Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart Hit Brazil

Foforks, the Brazilian Twilight site, has a write up of Taylor and Kristen’s arrival for the South American press junket. If you toss it through Google or BabelFish for translation (Portuguese-English), you get a pretty cool account of how it went down.

Congrats to Grace and the FoForks staff!



  2. I’m Brazilia, and I can tell you: Foforks is great!
    Kristen and Taylor are amazing! They love Brazil and our meat 😛
    I hope that’s right.

    #kstewarmy #BrazilLovesKstew

  4. Brazilian people love Kstew and Taylor(perdição!!! =p)

  5. OMG , kristen looks so good!: )

  6. KStew looks awesome as always! Loving her hair. Hope they had a good time considering all the security problems at the airport.

  7. Kristen and Taylor are both looking great!

  8. Kristen its really nice with fans brazilians!

  9. They both look great. Love Kristen’s outfit, she is gorgeous. Taylor really knows how to dress too.

  10. Ok…so is Taylor dressing like Rob now? LOL

    All that’s missing is a checked shirt!

    They’re both gorgeous though. I’m not liking not seeing Rob so much, but I guess they have to push the Bella/Jacob thing more this time…

    • I can’t see any similarity between Taylor’s style and Rob’s. Taylor is just dressing like a clean cut young man. No scruffy, creased clothing here!

      I WISH Rob dressed this well. (You’ve got to admit, he looks so much better in a three piece suit than in his ever present checked shirts!)

      • I was referring to the layer look. A dress shirt over a t-shirt which is Rob’s signature style! LOL (When he’s not being a bum! lol)

        Taylor is cute though. But I agree with Deb…

        I MISS ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • It’s just a light jacket over a shirt. Standard male attire. Maybe you thought it was a dress shirt because it’s so thin.

  11. Kristen Stewart is one of my favorite celebrity. she is just pretty and is very good in acting too.

  12. I miss ROB!!!!!!!!!!!! I want Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. naree uk. says:

    Kristen and Taylor looks great.

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