New Moon Taking on 2012

Well, we’re sure that the last thing Sony Pictures anticipated was a New Moon blow out on their 2012 polls.  They ended up asking viewers in a poll what movies, books, music, etc they would save if the world was ending.  To say that Twilight was a dominating force in their polls would be an understatement.

Now, HitFix talks about how these two films are slated to be the big Thanksgiving money makers. Only according to HitFix, it’s going to be another blow out:

“Conventional wisdom has long assumed that November’s two biggest releases would be Sony Pictures’ “2012” and Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” In theory, both pictures seemingly should be successful as they have little audience cross over.  As the second installment in the “Twilight” series, “New Moon” should dominate with women and younger women especially.  “2012” is an old fashioned disaster movie that should be a four quadrant sell (i.e., movie for everyone) that drives older audiences, teens and regular moviegoers.  Based on the latest pre-release polling, however, one of the films is in much better shape to dominate the box office than the other.”

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  1. hmmm….I thought it was going it invite a larger audience…like I thought boys would be into new moon…because it’s more action packed then the first one hmmmmm…

    • well, I plan on seeing both! of corse I already have my ticket for new moon.

    • Boys don’t even care. They see oh cool werewolf…but then they see a majority of the fanbase and it turns them off. I’m not saying this for all boys but in my experience of working at the movie theatre 3 years, I can usually sense trends

  2. I have absolutely zero interest in 2012. Can’t wait for New Moon.

  3. I don’t need nor want to watch another disaster flick, thank you very much.

    New Moon, on the other hand, is THE MOST anticipated movie of the year for me and I’m all set for multiple viewings. 🙂

    Btw, I’m one of the ‘older women’ mentioned…and proud of it!

  4. However…

    if said disaster flick was starring Robert Pattinson, then that would be a different matter altogether.. 😉

  5. wannabealice says:

    I will be seeing both movies, but I am no way near as excited to 2012 as I am for New Moon. The more I see of the trailers, the more I can’t wait for 11/20 (first showing :)). All I can say is Chris Weitz, you totally rocked this one!!!

    P.S. I am one of the ‘older women’ as well. :p

  6. I don’t care to see 2012 because movies like that have already been done in the past. I’m only going to be supporting New Moon and I hope 2012 doesn’t affect the numbers for opening weekend. I don’t think it will because the only thing that has been talked about is NM =).

  7. I’m all for New Moon, and I know I’ll get to see people-male as well as female-of all ages at the theatres.

  8. cheering4twi says:

    Call me passionate…but…New Moon doing well shouldn’t really be a surpirse to anyone. But heres hoping it does really well, I know it will,and so it should and let that be a huge thank you to Stephenie Meyer, Chris Witz and the cast for the beautifully written, beautifully cast and beautiful visual that is the twilight saga! So far I am booked in for the midnight session and a lunchtime showing the next day! and I know that woun’t be enough. In a time of recession twilight is something I am MORE than happy to spend money on!

  9. I’ve never liked Emmerich as a director. 2012 just looks like another mindless disaster movie that would give me a headache. New Moon is undoubtedly my preference for November.

  10. I adore Twilight just as much as the next twi-hard, but I think it’s a little silly that Robert Pattinson’s music was listed between The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

    We’re talking about a grand total of 6 minutes and 48 seconds of music. Not exactly in the same league as artists with decades of number one hits.

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