David Slade Tweets Pictures on Day Off

David Slade is back on Twitter again. This time David finally had a day off!

“This afternoon nature walk, first day off in as long as I can remember.”

scratchy branches on TwitpicThis afternoon nature walk, first day off in as long as I can... on Twitpicnature walk again on Twitpic

He then gave out another array of great photos. We can’t remember who exactly said it on Twitter, but someone suggested that David put all these great behind the scenes photos and more in a book. Seems like a possible idea to us. what do you think?


So this brings us to our semi-monthly or so Twitter round up. Here’s the run down of who has a real Twitter and who doesn’t.

Here are a listing of the real Twitters
relating to the Twilight Saga

Updated as of 10/12/09

Summit Entertainment Twilight Saga Movies


Cullen Family Members

Peter Facinelli (also on Twitter is Peter’s fabulous wife Jennie Garth)

Ashley Greene

The Volturi

Michael Sheen

Jamie Campbell Bower

Charlie Bewley

Cameron Bright

Forks Humans

Justin Chon

Christian Serratos

Billy Burke

Anna Kendrick

Quileute Tribe Members

Gil Birmingham

Kiowa Gordon

Tinsel Korey

Alex Meraz

Chaske Spencer

Boo Boo Stewart

Other vampires

Rachelle Lefevre

Edi Gathegi

Jodelle Ferland


David Slade

The Twitters supposedly run by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed are all fakes. Ways to tell: mislabeling of photos stating where & when the pics were taken, Tweeting while clearly performing , all created around the same date, claiming they are posting personal photos when in reality are actually recycled paparazzi shots, official sites of actors don’t list a Twitter, etc. Also if they were real, Mr. Uber Twilight Twitter himself, Peter Facinelli, would no doubt mention it.


100 Monkeys The Band Jackson Rathbone plays with

Bobby Long Writer of Let Me Sign along with Marcus Foster, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Sam Bradley Writer of Never Think, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Marcus Foster Writer of Let Me Sign along with Bobby Long, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack


  1. These pictures are beautiful. They’d be perfect for behind the scenes photos.
    Thanks for the twitter info. I’ve just added Alex Meraz.

  2. He has a great eye obviously. Love that he does things like that on his day off…I still hope he does Eclipse right. Can;t shake the knot in my stomach.

  3. You copy the twitter link list from L3 and don’t even give credit?! O.o

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