Welcome to Twitter Chaske Spencer

We just verified with Chaske’s management that this account is real.


TY to the Irish Twilight Sisters for digging it up in the first place.

Also, despite some Twilight stars (yep stars get fooled too) following a Taylor Lautner and a fake Rob account. It isn’t real. The fake Taylor account is chatting with a fake Dan Radcliffe account about their plans to see the next Harry Potter movie together.

Taylor is high profile enough (as are Rob, and Kristen) that any account that any of them had would be verified by Twitter in mere days of creation (Ashley Greene’s account took 3 days.) Plus, if their accounts were real, Mr. Twitter god himself-Peter Facinelli- would have mentioned it since he knows the three of them rather well.


  1. Wow his followers just doubled in the last 5 minutes 🙂

  2. love2dream says:

    Mr. Twitter god…snort…that’s great!
    Gotta love Peter! How does he find time to do all he does?!

  3. msting2you says:

    By reading all the twilight books I look forward to the upcomming New Moon and can’t wait to see everyone in it.

  4. I am looking foward to seeing New Moon! Love the wolf pack!

  5. Sooo true Peter is the Twitter god! lol…He defiantly would of told us if taylor , rob or kristen ever got an account…i seriously doubt rob or kristen ever will…..maybe not taylor either….

  6. Hello, we are a group of french fans which have a blog called Twilight-Navarre, and today we find a Bronson Pelletier on Twitter, we don’t know if he’s the real, but he speaks with Charlie Bewley yesterday and he reply to him : http://twilight-navarre.over-blog.com/article-36846374-6.html

    we don’t know if he’s the real…

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