


  1. I agree with the second comment. Though it is very pretty, I can’t picture Edward driving it.

    I’m still out to win the WHAT DRIVES EDWARD contest though. 😛

  2. …volvo?… was a car in that picture??…I only saw Robward…. LOL

    jokes aside, I don’t understand why they could not have a shinny Silver volvo no matter what model??

    I think the decision was made in New Moon not Eclipse.

  3. I didn’t like the Volvo model in Twilight, but I can’t see Edward driving the SUV type either. He definitely needs the sporty model – shiny silver! Why was that so hard?

    • totally. im VERY upset by this. after all, it was a VERY big deal.. “stupid, shiny volvo owner”. we ALWAYS picture a silver volvo.

      i hate it that they did this and every one i talk to is irritated as well. of course we didnt care about rosalie’s car… she’s a side story.. not the main character.

  4. i’d prefer it to be a silver volvo , but seriously who cares, it wont change the plot of the movie so get over it lol, its a car. edward is missing for most of the film so u’ll probably see the volvo like 3 times max

  5. um, i personally dont have a problem with the new volvo. i like it. lol

  6. In the scheme of things, not a big deal at all, BUT, I just don’t understand why when they already have everything laid out for them, they insist on changing it? It just seems like more work… and after all, the fans love the books, so there isn’t a need to change things to make the movie more apealing, if you stick to the books… the fans will be happy.

  7. It’s not a huge issue, but I was hoping that they’d atleast give him a better model.

  8. I think it has to do with money, it always does. I am sure someone got paid big bucks to have THIS car in the movie instead of the other one.

    • I agree with you about the money thing. Personally I think the car is cool but I think the silver one was nice too. One could argue that the movie Edward changed his car cause an SUV is more durable than a coupe with accident prone Bella always in it. LOL. Just a thought

    • I bet you’re right.

  9. In terms of continuity and with all the money the Cullens have, it’s not unreasonable for each vamp to upgrade his or her car every year. It helps show that time has passed and things have changed between movies.

  10. The model that the movies used never bothered me because the books never specifically said which one he drove, just that it was a shiny silver car with four doors and went fast. Volvo has been able to target younger drivers because of the franchise, so providing the movie with a shiny silver coloured car shouldn’t be that hard for them.

  11. Miss Miriam says:

    I don’t car what style the car is…just the color. I think fans would have been upset if Rosalie’s car wasn’t red…just like we’re not hot on the idea of of Edward driving a “dark gray” Volvo. I hope they switch back to a shiny silver for Eclipse. After all, Edward is crazy about cars and who says he can’t change cars often.

  12. I can’t believe they changed the car!!!! Edward is supposed to drive a shiny, SILVER Volvo!!!! Why was it so difficult to just keep the car the same color even if they changed the model? Personally I think it is a continuity issue, beyond just being an issue with the book. I don’t really care that they changed the model, I just care that they changed the color. If they had just kept it silver I wouldn’t have minded. As it is, I am boaderline furious!

  13. Ok…here’s what I think it all boils down to.

    Volvo is getting massive advertising by putting their product in this movie. THEY probably chose the particular model car they want to push this year.

    And it DEFINITELY does NOT look like the type of car a hot young vampire would drive!

    It looks like a frumpy SUV more suitable for a sophisticated soccer mom (who happens to be one of the demographic groups targeted with these Twilight movies.)

    Verdict: They sold out to VOLVO and capitalism and sacrificed Edward’s good taste in fast, sexy cars.

    • Absolutely!!

    • YUP! But they could have at least kept it Silver and shiny

    • I think the model is all wrong! A hot sexy Vampire would never drive this car. A Cullen would NEVER drive this car! The modal is very lame for him!!! The color suits him except that it is suppose to be silver. Bottom line I could have got on board with the color had the modal been right or I MIGHT have been able to get on board with the model if the color had been right but this is just WRONG!

  14. Marketing scheme aimed at moms. Sure, it’s a minor detail and I’ll overlook it, but it’s just annoying. Since cars are kind of a big deal for Edward, it would make since to put him in a car you could see him actually driving. Must it *always* be about the $$$?

  15. It’s not exactly a very big thing, but I would have prefered the traditional silver Volvo.

  16. ok I can understand Volvo people wanted to show this model, but, it is available in SILVER, was it that hard to get a SHINY SILVER car instead of this almost black one??

    I panicked when I saw the car in the trailer the very first time… I was like “What happened to the car?”

    I understand marketing and their need to change the model, but c’mon! stick to the color!

    • After seeing the Volvo ad it seemed pretty clear to me that the color was changed in preparation for this ad campaign. Now you can buy the silver car from Twilight or the dark gray one from New Moon. It was about marketing to different people. It had NOTHING to do with the movies or what they thought Edward would drive. They are just out to sell cars. (Which you can’t really blame them for.)

      As for those that say that Edward would change his car regularly anyway, I don’t think I agree. Edward said that the only reason they are always wearing new clothes is because Alice keeps buying clothes for them and won’t allow them to repeat an outfit. But in comparison, the cars were meant to be about them blending in which is why he doesn’t drive his “special occasion” car around town, and why Rosalie had never driven her BMW to school before.

      There is no way that Edward would be stupid enough to change his car every year because it would draw far too much attention to him and his obvious wealth.

      • Not to mention that buying a new car every year would not be ecologically friendly. After all, Edward said that the waste of finite resources was everyone’s business.


  18. mschicklet says:

    LOL people are still upset about this? The Cullens are freaking rich, they can definitely afford new cars. I’m surprised that wasn’t really worked into the book – it’s not likely that if Edward can’t even wear the same clothes twice (THAT was in the book) that he would drive the same car for 2 years straight 😉

    • Speaking of the Cullens’ wealth. There was one thing I could never work out. Why didn’t Alice charter a private plane to Italy to save time?

      Poor Bella. Everywhere she flies she has to run to catch transfers (even on her honeymoon). It never made sense to me.

      • MEL SOOO FUNNY!! MADE me laugh and the honeymoon transfer just brilliant… !!!! Please we know they have money, so can someone tell me please why do the clothes look so bad??? I know its mean but just a question…

        • I don’t think it’s a mean comment. I really thought that after the success of Twilight they would have been able to land some bigger designers to supply costumes. Actually even in Twilight I had wished that someone was able to get a hold of Stephenie’s original Prom dress for Bella (the french one with the blue corset). It would have been stunning!

  19. Personally, I disagree with the outrage. It adds to Edward’s mystery, and I love the color.

  20. 08ertwilighter says:

    i agree. the model wasn’t discontinued, and even if it had been, i’m sure somebody would’ve been glad to loan theirs to the production. sure, edward can afford to get a new car every year, but throughout the book series he had a silver volvo SEDAN. as a proud SUV driver, i can honestly say that the fact of it being an SUV alone doesn’t annoy me – it’s the color, and the fact that he (and, realistically, every other cullen) all drive either all-out sports cars or sedans no matter what.

  21. Edward drives SEXY cars people!!!!!

    That stupid SUV is NOT sexy!!!

    Ok…I got that off my chest. I feel better now… LOL

    Believe it or not…this is important to some people! lol

  22. i laughed all the way through this add when i saw it on youtube lol

  23. The Volvo featured in the first movie is shiny silver all right, but it is not a 4 doors model. In fact, I have always wondered how the 5 Cullens could all fit inside!

    • Miss Miriam says:

      In the movie they don’t all come to school in one car. Rosalie and Emmett take their cars to school as well.

  24. I agree with the second comment. First thing that annoying is, IT IS NOT shiny SILVER. I dont care with their argument with using dark silver. Second annoying thing is, that DARK SILVER SUV is the kind of transportation mode the moms here in Dubai, where I live, to pick-up kids from school. So, urrgh,…maybe best to leave that SUV for Bella/Edward when Nessie is going to school..HAH!!!

  25. I must say the change of the car does not bother me at this point but I also want to point out that some forget the cost of these items used in the movies. Sure NM acquired more budget use to make the movie, however the cost of the repeated similar vehicle as used in Twilight could have possibly been unavailable for use, too mush money to be spared or Volvo might have asked that another car to be used (companies as such get profit and promotion to use their name branded items in movies), but either way at least its a Volvo.

    • You’re right – the Volvo used in Twilight WAS “unavailable”. They gave it away!

      I don’t care what reason they give for changing the car, they can’t escape the fact that they CHOSE to make it “unavailable”.

  26. I loved the Volvo C30. It was small, sleek, and original (especially the back window). I really don’t like the new car (I agree with the second comment), it’s not a “Cullen car”. It doesn’t have the WOW factor and it’s not silver. There really wasn’t any reason for Summit to change the colour. There are a lot of other Volvos that look better than this new one.
    In my opinion, Summit needs to learn to stay closer to the book (what fans like), and stick to the stuff that’s working rather than change things for the worse (dumping Rachelle Lefevre, I’m still holding a huge grudge for that.)

  27. For me, Edward can drive any car. Can not complain just because it does not drive the Volvo C30 silver. So if we want to be precise in the book he does not drive the Volvo C30, but another model. A film does not change if it changes within a car.

  28. First, I cannot believe people didn’t notice this change back in April( of Edward walking across the parking lot and away from the Volvo SUV. Maybe I just had too much time on my hands or I suppose I thought people wouldn’t get so worked up about it.

    I’m pretty sure that an article just came out where it was mentioned that Stephenie Meyer’s brother is the one who convinced them to change the car. He is the one she turned to for advice about what cars the Cullens should drive because she doesn’t speak Car and Driver either.

    And Capitalism rocks!

  29. AliceKikiCullen says:

    It’s not that it changes the story but the details come on people. She says IN NEW MOON SILVER VOLO!!!! In like the first or second chapter so really? It’s like oh, I dunno, making Alice’s hair pink! Fans care about details and if you take the time to make it right then the fans are going to like u more kind of deal. This is just plain stupid so no it may not matter to the story but it takes a little bit of the magic of the story by taking something that fans love about it. Like CCH said. Stick to the book Summit don’t mess with the deatils.

  30. Miss Miriam says:

    I know I commented earlier but I just thought of something. What if they car is darker because when she “sees” him her memories/mind are a little warped from heartbreak. But then that only works if we don’t get a close look at his car before he leaves. This is just a random thought.

  31. emilypruitt says:

    Its all about money. Welcome to the world of film-making. They have entire departments dedicated to continuity and brand-loyalty when making movies. I’m sure Summit called Volvo, as is customary, to ask permission once again to use their brand in our Twilight franchise, to which Volov agreed, with certain contingencies. Thus we have a “dark grey” Volvo SUV. Conveniently a brand new model that Volvo would like to showcase to the world in a movie that will surely make TONS of money. Not Chris’ doing, not Stephenie’s decision, it was a money issue. Tough.

    As the author of “Statement 1” (Thank you, btw to The Lex for deeming my comment as noteworthy. Much appreciated) I only meant to address how lucky we are that our beloved novels are being brought to life on the big screen and that this “Volvo Color” is an issue of small proportion. I majored in English Literature and i teach the subject, I LIVE in the details. I’ve read this series more times than i’m willing to admit here, so i know the details; well. They are still secondary, in my opinion, to things like plot, character development, and emotional performance. Unfortunately somethings are sometimes lost in translation when books are brought to screen. Essentially my point is, if at the end of the day we get to see the fateful story of Edward and Bella, as faithful to the books as possible, then I am all for it. I want the movies to excell, because it was, after all, the books that made me fall in love with these characters. Hardwicke’s Twilight missed a few very key factors of the book in my opinion, but nothing can compare to the story we see in our minds as we read these books. Thus I would rather have a truer version of the plot with minor details being exploited (a la New Moon – the Movie) than see another “interpretation” movie that leaves more questions than answers.

  32. Twilight Nymph says:

    I prefer the shiny silver Volvo and Volvo has one I checked, but again it’s a movie and movies don’t always stay true to the books.

  33. “According to Gangeri, Volvo’s XC60 wasn’t brought into the movie through deal-making, but because author Stephenie Meyer’s brother suggested it. “He is very much a car nut; he was charged with deciding which characters drove what in the movie. The Volvo was chosen for Edward because he’s the hero — a protector who takes care of Bella, yet he wants to have something exciting and fast and fun,” she says.”

    Now, whether or not this is to be believed, only SM’s brother can dispute that statement. The car is different. IMO, it’s not pivotal to the story itself. Parts of the new moon are different from the book. As far as I’m concerned, as long as CW didn’t add any lines like “spider monkey” or “monkey man” to the script, we’re good to go.

  34. I am pretty sure that in Eclipse, Bella is followed by the shiny silver Volvo when she is on her way to help Angela with her invitations. No matter what model they decide to use for the movie, I hope they stick to the right color…

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