The Lexicon staff meets Charlie Bewley

While at Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Convention in Chicago this weekend we had the chance to meet our first member of the Volturi guard, Charlie Bewley who plays Demitri.  Charlie was on stage for Q&As on Friday and really gave the fans a treat with his British humor and a new way to think of the Volturi.  He said that they aren’t really “evil” but that they are just making sure someone upholds the law.  We found this comment particularly interesting considering that we had printed off tote bags which basically said the exact same thing!  We had Charlie sign the bags and will be giving it away on the website at a future time.  He also spoke about his audition process and that he was initially called in to audition for Marcus, which he didn’t want.  He did this hilarious Marcus impersonation several times where he kind of fell over the side of his chair and mumbled dialogue in an exaggerated form of boredom.  He told us that Chris Heyerdahl does this very creepy voice for Marcus and that his performance was spot on.


Charlie also spoke about the costuming for the Volturi saying that when he first saw everyone in costume he felt that “we all looked like a bunch of choir boys!”  He said that it took the addition of the hand painted contact lenses to really feel the vibe of the characters and that once he saw himself in full make up he stood back and praised the mind of Stephenie Meyer.  But probably the funniest moment of the Q&A was when he compared the Cullens to the Volturi.  Of course the crowd booed a bit when he said the Volturi were better and cooler, but he made his point to a degree when he suggested showing the two covens gear up for battle.  He said the Cullens would be there pumping up their Reeboks while the Volturi would be putting on Armani capes and making sure their medallions were straight.  Much laughter followed especially when he started acting it out!

Many thanks to Charlie Bewley and the staff at Creation Entertainment for the photo!


  1. Charlie Bewley seems like a really different person from the rest of the cast members. I’m not sure exactly why. I guess I’ll need some time to get used to him.
    New Moon seems more and more exciting everyday! There’s only a month and a half left! But it still feels so long.

  2. actually, what the volturi did in the end was evil. even when they prove the legitimacy of renesee’s existence, theyre still determined to go on with their plans to destroy the cullen coven and recruit alice and edward to join them.

    coveting and greed are evil– aro’s desire to attain the powers of alice and edward is classified as both. this is why alice left. it was only the number of opposition and bella’s ability to block them that gives them pause. otherwise, the volturi would have had their way. how is that not evil?

  3. haha
    i love the reeboks vs armani bit

  4. To be fair to Reebok, Charlie said they’d be pumping up their Nikes, but the gist is the same. He was one entertaining fellow! I’m still giggling about some of his comments!

  5. Haha he is hilarious i wish i saw him 🙁 he is really cute.

    • I was at the convention in Chicago and had the chance to meet him. He is SOOOO cute it’s unreal. And he has a great/funny personality that ads to his charm.

    • TracyLB72 says:

      I was able to meet him in Chicago at the convention, he is SOOOO cute it’s unreal!! And his personality/humor just ads to his charm!

  6. ohmigooniss.

    I have that exact scarf.

  7. What a cutie.


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