Tinsel Korey as Emily

Tinsel Korey did her very first convention yesterday. She looked a little nervous at first but soon got into the swing of things. It’s obvious that she got along great with the wolfpack guys. It sounded like they had a older sister and teenage brothers relationship with that great sibling combo where you love them to pieces, but then there are times when you shake you head and just say too much testosterone in one place.

She also talked about her new castmates Boo Boo Stewart and Julie Jones, saying that they fit in right away and that is was nice having another girl (Julie) around frequently.

Tinsel also saw the promotional shot (below under the cut because it’s a large photo, shot from the display photo on Tinsel’s Q&A box, they also had huge banners of the same shot as well as copies that you could have Tinsel autograph.) for the first time. She talked about how the make up took several hours to do but that the effect was worth it.

Tinsel also said that she like both directors. They had different styles, both of which were good. (Charlie Bewley also said the same thing, more on Charlie later.) Tinsel said that David Slade is really funny and has a great dry British humor and was not at all the scary horror movie person she had first imagined.


  1. Oh my gosh!! The make-up department is amazing!!!!!! GO CHRIS WEITZ

  2. A little different to how I pictured it but amazing anyway. Gosh she is so beautiful!

  3. that is so awesome!!! but i imagined her like breath takeing beautiful.. but she is pretty dont get me wrong.. but im happy any ways what a great job

  4. On a slightly unrelated topic, did anyone else watch the latest Vampire Diaries episode? They mentioned Twilight.

    • I did notice the reference…I even replayed it for my husband (who doesn’t really care)…haha!

      • AVERY/MISSY!!!! So funny me and sis totally laughed at that.Like the show loved when stef said somethin like b/c being a teenager for like 150 years has been the highlight of my life…Love damon with those evil powers i guess that happens when your not a CULLEN.You bend mortals to your will.

    • I did watch Vampire Diaries, and I laughed when they mentioned twilight…gotta say that twilight has vampire diaries beat, the show is kinda boring but I keep watching hoping it gets better.

  5. Oh she looks nothing like i imagined… though i had a more gruesome idea in my head …. the slashing were bigger.

    @Avery yeah it was quite funny “How come you don’t sparkle?” “Why is everyone so whipped?”

    • Heehee I love Damon, he’s hilarious

    • i thought he said y is edward so whipped but i guess that works 2. that is my new fave show!!!!!! it is awesome!! and i think the makeup looks ok. i thought her it would b worse though. bc in the book it talks about how her eye was like pulled down. neway just my opinion

  6. I somehow imagined the scar(s) to cross her eye and make it a bit dropey in comparison to the other eye. Maybe it’s just because someone I know has a dropey eye due to an accident…

    But props to the makeup department… GREAT JOB.

  7. I’ve had many cat scratches in my time and they are always spaced apart evenly and generally straight. Each one of her scratches looks like it was done seprately and slowly. you’d think that one quick werewolf scratch would just cut straight through.

  8. i pictured it to be more of thick red/pink scars bulging out of her face.

  9. AVERY

    yes theeyyyy i noticed.

  10. I also expected it to distort that side of her face (eye and mouth drooping – according to the book). But, then again, not everything in the movies go according to the books. I think the makeup looks awesome though!

  11. thats not rele how i pictured it but she is so beautiful(;

  12. I don’t think it looks bad, but it isn’t what I expected….. I think it makes her look alot older and I thought that they would be bigger, bolder, and that they would look like something an animal would do…. I don’t think that is what these look like.

  13. Wow, the scar on her face is so creepy. But that’s a good thing. It’s a little different from what I expected, but everything can’t be exactly how I want it to be. I wonder if the scar hurts her. I hope not.

  14. I agree with Julie. This does not look like it was done by an angry wolf. Or an angry bear for that matter (as is also mentioned in the book).

  15. shake heartbreak says:

    GO MAKE-UP! Even though I imagined the scars would be bigger and more in the middle of her face… But oh, well! Amazing job anyways… 😀

  16. It looks gruesome not wat I expected but its still great in a bad way. Lol. I just cant wait until the movie comes out Im definetly going 2 cry when Edward leaves Bella.

  17. I’d just like to point out- because twilight lexicon hasn’t posted it- that twilight lexicon has been nominated in Pattinson Online’s Twisite Awards in the categories for Best overall site,Best news updates,and Best design…and they’re losing so if you think they’re a good site you should vote for them. 🙂

  18. she looks so pretty even with the freak long scars on her face. haha. the makeup department is AMAZING! i would LOVE to see more promo pictures. i wish they would release them already! ahhh. im pretty sure ALL of us want to see the promo pictures like CRAZY! haha. (:

  19. she looks like i pictured her but i have to agree with Julie… it looks like someone cut her with a knife a few times really slow, i’ve been scratched by my dog and the cuts were straight and thick in the middle so thats what i thought it would look like… but the scar affect does look good… they just dont look like a scar made by a werewolf..

  20. Chloe Marie says:

    that is so awesome

  21. Heather :) says:

    Saw you guys in Chicago, thanks for coming! Twi Con was great! Justin and Mike were to funny and the wolf pack was awsome. I loved that Justin, Mike & Bronson came out to the audience to answer fan questions!! what great guys…

  22. kate(team edward) says:

    this looks real, i knew it would be amazing, it’s eclipse!!

  23. It looks like lightning rather than werewolf claws

  24. The makeup looks awesome but I agree it should be straight down claw marks not jagged. the way it looks, it looks like Sam did it several times not just once.

  25. New Moon pg 331. “The right side of her face was scarred from hairline to chin by three think, red lines, livid in color though they were long healed. One line pulled down the corner of her dark, almond-shaped right eye, another twisted the right side of her mouth into a permanent grimace.”

    The makeup dept. could have done much better but I think they waned Emily to be more marketable. Everyone else looks so good, maybe they didnt want her to stand out too much. Even though she’s suppose to. I dunno.


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