Stephenie Meyer Makes Elle’s Power List

Every year Elle magazine comes up with a Women in Hollywood Power list and they publish the list in their November issue. This year they asked noted Hollywood insider Nikki Finke to create the list for them. This is what Nikki had to say about getting the gig:

Nikki also went on to say that “The trick in Hollywood is not just getting power but keeping it…”

Well, given that Stephenie Meyer is having all of her books turned into movies and is collaboratively working with all the directors on those movies, we’d say she’s met Nikki Finke’s definition. Congratulations, Stephenie!


  1. Congratulations Stephenie, you are an AMAZING woman and totally deserve this. Thank you for these incredible books and I would like to also thank your family for sharing you with us. Can’t wait for the movies to come out.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, you are amazing Stephenie. You got into all our heads and hearts when you shared your characters with us….one plea, don’t let them die!!!!! Keep writing their stories, I am starving for Midnight Sun, or anything else you want to throw our way. CONGRATULATIONS! You my dear deserve to be first on that list, you are on mine!

  3. Congrats Stephenie! I’m completely with Karen, I just need to read Midnight Sun too. I’d love to read someone else’s POV too like Alice or any of the wolf pack members. Stephenie and her four wonderful books will be in my heart forever. And now I’m making space for all the movies too!

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