Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene: Halloween in Vegas

According to Access Hollywood, Ashley and Kellan had a great time hosting a Halloween party in Las Vegas. Ashley was a peacock and Kellan was on the superhero theme. When asked about New Moon, Ashley said,

“The wolves are funny,” she said. “They’re a threat and a danger to our family but they’re also protecting this person that we all love — so we kind of have to get along with them.”

“Edward kind of breaks Bella’s heart, so you definitely see Jacob kind of swoop in to rescue her,” Ashley said. “You get to see their chemistry and dynamic. It keeps you on the edge of your seat a little bit more than the first one… this one is kind of more about heartbreak and healing.”

Check it out on Access Hollywood.

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  1. Wow they look great ! The Twilight cast is so beautiful sorry can’t say the same for the True Blood cast I still like them but not my thing.
    Ashley looks gorgeous she dressed better than the Hills cast put together haha ..
    She looks better then any of those Hollywood so called princesses.

  2. love Ashley’s costume!

  3. I wish she wouldn’t say the word “like” so much. Otherwise, I adore ash, she’s great!

  4. Costume or not, Ashley looks fantastic. She could wear that anyday…

    Kellen actually looks like Chris O’Donald, of whom played “Robin” in the Batman movies of which should not be named… In fact he looks more the part than Chris did… :p

  5. They’re both looking awesome! Love their costumes.

  6. littleyellowporsche says:

    ohmigosh! that man is beautiful!

  7. I love Ashley’s costume. She looks amazing!!

  8. They both look awesome. Love both their costumes. Not a big halloween fan but i can appreciate really great costumes…very nice…maybe i’m biased since i’m such a big fan of theirs

  9. Kellan looks so cute in that suit :]

  10. I was there. It was fun but you didn’t get to see them much.

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