InStyle’s Twilight Quiz

InStyle has a Twilight quiz.

“Have you read Twilight a thousand times over and studied Robert Pattinson’s every move in the film? If you think you’re practically part of the Cullen clan, put your knowledge to the test with our Twilight quiz.
A true Twi-hard would know the movie and the book inside out.”

It’s probably pretty easy for folks who are regular readers of our website, but what is notable is that obviously someone down there at InStyle has read the books. That doesn’t always happen. Frequently, quizzes like this have some pretty glaring errors in them, and we couldn’t find one.  So, KUDOS too InStyle. They’ve also named us as one of their favorite Twilight sites, which we’re rather happy about.


  1. wannabealice says:

    First to post? – Woot, Woot. Took the quiz, 10 out of 10 (they were very easy) :).

  2. Yep me too!! 10/10 what twihards 😀

  3. Bonnybelle says:

    I got wan’t that difficult…. anyway I’m quite proud of my score 🙂

  4. 10 here too… Someone needs to make one that’s actually difficult.

  5. I’m a Twi-Hard!(And darn proud of it) 10/10!

    It was easy peasy .LOL. 🙂

  6. Only 10 questions?! I think after that loooong one the student did about a year ago, my standards for good Twilight quizes has shot up.

    Yes, yes – I got 10/10 – But I’d think anyone who found the quiz through the Lexicon will as well. I just wish there had been 50 questions instead of 10.

  7. wooo!!! I got 10/10 too… jejeje It´s true, is very easy…
    Whatever, I´m really glad with my score.
    We´re twihards!
    jajaja 😀 =D

  8. FilDeCuivre says:

    10/10 and I thought it’d actually be somewhat challenging.. But I still haven’t finished the second Twilight Riddle that was posted on the Lex like 6 months ago..

  9. I believe the Lexicon should have been the number one site! I love the look and feel of Stephenies site but Seth hardly ever gives us anything new or any juice. He mentions what new thing is on sale every now and again, so its been kinda disappointing to me. The lex is my favorite out of all of them!

  10. 10/10 Super easy, and something that someone who’s read the book once and seen the movie once should be able to do.

    So we Twi-hards could do this one in our sleep!

  11. Pu…lease!!!! A moron could have passed that quiz!!!!

    I need something more challenging to prove I’m a Twihard!!! LOL

    Like…what brand of underwear does Edward wear?


  12. 10/10 how easy were they?…

  13. Super easy! Fun, but I sort of wish it was more challenging…

  14. Twilight Nymph says:

    10/10 so easy I agree the game needs to be harder in order to determine if one is a Twi-Hard

  15. Rachel M. says:

    *Sigh* Too easy. I actually like those quizzes where you get have of them wrong. Then you have a legitimate reason to go back and read through the books, trying to see if those really were the right answers. 🙂

    Besides, number 10 isn’t really true. Jackson keeps saying how he’ll be able to show more of Jasper’s power but just wasn’t able to in the first film…

  16. wow super easy! but at least this person actually knew their stuff. it’s annoying when they’re all “Fork, Washington” and all that

  17. Yay i got 10/10 it was really easy

  18. Amy Darlene says:

    10 WOOT!

  19. That quiz was super easy. 😀

    -Team Edward! <3

  20. Wait – were they going for the simplest Twilight quiz ever? ;)jk 10/10

  21. Much too easy! 10/10 🙂 How about giving me a challenging quiz?

  22. That was the most easiest Twilight quiz I ever took. I got 10/10 of course.

  23. christine says:

    Seriously, where are the quizes that are actually hard? That was so easy it was a little insulting!

  24. i got ten out of ten i trully know twilight …. a little tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. lol

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