Sweet Deals at CafePress!

CafePress has a new Twitter page just for Twilight fans – http://twitter.com/twilightees . They will be posting t-shirts of the day, special deals for Twilight fans, doing give-aways, and sharing Twilight news.  According to CafePress, “For the next week or so, Twilightees will be doing a “registration drive” – to giveaway a free t-shirt (of choice) for every 50 new followers.” So, if you want a shot at a free Twilight themed shirt, follow them on Twitter, and the winner could be you.

CafePress has also given out a very cool coupon for those of you interested in the Lexicon’s CafePress shop. It is 20% off anything in our shop (except Flips and SIGGs) before tax (if any) and shipping.  The coupon is good for today until Saturday, October 24, 2009 – good only at the Twilight Lexicon shop. The coupon code is: TWILEXICON

Here’s a helpful hint. If you are attending any upcoming conventions, you’re going to need a tote bag. The Lexicon shop’s  tote bags hold lots of goodies, plus they are a lot easier for an actor to sign than a shirt. We have tons of great products, so check us out.  Some of our more popular designs are shown below, regardless the coupon is valid for any purchase from our shop.

Also if you see a design that you like, but it’s not currently on the product that you want, let us know and we’ll arrange it if possible!


  1. They look pretty cool! The Chief Swan bag, however is a bit disturbing!

  2. these are cool…if you are looking for an awesome twilight website that will crack you up while getting your daily twiligh dose i recommend checking up mytwilightpurgatory.com..YOU WILL LOVE IT!

  3. my mom would like that lol

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