100 Monkeys on the Eclipse Soundtrack?

MTV caught up with Jackson Rathbone on the set of the indie film, The Girlfriend, and asked him about playing on the Eclipse soundtrack:

“It’s been talked about, but it’s one of those things,” Rathbone said when asked if he had been approached to have songs on the previous soundtracks. “We’re going to be kind of giving some of our songs off of our upcoming album for them to see if they want to put on ‘Eclipse.’ ”

It would be a pretty big deal for Jackson and the band if they made it onto the soundtrack.  100 Monkeys members are heavily involved in the Girfriend soundtrack, not to mention individual film projects like Jackson’s The Last Airbender.

Check out the full story on MTV.

How would you feel about 100 Monkeys on the soundtrack? Any of their songs have an Eclipse vibe to you?


  1. I can’t think of a 100 Monkeys song right now, but it would be so cool to have them on the Eclipse soundtrack. Now I have to think of a song.T_T

  2. Just for the record, Jackson’s upcoming film The Last Airbender will be AMAZING. I’m so excited for it! 😀

  3. It would be awesome if one of the songs from 100 Monkeys appear on Eclispe. It makes me happy that Jackson said that he and the rest of 100 Monkeys are more about performing than for the money and that they prefer to make their fans happy. 🙂

  4. Devon061381 says:

    AHAHHHHHH!!!! I would love it! They played this summer down the street from me in Lancaster, PA and they were AWESOME!!! I would LOVE to have them on the soundtrack! Some more Rob would be great too 😀

  5. That would be awesome for them. It would be nice to see Rob have a song again.

  6. That would be brilliant. Perhaps they could write some original material for the film, instead of using a pre-existing song?

  7. I like some of their songs, so it would be cool if they wrote something that was appropriate for the movie. It would be pretty awesome if Rob Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone’s band contributed to the “Eclipse” soundtrack.

  8. spunkransonrules says:

    that would be cool!

  9. Why is Rob so worried about what it looks like if he has a song on a soundtrack of a movie he is in when Jackson has really profited musically with his exposure and association with the film. And no one has ever said how he rode the back of Twilight. Wish Rob would try and record some of his music. Some piano would be nice.

  10. I really love the 100 Monkeys. I’m going to go see them in concert and think that it would be amazing if they could be in the soundtrack.

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