Summit Entertainment Twilight Movie Twitter

Summit officially launched a Twitter for the Twilight Saga movies today. Currently there are a couple of guest Tweets from Chris Weitz , a picture of him in the sound editing room, and links to things like soundtrack reviews.

Check it out at


  1. chaskandee says:

    thanks for doing what you do=)

  2. They don’t follow Rachelle.. 🙁 I’ve officially lost all respect for Summit. I hope Chris has nothing to do with this. I mean Edi’s there, it would be fair to follow Rachelle too even though she’s not in Eclipse. Stupid move Summit, very stupid…

    • I don’t think Chris had anything to do with this because Rachelle IS Victoria in New Moon. And I also feel really bad Summit didn’t include her in their following list. It’s so unfair.

      • Susieqtpi says:

        ? They’re following her. I just went to go look at who they were following… she’s up there… maybe they added her?

    • Why should they follow her? It’s not like she’s going to follow them.They had a disagreement and I’m pretty sure they don’t want anything to do with each other. And even if they did follow her, there would be people who would be like “How dare they follow her after they fired her.”

      • shut up, bryce. go say hi to your dad ron howard for us.

        • What the matter, can’t handle the truth. And it’s to know how completely immature and ignorant you are.

        • Wow…that’s harsh. I was sad about Rachelle, too, but can’t we give Bryce a chance? She’s a great actress, too. She doesn’t need any help from nepotism…she holds her own very well.

  3. ooh it says final run for new moon is 2 hours 10 mins…how long was twilight?? 😀

  4. Twilight was 117 mins.
    That’s actually quite funny. 😀

  5. ughhh why does everything have to go back to rachelle? can we just enjoy the opportunity to get this extra info and behind the scenes stuff without all the “i hate summit.” stuff? sorry i know people miss her but gah…

    • Because I’m Rachelle’s fan too, not just the saga’s. And I’m still terribly disappointed that Summit stooped so low, I really didn’t see it coming. I’m sorry if I upset you, but I DON’T want to forget what happened, because that’s exactly what Summit wants us to do. I know nothing will bring Rachelle back, but I want to show Summit that some fans still don’t approve of what they did.

  6. ^^^ perfectly said…stop livin in da past people and jus git over it

  7. =( a little upset .i wish it was longer than just 2 hrs and 10 minutes. sigh* i hope they fit everything in

  8. Two hours and ten minutes is quite good for a movie. I’m sure that it will be fine.

  9. Singing Moon says:

    Yup, the companion said 2 hours & 10 minutes. It started out at 3 hours but it just wasn’t paced right. So when it comes to DVD, I’m hoping all deleted scenes will be included.
    I’m trying not to get sucked into the world of Twitter but I’m starting to want to sign up so I can follow the Twilight madness.
    Hopefully Bryce will look similar to Rachelle in the movie, so similar that we won’t even realize there’s a difference. I really hope people don’t hate Summit for what happened; please remember that they are still bringing us these movies & these wonderful characters.

  10. WannabeMrsCullen says:

    yeah that is a good movie length, you wouldn’t want to sit in a movie theatre for ages would you? I think the longest one I have ever seen was The Dark Knight.

  11. urgh the dark night dragggged on so much!!!!

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