Don’t Forget to Scream!

Twilight is up for the annual Scream Awards held by Spike TV. Now before you think it’s all horror, they actually have things divided into three categories: Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. Depending on the category, Twilight is competing against everything from the cartoon Up to Harry Potter.

Here’s the rundown of the categories:

Best Fantasy Actor: Robert Pattinson

Best Fantasy Actress: Kristen Stewart

Best Fantasy Movie: Twilight

Best Supporting Actress: Ashley Greene (Every category is lumped in here.)

Breakout Actor: Robert Pattinson
Taylor Lautner

Ensemble Cast: Twilight

Best Song: Decode by Paramore

Best Villain: Cam Gigandet (And he’s not up against Heath Ledger this time.)

Ultimate Scream: Twilight (Believe it or not Star Trek and Up are also in this category, go figure.)

Best Fantasy Movie: Twilight

So vote now! In fact the Scream people even say “Vote and vote often” so go for it!


  1. mellyCULLEN says:


  2. Yay! I have voted!

  3. um..why is it weird that star trek and up are in the same category? if it’s the ultimate scream, (ofc twilight will win, duh! :)) but still…those are good movies too

  4. when is this on again?? anyone? 😐

  5. I voted for twilight in some categories but most my votes went to HP and star trek, I’m sorry, but Twilight the books are amazing, but the film was beyond lame, therefore, I didn’t vote.

    • I agree 100 percent.

      • I agree, that’s what I did too. I voted for Twilight in lots of categories, but I also had to vote for Harry Potter, Lost, and Star Trek. Best ensemble was the most difficult to pick…

        • Best villan was difficult too… I lovelovelove Cam Gigandet but Helena Bonham Carter was absolutely brilliant as Bellatrix

          • of course, There are many other MORE deserving movies than Twilight. After watching the MTV music awards and watching Dark Knight lose to insufferable Twilight, and witnessing Heath Ledger’s robbery…
            I refuse to vote anything for the movie. I’ll stick with the books thanks

          • I agree, that moment where cam won over heath made me want to jump into the TV and do a kanye ( even though it was before the kanye icident :L)

          • Ummm… FYI, Cam didn’t win Best Villain @ the Movie Awards. Heath did. Get your facts straight.

  6. Man, that was hard! Of course I LOVE everything Twilight Saga; but I’ve been a HP fan FAR longer! I’ve decided to do a round voting Twilight, then one HP, and let the results be what they may… It’s too hard to pick favorites!

  7. Sweetdevil says:

    I voted,
    but as some of you already said, I didn’t always pick Twilight. In Best Villain I just had to pick Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd as Eric Northman in True Blood , because I think he is brilliant, even though I don’t think he is a villain:D
    And HP was on some things way better than Twilight so I sometimes picked HP over Twilight too.

  8. I’ve voted for Twiligh (actors & actresses included) in each category they were in except “Best Fantasy Actress”. I couldn’t vote for Kristen Stewart though because personally I don’t think she’s that great an actress, and there are others in the same category that are much better than her IMHO.

  9. genevieve says:

    ok i voted like awhile ago but not only for twilight im a nig trueblood fan so yeah alex for best villain u gotta love the bad boy vamps lol this is gonna be very interesting because spike is lik ea guys channel and a lot of guys dont really like twilight u should see some of the comments over there but anyway good luck to all it should be a good show

  10. Me too…if it was only the books, I would have voted a straight ticket, but since there were som many choices Twilight got a few votes (Rob for breakout male) Paramore for song, etc but I spread the love cause I also loved HP and Wolverine took a few for me. Twilight just couldn’t hang with some of the other catagories, but thats what makes it an awards show….I voted Emma Watson in actress catagory. I love to watch her. Again, if it was books alone, I would have voted straight up Twilight. Stephenie M. is a rock star and I’d stand by that!

  11. Most of my votes went to HP and some other films I enjoyed much more than Twilight the movie.

  12. Best Villian = Alexander SkarsgÄrd
    Best Villian = Alexander SkarsgÄrd
    Best Villian = Alexander SkarsgÄrd
    Best Villian = Alexander SkarsgÄrd

  13. I will falcon punch you all if you vote for someone other than Alexander SkarsgÄrd for best villain.

  14. voted twilight in some, voted harry potter in some. i only vote to those who is most desrving of the award.

  15. “Are you out of your vulcan mind?”
    So many dead-on performances in that movie.

    I still can’t understand why Ashley Green is a nominee. She had hardly any lines where as the other girls were featured more than she. ???

  16. Just a heads up – everyone who gives a “Go Twilight” comment is getting buried in thumbs down.

    And I havta agree – Twilight came out in 2008. So I’m confused as to why it’s on a 2009 list, but perhaps its a Fall – Fall kind of deal.


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