Vanity Fair Begins Twilight Saga Featurette With Music

Vanity Fair is kicking off a new weekly feature today. They wrote in to tell us:

“Hope you’re enjoying your week! I’ve just posted a new Twilight Watch update on featuring interviews with three of the bands on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. Check out what Sea Wolf, St. Vincent, and OK Go have to say about their song exclusives including lyrics, what scenes their songs are featured in, and whether they’re Team Edward or Team Jacob. Hope to see you again next week and every week on counting down the release of Twilight: New Moon.”

So check it out on Vanity Fair!


  1. I cannot wait for this soundtrack to come out. I live in Minnesota and only listen to The Current and through that station have fell in love with a lot of the bands on the soundtrack. Props to the music team for helping expose a younger generation to music they may not have ever found on their own.

    Also, There is a BRAND NEW making of New Moon special attached to the Twilight film if you order in OnDemand from your television. I have comcast cable in Minnesota and on Friday I ordered the movie because in its summary of the film it said that there was a 5 minute making of special. It gives more background on the Volturi and the wolfpack. You even get to hear Aro and Marcus speak. Order it if you have it, it was only $2.99. I tipped off the lexicon to this on Saturday and they still haven’t posted it.

  2. Oh okgo you make me so proud. They are going to explode into stardom soon, which is very exciting because I have been a fan of theirs for years, and put up with all of the “Who’s OkGo?”‘s at music stores.

    I love Tim’s sense of humour! =D

  3. I can’t believe so many people involved with the movie (on the soundtrack I mean now) aren’t into the books. It’s crazy!!! But, at leat most of them are good at what they do.

  4. Vanity Fair has done wonderful things for Twidom!!!

    Looking forward to their features… now just give us some yummy RPattz glossy photos!

  5. damn. Annie Clark has a 39 yo sister AND a 9 yo sister? That’s a huge age gap! how did her parents do that one?

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