Liz Reaser: I’m Not Esme

MTV: What is your favorite scene in “New Moon”?

Reaser: I love Taylor in “New Moon”; he’s amazing. There are great scenes with Taylor and Kristen [Stewart]. I just think they’re really lovely together. I love those characters together. They’re sort of falling in love, and it’s an interesting love affair, because she’s still in love with Edward, and she’s devastated and heartbroken, and he’s [gone. I also love] the birthday-party scene, because it’s all the Cullens, and it’s Bella’s birthday, and Alice threw together this big party for her. And then she gets a paper cut, and it’s really dangerous for her to get a paper cut at our house.

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  1. HMMM…this was short but surprising. Hearing Liz Reaser say she does not resemble “Esme” was a little strange for me (almost everyone else in The Twilight Saga seems to resemble their character’s traits spot on). Maybe it’s because she plays Esme beautifully and comes across as so genuine.

    HMMM…Bryce/Victoria as Esme? Nah, I can’t see it.

  2. I hate that all the actors in the movie keep saying Eclipse is an all out action movie… it’s not supposed to be!!! It was a love story with conflict, the push and pull between the three lead characters was what made the book. There is only one real action scene in the book… aahh, I hope they don’t ruin the love story in this book. I’m quite nervous, considering it’s the actors themselves who are saying this, as they would know how it’s filmed. I just want ONE of them to come out and say, “Don’t worry, we nailed the love scenes and didn’t leave out that part of the story”

  3. Regarding Elizabeth’s comment about voting for Ms. Howard to play Esme, I say be careful what you wish for!!

  4. Laura I agree with you 100%. Book three is my favorite among the all four, and that is because of the of the love story. In Eclipse Edward and Bella learn to work together and work out conflict and learn how to compromise. The fight isnt even a factor in the book until the last bit. I hope they dont spend the whole first part of the movie building up to it.

  5. To me, she will always be the no name/face woman from Grey’s Anatomy. lol

  6. Even though i know she’s an actress and this is just a part i found myself going nooooo she is esme she’s lovely and sweet and loving 🙁

  7. She seems like a person who is generous and sweet, but she doesn’t like playing the role of a parent because she isn’t one. She’s still young so she probably just wants to play someone more adventurous. I wonder if she tried out for other roles in Twilight first, but ended up getting Esme.

  8. Why does this give me a wierd feeling? Is she just lacking self-confidence in that she actually plays a great Esme? It’s almost like she doesn’t like playing her, that’s the feeling I’m getting. I could be looking at it wrong though. Thoughts?

    • No. She’s not saying that she doesn’t like playing her.

      She just said that she doesn’t share many similar qualities with Esme outside of portraying her, which is understandable.

  9. She’s so lovely and sweet, I can’t imagine how she could be different from Esme.

  10. Serena Welles says:

    When the heading said “I’m Not Esme” I thought they were replacing Liz Reaser. XD I was like, “Nooo!’ Then I saw the video and I was a-okay.

    I think she plays a wonderful Esme, and I’m really glad that she finally got an interview. Every time I go to websites it’s all about the other Cullens, it’s all about the werewolves, the humans, and Elizabeth Reaser never seems to get her time in the spotlight. So I’m more than happy right now. ^_^

  11. Well, she did graduate from Julliard…I think she may be different from Esme but she certainly has the talent and training that helps her potray this character (and all her other roles) so well. 🙂

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