Don’t Miss Out: Lexicon Utah Movie Event!

Our event is Saturday morning of opening weekend. You know you’re going to want to see the movie more than once. See the movie with us! The price of your ticket includes the movie, the swag bag(containing jewelry, magnets, key ring and more), and chance at door prizes. Some door prizes are pictured below We have  close to 50 door prizes, with only 500 tickets available that’s great odds. Prizes include items autographed by multiple actors and Stephenie Meyer, tickets to Creation Entertainment’s Twilight Tour, a movie prop, and more!  Get all the details here!

Get all the details here!


  1. I just got my tickets in the mail and can’t wait. I don’t have very good luck but I’m dying to win something…..Thanks for coming to Utah.

  2. I’m thinking if no one wants to come to the Utah event, you could just give away more prizes to us in Nashville! 🙂

  3. I’m so excited! 😀 This is going to be SO much fun!

  4. Don’t you worry Krisit Utah is going to sell out. I’ve been convincing all my friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and aquaintances in the grocery check out line, that the Lexicon Movie Event is the place to be! Of course I’ll be at the midnight movie Thursday at 11:59pm. then again on Friday, and ending the weekend off at the Lexicon Movie event. I need to win some of those prizes so I can replace all my autographed stuff that was stolen from me when I was at TwiCon.

  5. Envy loves Wrath says:

    I got my invite in the mail… And I live in Maryland… Whoops. Not this year.

  6. Got our tickets! We are so excited that there is finally going to be events in Utah! Can’t wait to be there.

  7. i wish i could be there i lived there in utah but then my parents moved me and my sister and brother to new york. and ive lived in new york for almost 10 years but i guess i can’t have everything.

  8. SethIsMINE says:

    AHHHHHHHHH!!! Must convince my mother I NEED to go!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She kind of thinks I’m going crazy…. but I NEED TO GO!!!!!!! I am SOOOO glad I live in Utah!!!

  9. Erin, the redhead says:

    Can you come to Phoenix next year instead? I would SO go if I lived in Salt Lake or Nashville. It sounds so cool! Coming here would be like a tribute to Bella! 🙂

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