Christian Serratos: Save The Seals

Christian Serratos is a vegetarian and an animal rights supporter. She’s lending her voice to the Save the Seals Campaign.

When asked why she is getting involved, Christian said, “The baby seals are defenseless and must watch as fellow pups are shot or bludgeoned to death and then skinned—often while they are still fully conscious.  They’re being beaten with ice picks and their skins are being peeled off their backs in front of their mothers, which is just unreasonable and ridiculous and evil.”

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  1. As much as I applaud her for taking a stand against unsound practices against certain animal communities, I feel that this blog may soon have some unkind comments appearing.

    • I, too, appreciate the stand Christian is taking. It’s one thing for a celebrity to bask in the glow of the spotlight of fame or the harsh sight-blinding glare; quite another to use your celebrity to shine attenion on animal cruelty and the brutality that exists. I’d be willing to bet that Christian has been made aware of the potential backlash and criticism that may very well accompany her stance.As the saying goes..if you won’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. In the wise words of ‘Eric Yorkie’, “I’ve got your back girl”.Thanks for using your celebrity for good deeds.

      • RIGHT ON ARAZCAL!!I think what shes doing is great.We need more peeps like her.I think its your obligation to stand up for something that you belive in.Being famous helps you put your cause out there and spread the word…My sis and i do not wear fur and are invovled in many animal campaigns and rights.Peta as we all know puts it right out to the public and dosent hide the reality of whats goin on in the animal world.I respect peta for what they do..

    • MATT!!! Love the comments that you have been making on this site…YOU got alot to say and that ROCKS!!!! LOOK its the truth bout the seals.WHy would peeps hate on the truth??? I hope that dosent happen twifriend but its still early..

  2. It’s definitly a good cause to fight for, but also an excellent advertisement to make people talk about her.
    Hundreds of celebrities are donating their time and money for similar causes, but they aren’t using this to be more popular.
    Being vegetarian is her choice, but she should stop trying to make people feel guilty for eating meat! (And I am not only talking about this compaign -nor the video I won’t bother to watch- but about her previous interviews on the subject)

    • I don’t think she’d involved in this campaign because she’s a vegetarian or to further promote her career. I think she’s involved herself in it to focus attention on the manner in which these animals are being killed; it’s gruesome and barbaric..

    • TWIFRIEND!!!I havent heard/seen her put her opinion on us but you have the right to how you feel….Im not a vegetarian but do try to replace at least 2-3 meals a week for dinner with veggie dishes.I eat meat and chicken but make sure i buy organic and cage free they have many great choices available.I certainly dont eat fast food.TRY to watch the video if you can, its just the truth and they have been having this debate for many years in canada..

  3. This girl is awesome. I love that she is standing up for not only what she believes in…but so many other people too. Lending her voice for a lot of us, and the animals. Thanks for using ur celebrity to do something good unlike some other people.

  4. im not a vegetarian, first of all….and i dont plan on becoming one. but i do respect her decisions. it really is cruel what they do to the seals.

  5. As a vegetarian and animal rights supporter, I say Go Christian! We all have things that we feel passionately about. And the cause of humane treatment of animals is absolutely inter-connected with that of people and our environment. No need for anyone to feel guilty. Just do what you feel comfortable with to make a positive impact on our planet.

  6. imcanadian says:

    I think its good for her to stand up for something she believes in, BUT people get it all wrong. No one hunts the baby seals, they aren’t even allowed to hunt the baby seals. As for the seals they do kill, clubbing was old school, most people use guns these days, so how is that any different from deer/moose hunting or anything else for that matter.

    • Honestly imcanadian, since when do animal murderers abide the law. Everything they do if for profit, and if some governmental law disallows seal hunting do you really think they are going to stop??? Where do you think your leather couches and shoes come from. As for the dear/moose hunting, you are seriously selfish if you feel you are such a high person that you feel the pleasure in taking an animals life for your own enjoyment and appetite. With millions of different and healthy alternatives available to your diet, you can be less selfish by thinking about what lives you are willing to sacrifice before you have your next meal.

  7. Imcanadian…seriously? They don’t hurt the baby seals? Really…you know they do other wise you wouldn’t have followed that statement with…”as for the seals they do bludgeon”. Dude. Come on. And how is using a gun to kill an animal any different from using ice picks? Well to answer your question…they aren’t different. Both weapons are yielded by the same murderers. And how are killing seals, deer and moose different? They aren’t. I thought as human beings with common sense , that we were all programed to think killing was wrong. A big thank you to imcandian for bringing attention to the fact that all weapons are wrong…and all murder is wrong.

  8. I couldn’t even finish reading her description of how they kill seals. That’s just disgusting. I love animals and I commend anyone who volunteers their time and takes a stand against animal cruelty. Good for her.

  9. As much as I am against the seal hunting, I caution everyone that there is a ton more stuff that you don’t know about this situation. They DO NOT hunt baby seals, and the practices that they use are getting more humane, but YES I do agree the inhumane killing of the seals should stop. Also, a huge point in this argument is the native people in Canada’s north. The seal hunting is a way of their life on their reservations, and have been for thousands of years. The killing of seals is the way that they have food and clothing and heat for their people, and now people want to take their main source of all of that away.

    Please know all the facts before you bash something you don’t know about. I do agree with the inhumane ways that they are being killed, and I applaud anyone who wants to stand up to that, but I don’t condone anyone trying to get rid of killing seals all together. Killing other beings is a way of life, and whether you are a vegan/vegetarian or not, you have to face that fact. We wouldn’t survive without murdering for food. Taking away the seal hunting would threaten an entire nation of people.

  10. As much as I want to see a end to all the killing of innocent animals the likelihood that it will actually stop is low.

    I’ve seen the seal hunt first hand when my parents and I left B.C to go up North to visit relatives. I’ve also met the people that kill the seals, to them it’s their livelihood. They have no other way of making money, because they can’t afford to go to school and find a new career, or they just don’t want a new career. Most of them barely make enough money to stay afloat for a year. Once the hunt is over, most of them have no income until the next hunting season.

    If the Canadian government wanted they could officially put a stop to the seal hunting in the North; but they won’t because hundreds of people would lose their jobs, their homes, and probably their lives because of it. The European Union has already banned all seal products from entering Europe. That is a HUGE blow to the incomes of the sealers, up until the ban Europe was the largest buyer of seal imports in the world.

    Peta’s statements are partially correct, yes baby seals do die during the hunt, but not often from being bludgeoned over the head. The usual cause of death of baby seals is starvation. They starve because their mothers are killed before they are able to fully care for themselves. Yes, there are SOME sealers that will go against authority and kill the baby seals, but not as many as the media likes to imply.

    I feel a good compromise would be not to kill the mother seals and only kill the ones that do not have young. That way another generation of seals live to adulthood, and there will be no worry of extinction from over hunting. Selective hunting seems to be one of the only ways both parties can be appeased. The hunters will still have their livelihood, and Peta would see the end to the death of baby seals.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to champion the sealers. I personally do not agree with the killing of animals (especially seals and other marine life) But the reality is that the hunt will never completely stop, the best thing humans can do is compromise.

  11. I respect her for taking a stand for something she believes in. I did a report on the cruelty that is used to kill and skin harp seal pups and it is just horrible. The seals are killed when they are just days old because they still have their fur, which as they get older sheds off. Also they are unable to swim when they are young so they are easily caught. Their fur is beautiful but it’s wrong to kill them for it. Good job Christian!

  12. idk wat to say honestly i would need to know all the facts i do agree with Jane R and i would hav to ask my friend wat she knew also cause shes a big peta supporter i do understand and believe that it is wrong the way that they are killing the seals but at the same time i think that hunting will never stop cause its like trying to make a lion not hunt meat. i don’t wear fur either n i think its wrong but im not on neither side. i do think its really cool of Christian to do this but i just hope she knows all the facts from both sides.

  13. I think Christian is doing a great thing. I’m not a vegeterian, but I still feel really bad when poor defenseless animals are killed so cruelly. You go girl!

  14. I’m no vegetarian, but I support Christian in this. The treatment of those seals is downright repulsive.

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