Relax The Volvo is Still Silver—or “Black Sapphire Metallic” or “Saville Grey Metallic”

There was this flood of inquiry and angst in our inbox and Twitter when set pictures were taken by a bystander that showed Robert Pattinson standing in front of a black/blue Volvo.

So here is what we asked and here is the answer:

Lexicon staff:
“There are pictures of Robert Pattinson standing in front of a Black Volvo. Is that Edward’s car or is it a background vehicle? If it is Edward’s car, will it be recolored in post production? For most fans, making Edward’s Volvo anything but silver is kind of like deciding that the Batmobile is purple :)”

Summit Answer:
“Edward is driving the exact same car he drove in NEW MOON.”

So rest assured, anyone who was wondering, Edward is driving his iconic car. We saw Edward’s silver Volvo with our own eyes during our set visit. It was parked in a lot next to (Just looked at my pictures and realized that we didn’t get a shot of the Volvo. I would have sworn up and down it was there. Apparently not. Woah, goes to show you how eye-witness testimony can be wrong.) Bella’s house along with other vehicles like Bella’s red truck, Carlilse’s black Mercedes, forks police cruisers…you get the idea.

IMPORTANT: David Slade did not Tweet anything in regards to the car. There is a spoof twitpic claiming he did. It’s obviously a spoof: 1) Would David Slade seriously use “squee” in a Tweet, and 2) Check his account, nothing there about the car

EDITED: Looking at the Volvo website, there is a dark silver color available. We’re wondering if that is what they went for instead?

EDITED: More emails back and forth, the color is a dark silver/gray

EDITED: 17 emails later…this is the car(the S60R described by Stephenie is no longer made, that’s why the car in Twilight was differnt too) and the color chart would have the color at either “Black Sapphire Metallic” or “Saville Grey Metallic” both of which seem to read “black”on screen.  As we just said on Twitter we now feel like we’ve been run over by the Volvo…it seemed like such a simple question at the time…*headddesk*!


  1. Well great news! Now wondering why we saw Rob/Kristen getting in and out of that other volvo on set??

  2. Actually not true. David Slade twittered that Edward’s silver Volvo has been discontinued. The black SUV is the car Edward’s driving.

  3. Great news !

  4. It says his car in New Moon. So then they changed it for New Moon? Why?

    • Twilight_News says:

      We can personally verify silver Volvos were used in New Moon. We saw them with our own eyes during our set visit.

      The Twilight vehicles were given to charity/sold/given away. New vehicles were obtained for new Moon which was shot in Canada. The vehicles were accurate. We saw with our own eyes the silver volvos, black mercedes, red pick-ups, Forks Police cars, dirt bikes.

  5. justtwilighting says:

    ok so they said “same as new moon” anyone seen what he drives in new moon? i didnt see it in any of the trailers? and why not explain what the black one was?

  6. But what car is he driving in New Moon? They didn’t actually say it was the same SILVER Volvo from Twilight. However, Chris Weitz doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would change something like that. From what I can glean, he seems to really want the fans to be happy with his production.

    Gah, what has become of me? I can’t believe I am actually spending time worrying about this! Geez… I clearly have too much time on my hands. 🙂

  7. so was the silver volvo used in new moon an suv or an actual car like in twilight?

  8. I saw fan video on you tube where they are shooting a scene for new moon in a parking lot. He is driving the fugly black suv daddy mobile. This sucks!! Looks like summit is just going around the question, not really answering what car is on new moon.

    • saw sorority row new moon preview last night and Edward was standing in the school parking lot beside a black Volvo.

    • I saw that video as well. I was shocked, I found this out only yesterday. Could there be some change in the story that makes it necessary to lose the silver Volvo and get a new car? Hmm.. Interesting. The answer from Summit indicates that they don’t for whatever reason want us to know about the change yet. Anyhow, I wish they had kept the silver C30.

  9. Is it possible, that he has NO SILVER volvo in NEW Moon?????
    Summit says: the same car in New Moon – which colour has it in NEw Moon???

  10. Thank you for getting an official answer. I feel so much better now 😀

  11. Summit didn’t say if it’s black or silver, just that it’s the same they used for New Moon and judging by what people say after watching the new trailer he’s driving a black Volvo in New Moon, not to mention the video of them shooting some scene in New Moon showed a black Volvo, so there.

    Also here’s the proof that the black Volvo is really Edward’s. Look at the licence plate of his car in Twilight the movie and licence plate of this black Volvo on the Eclipse set pictures. IT’S THE SAME LICENCE PLATE. So sorry Twilightlexicon but you’re wrong…

    Edward’s car in Twilight


    Edward’s car in Eclipse


    Once again the same licence plate.

  12. you might want to check it out and maybe change this post cause you’re just gonna mislead people.

  13. Perhaps you should change the title of your post now that it’s confirmed the car is actually not the same one (model or color) from twilight? You may not think it matters, but for lots of folks that’s lame sauce to change it for marketing reasons.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Now that we have the actual color chart and determined it wasn’t a custom color job, we have the exact wording from Volvo (who must be loving the hits to their website) up.

  14. emilypruitt says:

    Personally fine with the drama of “dark” grey versus “silver”; not a HUGE delimma in terms of continuity controversy. Afterall no one made a stink over Rosalie driving a Benz in the movie instead of the ostentacious BMW Edward and Bella discuss in the book. I’d actually welcome the change if they would ditch the stupid girly shortened S40 with the fin, and put Edward in a masculine Volvo like the S60 or new S80; turbo of course. Stephenie even provided pictures of her Cullens’ cars on her website years ago for her fans, why couldn’t they simply utilize her imput. Truly a small detail in the scheme of things, I’m much more interested in the plot of the movie reverting to a truer version of the book than in Hardwicke’s version, so really this would be one change i could agree with.

  15. So, those of you who’ve visited Robesessed in the last 25 minutes might have realized the double meaning behind the answer… “he’s driving the same car he drives in New Moon.” Look closely at a certain high traffic item that was just posted. You will see Edward standing in front of a black or dark blue Volvo XC60, which is Volvo’s version of an SUV. So, I guess David Slade gets the pass on this one and CW actually gets the pitchforks!!!!!!

    • I don’t think Chris had anything to do with it. I think it was Summit and Volvo that arranged the whole thing, Volvo probably wanted to advertise a newer model so they switched the cars. It’s all business.

  16. Sorry but I’ve seen the new trailer and the car used in New Moon is indeed that black volvo SUV seen in the Eclipse set pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Chill… he got a new car… who cares… moving on…

  18. I wish they would stick with the car used in Twilight, but as long as it is a Volvo, I’m cool with it.

  19. I think everyone needs to calm down. The car Edward drives in New Moon is the exact car he SHOULD’VE driven in Twilight. It’s the Volvo S60R. Not that stupid hatchback thing. The color of the Volvo is grey. It looks exactly like the one that Stephenie Meyer put on her website.



  21. I’m glad to hear the Volvo is still silver. There’s some things that should not be changed. But how can it be the EXACT SAME ONE that he drove in New Moon? He gave it away on the Tyra Banks show!! ANd that was supposedly “the real Volvo he drove in the movie”?

  22. justtwilighting says:

    saw the trailer before it was yanked, school parking lot, edward and his car there then both gone, it WAS NOT SILVER. The End

  23. It’s dark grey, people. Check the article you just read. Not a big deal.

  24. just saw the new trailer for new moon its the dark volvo.. thats why they said “same car as new moon” and not same as twilight the volvo weve all been seeing pictures of is edwards new car

  25. Dark gray is completely different to silver. So it IS a big deal. There is no logical reason to have changed the color, which means that once again this probably has more to do with Volvo advertising their new car, than with staying true to the story. (That’s why they changed the model of Volvo for Twilight. Volvo had a new model and said that they were having trouble finding a way to get young people to drive them. That was right before Summit approached them for cars. I wonder how many they sold after the movie came out?)

  26. just saw the trailer. and it’s definitely not the same volvo as in twilight. this one is big and a LOT darker (i’d say it’s black, but hey, if the official term is dark grey..anyway no where near “shiny silver”)…so strange that they changed cars! I’m not nearly as upset about the change in color as i’m about the change in style though..cos this new volvo seriously just doesn’t look like anything edward would drive. it’s the same one my mom has, so i kinda put the middle-aged-suburbian-woman tag on it.

  27. its like a darkest grey/black – im a little upset its not silver but its something we will have to deal with – im not even focused on that at the moment, what im more into is how New Moon is going to be so much better than twilight was… should have just got chris to do twilight aswell 🙂 love that guy – my fave director 🙂

    peace out

  28. LOL. It is a black-darkgrey (whatever you want to call it) Volvo SUV he’s standing next to in the New Moon trailer. Honestly, this doesn’t really bother me, and I’m surprised since I’ve been a fan for a long while…but we all know things are going to be changed, and I’ve learned to accept that. All this whining about every single little detail is really annoying. Summit really didn’t lie, it IS the same car as in New Moon. Sneaky.

  29. Honestly I’m not surprised that CH got something else wrong and I’m thrilled that CW is correcting it. Is it too early to start a Weitz for Breaking Dawn petition!

  30. I saw today’s trailer, and Edward passes in front of a dark Volvo SUV. Just sayin…

  31. Like it was mentioned above, the new trailer leaked on youtube shows Edward standing in the parking lot near a black/dark gray Volvo SUV. It looks like it is the XC90 SUV crossover. They promoted the “new” C70 in the Twilight movie, so now it looks like they’re promoting another new model here in New Moon. Personally, I don’t think it’s really a big deal – I got used to it now being the S60 R in the first flick, so I think it’s a moot point now.
    Link to volvo:

  32. I meant I got used to it NOT being the S60 R in Twilight. Sorry, didn’t spell check.

    But anyway, yeah, I think they could’ve at least kept the color silver, but honestly? I was looking at Edward in the trailer, not the car…

  33. Im wondering if they might have used a black volvo in bella’s hallucinations? Theres a black volvo in the new trailer with edward standing in front of it. It dissappears, along with edward.[I assumed she was hallucinating]

  34. jacobswifey says:

    I thought they gave away the volvo on a tyra show episode ?..

  35. UGH. They could have just kept the one from twilight!

    They CAN’T change it! Stupid shiny black volvo owner? HECK NO!

    Sign the petition to save his silver one!

  36. I guess we really won’t know until the movie unless Summitt releases and official statement cause we’re all freaking out lol. All I know is if the volvo isn’t SILVER, not gray, but SILVER I will be extremely pissed!!!! That’s one of my favorite things in the books so it better be silver

  37. justtwilighting says:

    anyone found he rock Chris is hiding under tonight?

  38. *Frowns* So… Edward took the Volvo in for a paint job? 🙁 I don’t get it… Volvo offers “Metallic Silver” as a Volvo color… why not use that? It’ll look silver on screen cuz it IS silver.

    :/ Why is is so hard to get a silver Volvo?

  39. OH GET OVER IT PEOPLE! We are way way too obssessed and critical of the movies and the changes that are made. How do we know if that particular makd of volvo didnt get discontinued? And they maybe just couldnt get the new one colored. They do have a fixed budget and maybe they didnt want to cut corners and spend the money on just the cars. Let it be.

  40. 08ertwilighter says:

    ok, they made it darker… i think i can live with that… but they also super-sized it! TWILIGHT MOVIE = c30… NEW MOON/ECLIPSE = xc90?! why would they move it from a compact/sedan to a full-blown SUV?

  41. Yisel Cullen says:

    I don’t care about the model cause the Twilight one was awful and it wasn’t the one described in the book….but i do care about the color…i used to dream with the silver volvo LOL…they could have painted it…i guess…i like the new car but the silver one has an special meaning….

  42. Awwww well that sucks but they could have painted it? idk but im going to miss the silver volvo 🙁

  43. AGREED. shiny silver volvo has a big meaning in it. it’s so edward-ish. and it’s big SUV, NOT C-30, what the heck with summit anyway. it’s epic failed, EPIC DAMN FAILED. did summit can afford to make it silver or they just arrogant as usual. i want shiny silver volvo.

  44. Emily Cullen says:

    I swear that in the new New Moon Trailer there is a black Volvo.


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