Kristen Stewart’s Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

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  1. um yeah, that was weird.

  2. she just did not look enthused about being there.

  3. she looks so tired…

  4. She smiled a little in the beginning but she looks tired. But the mood of the photoshoot looks way too dark to be smiling.


  6. CullenChik says:

    Why do her boobs look so pointy? Surely it is because of a bra…but why would they do that to her? Not attractive. I mean…lol…I kind of did a double take there.

  7. that was a bit strange.

  8. She is beautiful !!! I did some modelling, photoshoots are extremely tedious so she was hardly going to be doing a happy dance. The photgrapher sets the mood of the shoot and it obviously wasnt to portray LOL.

  9. luvtwiverse says:

    Bored and Bothered, though she looks stunning! I’d like to interview the crew that worked this shoot.

  10. she looks she’s ten minutes away from falling asleep right there but even in that condition she stiil looks beautiful, and kudos to the hair people, they made that mullet look fine

  11. She looks tired, bored, and like she hates being there. Although I imagine photo shoots are boring, she’s acting like she’s dead!

  12. Yea she did look a little bored but I mean it’s a photoshoot she was probably there the entire day. Plus she has been working like crazy on eclipse but SMILE girl you’re gorgeous!!! Those pictures were reallly cool too!

  13. I would HATE it if other people had to touch me for hours either for make up, dressing up or my hair.
    Just once ore twice is enough… with a day like hers, I would scream and just run away after a few different changes! hahahaha

  14. She looks so weird in this shoot, the mulle does not look doos on her.

    She is a beautiful girl, she just needs to get her hair right.

    She’s a great actress though.

  15. sapphire sphyres says:

    She is gorgeous as always and the pics are fabulous but she doesn’t look tired she just looks so sad. I hope that she can find some peace and be happy.

  16. Rosalie's Pain says:

    She is so Bella, even if she says she is not! Bella would never be exited over this type of things. Kristen is the perfect Bella. Bella hates to be glammed up, and by the looks of it so does Kristen. Great job in casting!

    • SnoWhite11120 says:

      HAHA! Exactly 🙂
      People get on her case, but she is SO much like Bella. And that’s why she is perfect for the role! Plus, people aren’t considering the mood of the photo shoot. She’s not supposed to be smiling… it’s an edgy shoot.

  17. she looks so tired at times, I hope she doesnt run herself ragged the poor thing. She looks beautiful though, and lol to Rosalie’s Pain, you’re right!

  18. shake heartbreake says:

    she obviously tired… She’s probably been working 24-7 and hasn’t had any sleep… anyone would have looked like she does if you work as hard as she proobably has.

    but what’s up with the plastic though?

  19. She really looks tired. I hope she gets to rest sometime. This look of Kristen’s creeps me out. She looks so much better as a shy, decent Bella. She’s such a beautiful person from the inside and the outside. I hope she gets back her real look soon.

  20. Some of these comments are so funny. They are exactly what Kristen is talking about in the interview. Who cares if she’s smiling or not? Are you smiling all the time? No, no one is. As “lovekris” said above, this isn’t the kind of photoshoot that required her to be looking all “happy go lucky.” If you saw the finished pcitures, you would see that the photographer obviously didn’t want her smiling for the pictures.

    Kristen is gorgeous! It doesn’t matter if her hair is long or short. If she’s wearing makeup or not, smiling or not. She is awesome!!

  21. I can’t tell if she looks bored, sad or annoyed. I think she’s a great bella, but outside of work and in my opinion, she’s become full of herself.

    • I 100% agree she is waaaay full of herself right now, and honey you’re famous because you were in Twilight, not because you’re the best actress on earth.

      • OMG! Did Gaby and Stacey seriously just say that? “Full of herself?” You’re kidding right? Have you even ever read anything about Kristen? She’s not the “spotlight” type of person. She is the farthest from being “full of herself.” You are the exact “fan” that Kristen is talking about in her interview. And, Twilight might have boosted Kristen’s career, but believe me, she would have become famous from her other movies as well. Maybe you need to go watch some because she is an awesome actress!

        • Well, the thing is that I was a bigger fan of her before she got the part of Bella. MY opinion is that she is letting it get to her head. At the music awards when part of the cast came out and introduced the newest trailer, she totally dissed the crowd. You’d think that for the movie being as big as it is that she would have at least humored them.

      • Full of herself?? Seriously? She is down to earth, honest and real…something that is lacking in Hollywood. The only thing she appears to be is a little nervous but that’s Kristen. I love the pics of her – they are edgy and beautiful, just like she is. She is an amazing actress. You are sounding way too jealous. And I thought this was a fan site? Maybe you’re upset because you know Rob is loving some of those pics.

        • Of course i’m jealous of her! She gets to be in an awesome movie with awesome people! And i am a huge fan of the movies and her, just not how she acts outside of being in the movie.

          • I agree, she’s not the best actress in the world,
            and it is a fan site, but a fan site for Twilight the books (that’s what it started out as anyways) and that does not necessarily entail loving Kristen. That being said, she looks like Bella, but I don’t like Kristen and Rob. They don’t really project good images and feelings.

  22. Edgy and cool! Gorgeous pictures and loved the interview.

  23. I’ve done photo shoots before – and the photographer sets the tone. And they aren’t super fun and exciting – they’re long and boring, being told to tilt your face by this angle and move your hand here and look ängsty, blah blah. And your just acting out the photographers vision, which as seen in Kirsten’s case, can sometimes be pretty bizarre. I’m sure the overall pic was cool.

  24. Been on many photo shoots as well and they are totally not as “glamorous” and “exciting” as people think. It’s work, you are tired, and often sore the next day. The photos are in the photographer’s head so you just do what they want and it turns out awesome. Her pics were amazing so they were doing something right. Glad to see a darker side on her, especially with the tones in the next books.

  25. You guys DISGUST me.
    You have no right to moan and bitch about Kristen when you haven’t been in her shoes.

    She’s a hard working, beautiful and intelligent girl who doesn’t deserve all this bashing. No one deserves it. Don’t you realise how tired she must be? It’s not like she spends her days frolicking along the beach eating icecream under the sunshine. She works 12+ hour days for f*** sakes.
    She’s already said a million times that interviews and shoots make her uncomfortable which is totally understandable. I certainly wouldn’t be jumping for joy if I was her. She has to put up with a lot.
    So what if she doesn’t smile in every picture or at every event.. that doesn’t make her a bad person. Theres nothing that says she has to. Shes a timid, smart girl who prefers to keep to herself… and last time I checked, thats not an invitation to verbally bash her.

    Shes just real and normal, and I find it heartbreaking that shes criticised for it.
    Being hated for being yourself is just disgusting and no one should have to put up with it.
    I think shes so strong to be able to deal with everything that comes her way, especially being only 19.


  26. Constance says:

    I love Kristen. These pictures were not really about her they were more about the stylist and the photographer. Any model could have been used. They do not reflect real Kristen or tell us anything about her which is odd since we are reading the article to find out about her. I hope Kristen takes the time off between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. She has been working an insane schedule and could gain from being Kristen for awhile rather than immersing herself in yet another character.

  27. looks like a typical photoshoot atmosphere to me. can we call off the Kristen-police?

    • Kristen’s amazing the way she is. People need to stop projecting what they think she should be/how THEY would be- onto her. She rocks all on her own and that’s so glarringly obvious, to think otherwise appears utterly ignorant.

  28. She looked absolutely thrilled to be there. LOL! Why is she so jittery? Does she need a smoke break????

  29. I think Julie M is totally on point.I dont think kristen is full of herself i think she’s being real
    I love the edgy luk she’s rockin and the pics are awesome.With or without the mullet i think she luks gorgeous

  30. She looks like Lisa Marie Presley. She could play her in a biopic.

  31. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Creepie much lol but oh well she looks tired.

  32. She looks like a lesbian.

  33. She is one of the most depressive, unenthused people ever…I mean ever!
    A beautiful girl, but she’s so lucky!
    There are so many girls who’d give an arm or a leg or both for that matter to be in her shoes!
    I know it was probably the mood of the photoshoot, but all the time? Really?

  34. Uggh. You guys aren’t actresses, so how would you know? STP JUDGINH HER! It’s harder than you think.
    Didid the photo LOOK like it was for Seventeen magazine? It was supposed to be dark and edgy, and YES, she did have to be like that THE WHOLE PHOTOSHOOT, because when you’re trying to portray a particular feeling, you have to get in the zone.

    And just an observation, why is it with only Kristen these arguments occur? I don’t see any complaints when Rob doesa dark/sexy/angsty photoshoot, just “He looks s hot!”

  35. She obviously wasn’t supposed to be smiling for this shoot, but since it’s her people have to attack her? I swear people judge her so unfairly. And she waved at the fans on the VMAs, how is that dissing them? She is one of the most down to earth celebs out there. How did she become the villain but Rob is somewhat similar personality wise but everyone loves him? I don’t get it.

  36. POOR KRISTIN WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU! She looks so miserable…

  37. That was so. weird.

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