Rob Pattinson as Prince Harry?

According to British on line news source The Improper, director Peter Kosminsky is out to find the perfect actor to play Prince Harry in his upcoming film “The Spare” and Robert Pattinson is on his short list of choices.  Other actors he is considering include Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame as well as Rupert Friend.


“I feel a sense of compassion for the [Prince Harry],” Kosminsky says. “His parents break up in the most spectacularly public way, his mother dies in the most tragic and, again, public way and everything is picked over.
“He’s a man born to no role. His brother’s the heir and Harry’s the spare,” he adds, hence the name of the film.

“I feel a sense of compassion for the [Prince Harry],” Kosminsky says. “His parents break up in the most spectacularly public way, his mother dies in the most tragic and, again, public way and everything is picked over.

“He’s a man born to no role. His brother’s the heir and Harry’s the spare,” he adds, hence the name of the film.


  1. Wow..that’s an interesting role a bit far from Twilight I hope he gets it :)..(am i first yay)

  2. i'm too old for Rob says:

    Well,Robs certainly posh enough but surely he’s had enough of red hair by now??? 🙂

  3. In truth, I would prefer Rupert Grint. He can be both brooding and very funny all at once.

    • I agree with you Noah, Rupert already has the red hair and I think he’d be amazing.

    • I third this motion. Sorry, Robert. 😛

    • phillygal says:

      Well, this movie will probably have a Prince william character as well as Prince Harry, so why not cast Rob as William and Rupert as Harry? I mean, if you’re gonna talk about the spare, then we’ll probably be seeing some of the heir, though it may not be the bigger role…


  4. WOW!! Did anyone see the trailer for cherrybomb w/rupert in it??? Clearly hes not in hogwarts anymore lol.looks good with that pushed back hair!! So the question who knows who will be the movie have no clue who the other rupert is.Sure it will be good, im sure rob wants to be in the movie so he can have even more girls screaming for him just what he wanted LOL!!

  5. am sorry but i think rob is too good looking to play offense but rupert should jus do it.rob is too gorgeous to play harry.

  6. Rupert looks right for the role, considering the hair. He’s also a pretty great actor. I’m not sure how Rob would look as a red head, though, and I’m not exactly enthusiastic about that image.

  7. that would be an interesting role for rob. i think rupert grint would be the safe pick. but i think rob would be a good pick too, in the end.

  8. I think Rupert Grint would be better….hence the looks!

  9. candy-sky186 says:

    I see him more as a Prince William than Harry. Rupert Grint would be a better choice.

  10. Rupert grint, sorry but I love way more than r-pattz.

  11. I don’t want Robert Pattinson to play Prince Harry in a movie. He’s way too good looking for that role. Rupert Grint it definitely a better choice, especially because of the red hair, but I think a Orangutan might look a lot more like Prince Harry than any human. 😉

  12. Rosalie's Pain says:

    I think Rupert Gring would be the perfect choice. I don’t know if he would want it though. I mean he plays Ron Wesley, who is also considered the spare when compared to Harry Potter. I definetly think that Rob would be a beter Prince William. Hopefully he will not get the part, if it’s not meant for him.

  13. I would much prefer to see Rupert Grint in this role than Robert Pattinson. I’m not a huge fan of Rob’s acting skills! :T

  14. Rupert should get this. Rob Patz is way too cute to play any of the princes. They are not that attractive.

  15. Alexandra says:

    i think it should be Robert cuz wellll he really does look like a prince he’d be perfect

    • He’s not up for the role of Prince Charming. Rob may look like a prince, but he doesn’t look like those princes.

  16. I think it should be Robert over Rupert. Rupert looks nothing like Prince Harry. The big difference is that Prince Harry is attractive and Rupert isn’t despite them having almost the same hair colour. Prince Harry is really hot (his brother isn’t, though.)

    Robert is tall, charming and handsome and well can be play a prince – plus he can so pull of the bad boy image that Prince Harry has.

    • Attractiveness is relative, though. I mean, I think Rupert Grint is GORGEOUS, and I’m not at all attracted to Robert Pattinson.

  17. MariposaAlice says:

    I think Robert is great for the part! I think..Yeah..with cropped hair he looks exactly like Prince Harry. Rupert doesn’t look much like him, but we’ll see with a different color hair, yes?

  18. I think the role of Prince Harry would be more suited to Rupert Grint. I can not see Robert Pattinson as Prince Harry, Roberts face, build etc is all wrong for the part IMHO.

    • I couldn’t agree more with u… but in @ the end they will pick RP ‘cuz of his popularity… u know, the business goes… Lame!!!!

  19. papermoon says:

    rob would make a better prince william.
    i think rupert grint is a closer fit for harry.

  20. Rob as a red head – can’t say that I see it (and what I do see makes me shudder, and reminds me of the Ginger Kids episode of South Park a wee bit too much). Rupert Grint would be better casted as the role, IMO.

  21. Rob looks absolutley nothing like Prince Harry, he would be an awful choice for this role.

  22. Based on looks alone I don’t think any of them could be Prince Harry.

  23. no.. i think rupert from harry potter should get the role for prince harry over robert pattinson.

    on the other hand, if this was a movie about prince william, the more handsome brother, i’d say cast robert pattinson.

  24. man, he should get a role if his contenders are Rupert Grint(whom I think is also awesome) or that other dude.

    But regardless of who gets it, I wanna see this movie 😀 My mom has always been a huge Princess Diana Fan and she really inspired me

  25. hahahaha NO.
    ruper grint should have the role if anything.

  26. I think Rupert over Robert, because I’ve never found Harry very attractive (although he does seem to be improving slightly). Either way I won’t be wasting money going to see this movie. What’s it going to be about? He went to university, now he’s in the military, and he does some charity work. Not exactly riveting stuff!

  27. Totally unrelated, but there is a great HD copy of the New Moon Companion on You Tube! Absolutely unbelievable pictures!!

  28. I think Rob should be Prince William and Rupert should be Prince Harry

    • i agree – if rob were to be one of them i think he would be more suited to the role ofPrince William and rupert grint is defs more suited to Prince Harry…

      • I agree completely…When you compare photos of prince harry with that grouping of 3 that the top of the page Rupert Grint looks the most like him…and after both of you saying it I have to agree that Rob would be far more suited for playing Prince William.

  29. Yeah.. No way Rob would do this, at least I think it isn’t the kind of role Rob would want to play. So not him.

  30. Rupert Grint all the way :))

  31. arg!!! both harry and that pattinson dude r fugly. there4 pattinson is perfect

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