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Interview Magazine caught up with Kristen Stewart for their 40th anniversary issue. The interviewer was Dennis Hopper…yes, THAT, Dennis Hopper! Dennis’ daughter is a big Kristen fan and the interview starts out with the phone converstion and then gets into bigger topics.

“HOPPER: You can’t take walks?

STEWART: I’d like to take more walks after work, instead of having to come back to my hotel room and not leave. So it can be boring. I’ve been working as an actress since I was very young, and I know a lot of people who are actors who don’t have to deal with having a persona . . . You know, if you look up the word persona, it isn’t even real. The whole meaning of the word is that it’s made up, and it’s like I didn’t even get to make up my own. It can be annoying. But I have a really strong feeling that this is going to go away, that this is the most intense it’s going to get—and could get—and that it’s fleeting. So in a few years, I will hopefully become more like the people I want to become like.

HOPPER: Does it bother you to see yourself in the tabloids?

STEWART: There’s nothing you can do about it, to be honest. I don’t leave my hotel room—literally, I don’t. I don’t talk to anybody about my personal life, and maybe that perpetuates it, too. But it’s really important to own what you want to own and keep it to yourself. That said, the only way for me not to have somebody know where I went the night before is if I didn’t go out at all. So that’s what I’m trading. It depends what mood I’m in. Some nights, I think, “You know what? I don’t care. I’m just going to do what I want to do.” Then the next day I think, “Ugh.Now everyone thinks I’m going out to get the attention.” But it’s like, no, I actually, for a second, thought that maybe I could be like a normal person.”

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  1. That’s why I like Kristen..she cares about her work and still carries herself like a normal 19 year old. Keeping doing what you do Kris cause at the end of the day, you know who you are as well as those closest to you.

  2. I started to read the rest of the article, the pics were beautiful, but I didn’t bother. What was the finger about…who was it to..the fans?.. the tabloids? the people reading the interview? Yes, she couldn’t have said it better, fame is fleeting.

    • who cares who the finger is to? i’ve taken plenty of pics that way or with my tongue sticking out.. any number of things. it doesn’t mean anything. it’s a nothing act that doesn’t need to be over-analyzed.

    • karen picking apart a stupid picture of her flipping the bird is EXACTLY what kristen was complaining about. that’s why she doesn’t want to do anything or go anywhere cause there will always be someone to criticize her for everything.

      • HEY BIRD/MISFIT, I really dont think karen said anything rude just her thoughts.Look im sure kstew{the cast as well} does not want to be a role model for anyone but they do have young fans.Although im sure the young peeps are not gonna read interview mag..

        • It’s just a picture!!!! Don’t read more into it than that. She should not have to censor herself because some tween might be reading a mag that isn’t geared to them. Some will complain no matter what she says or does. Get over yourselves – she isn’t here for your enjoyment.

        • even the biggest idiots are also sharing their thoughts in the end…

        • TY, it really wasn’t to diss ‘her’, I would have thought the same thing if I saw Taylor Lautner or any of the others do it. I wouldn’t except it from anyone off the streets. Its not that its a big deal between friends, at a bon fire, at home etc…but kids love her.
          Kristen may not like being watched but it doesn’t change that fact that she is watched. Thats all I was saying.

    • Maybe she just wanted you to see the ring better. ahahaha I agree w/ bird: Who cares who the finger is to? She is a typical 19 year old whether you want to admit it or not. She drops f-bombs like they’re going out style, she wears edgy clothes and flips the finger. It was a great interview, the pictures (all 10 of them) were beautiful and you did yourself (and Kristen) a diservice by not reading the whole thing because of ONE of those pictures…

      • i dont care what kstew does its her life..Let her enjoy it.I did read the article. I dont like it when twifriends hate on other twifriends for their thoughts especially ifs its not a rude(karen) comment.Thats all im sayin remember peace love and twilight!!!

  3. hmmm not sure on this article, but I like her honesty. I feel like she is embarassed of some of the twilight fans (which I agree to why, because some of us are too crazy)

  4. WOW vindictive are we Karen. Kristen is a great actress and I would love to see how some of you would handle the fame and pressure she is under. Most of you would buckle before you could even say Twilight.

    The interview was good but its not complete they have the rest in the magazine. As for the image of her flipping off the camera I think she is just doing what the photographer asked.


    • No, not vindictive at all, I actually like her acting…but I don’t have to love everything about her. Looking forward to seeing The Runaways too. When you do have such a big spotlight on you (as she does) come on, the finger has a meaning behind it, it was just uncalled for, its just my opinion, lighten up.

  5. good interview from what i saw,just hope she has fun with things.She should go for that walk at night if she wants to, hey u only live once.She needs to let more of her carefree side come through and not get crazy bout stuff.GOOD JOB KRISTEN!!!!

  6. Bada** beauty. Girlcrush solidified.:)

    As for the flipping off the camera pic, come on! Do we have to pick apart everything she does and make something bad out of it? As someone else said the photographer probably asked her to do it.
    Simply gorgeous pictures and GREAT interview so far. I’m going to have quite the magazine collection by December.

  7. I love Kristen Stewart. She’s so different from a lot of the other hollywood starlets who are around her age and for that I have a lot of respect! I’m glad she is the one to play Bella!

  8. Excellent interview!!! I love how she speaks straight forward, very mature young girl.

  9. Imagine not going out cos people think you’re attention seeking, or not being able to talk about you life to people. I think we need to free the cast. When she turns 30 she is going regret spending her younger years hiding in a hotel room. And we wonder why these famous young girls loose it.

  10. I like kstew she’s cool. I loved the pics she’s so pretty, but i just cant see her in high heels, i think she’s a converse and boots kind of girl. lol

  11. I love kristen, she truely does speak her mind, It’s annoying that everyone constantly monitors everything she says and critisises her yet if rob said the same thing, he wouldn’t get it because rob can apparently do no wrong, pft.

  12. DetroitStyle says:

    I like Kristen because like its been said, she speaks her mind, she’s real. You don’t get that alot from people in general, let alone a star.

    And so what if she is stickin up her middle finger…and? Let’s not accuse her of flicking off fans or tabloids or anything.

    I hate it when people pick apart what others do, its annoying, and thats just my opinion.

  13. DetroitStyle says:

    Oh yea, and those were hot pictures!

  14. This girl can wear some serious make-up! I love it on her, but if i tried it i would look like a clown!

  15. i LUV her!!!!!!

  16. Great interview! Just makes me love her even more. And I’m glad she did finish high shcool, with honors. That’s awesome for her! I can’t wait to get this magazine and read the whole article.

  17. LaTuaCantante says:

    Cool to know that the graduation scene in Eclipse holds a special meaning to Kristen. And congratulations to her for getting her diploma 🙂

  18. she. is. amazing.

    i wish i could meet her someday.

  19. Rosalie's Pain says:

    Good interview. I’m glad she realizes she is not good at interviews. I like that she is very raw when she speaks, very candid. Not pandering to anyone. Also, am I the only one who thinks she is beautiful without make up? Hopefully she wont let anyone try to get her all sexy. She is beautiful being plain.

    • No I totally agree. I think Kristen looks beautiful even without makeup. When she does have it on, it just enhances the beautiful color of her eyes which I think is her best feature.

  20. Jennifer L. says:

    She’s actually done pretty well. She answered genuinely, and it’s a really appreciated thing in Hollywood. This is a great interview.
    btw, i so love the pics. Kristen’s absolutely stunning.

  21. I really enjoyed the interview & loved the pics (especially the finger one)! She’s so pretty & her makeup is flawless. I know that she had a ton of people working on her but she’s naturally beautiful so the makeup & clothes are just enhancement. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders about the whole thing but I’m not so sure that her popularity will die down any time soon. Can’t wait to see The Runaways with Kristen & Dakota. All the best to you Kristen!!!!

    • The popularity that Kristen was probably talking about is the hype of Twilight which will, eventually, fade at some point. And by that time, she would have established herself as a respected actor. I have a lot of respect for her talent and her non-conformist ways.

  22. Wow that picture is like freaky amazing! I just hope she doesn’t get MORE edgy than this. It’s awesome now, but I hope it doesn’t get any more intense.

  23. well I don’t like being flipped off, but somehow I mind a lot less when it’s kristen.

  24. The more I hear from her, the more I love her. She’s obviously an intelligent, contemplative and mature person, and she takes her acting career seriously. I love her interviews, she’s candid, she doesn’t give a shit. Say what you will about her having young fans that look up to her, all the more reasons for her not to censor herself. I’d much rather have young girls looking up to unconventional women with a strong sense of self – dare I say – a personality. I’m sure we’ve all heard “Well behaved women seldom make history.” (Laurel Thatcher Ulrich)

    On a more Twilight-y note, I love hearing her speak about the Twilight saga and characters, she really seems to approach it from a meaningful place. She sees the undercurrents in the story that bring it to life. I too would have loved to see them make *those* movies, but at least I can rest assured knowing she’s at the helm, and she knows what she’s doing.

    Furthermore, my God this girl makes for gorgeous photos. Keep up the intensity lady, it suits you beautifully.

  25. i loved the interview and the pics are awesome.KStew is just pretty with or without makeup.I cant wait to my hands on that mag

  26. Everybody lay off Karen, she was just stating her opinion. I would have to agree with her to a certain extent. I feel very sorry for Kristen, she is under a lot of pressure and as she said can’t do anything. However, she is an actress and that comes with the job, and even though that was just one picture where she was probably being told what to do she kind of does have an f off attitude towards the fans, and they are what gave her the level of fame she has right now, I’m sorry but it wasn’t her acting skills that got her there. I really liked KStew at the beggining but she needs to get off her high horse because she thinks she’s above all us fans right now, who may I add have made her TONS of money. I know I’m going to get crap for this but someone had to say it. I am a fan of the books and i loved the movie, and I follow Twilight news religiously which is why Kristen has made me like her less and less. I don’t dislike her, but she needs to watch it, because people aren’t going to like it if she can’t be respectful. I’m not neccesarily saying in this interview but her attitude towards fans in general has gone downhill.

    • I totally DON’T AGREE WITH U!!!! But I respect your opinion. Ppl tend to be so critic of anything that KS do or say… It’s just ridiculous!!!! If was RP doing the same thing, I’m sure as a Hell, almost everyone would say: “Isn’t he so adorable??” or “Even doing this he still hot!!”. Lame!!!

      I’m so grateful that she’s not like those damn others actresses in Hollywood… she is so refreshing, she’s not ashamed to show what she really is… she really have a SOUL. She never tried to be perfect or a role model… which makes her a real person… Maybe this is the reason that so many ppl don’t like her… Get over it ppl!!!! Way to go Kris!!!! Be yourself, & don’t give a crap for no one else!!!!

    • She does not need to be grateful to the fans, she does not owe them anything! I am sick of the lame celebrity statements (“i do everything for my fans”, “I love my fans”), that is just soooo fake!
      She has respect for her fans, and I can not say it about fans.. It is not respectful to expect that she will be always happy to take pictures, smile.. Can you imagine that you are working nonstop? That you have to work while shopping for food, while in the bar with friends. Always available for pictures, chats, autographs.. For how much money would you be able to live like that and smile all the time???

      • Hell!!!! u r so right!!!! Maybe all that “haters” would like her more if she was like that fake actresses that u’ve quoted… Some ppl, sometimes r so biased… can’t c the difference between “actress” & “movie-star type”… Seriously, how some fans can aclaim respect from her, if the same odd fans never has a respectfull atitude to her??? To me if u want be respected, u would be respectfull. Shame on those!!!!

        • DetroitStyle says:

          I agree with M.P and Kat. Yes, I am a fan and as a fan I am helping her pay her bills, BUT she doesn’t owe ME anything. If its one thing she owes me is to be real, and thats not because she is a star, I expect that from everybody. So its even better when I see that a person who is under SO MUCH scrutiny to be that honest with us and herself. Do yo thang, girl!

          I will disagree on one point, some actresses or stars, DO love their fans, and maybe even do what the do for them (I have no example…just saying, maybe).

          • In some point right u r, however, KS is not the Hollywood starlet @ all…Thanks heavens for that!!!! She loves her fans… in her way, & ppl have to respect that… u know, everybody is different… that’s the beauty 😉

    • It’s more than obvious that Kristen cares deeply for Bella’s character and the story. She seems to put a tremendous amount of effort and thought into giving a performance that the fans will accept and appreciate. That in and of itself shows that she has respect for the fans. Just because Kristen isn’t bubbly and all smiles all the time doesn’t mean that she’s ungrateful. She strikes me as the type of person who is more introverted and as a result is a little uncomfortable with the kind of attention she’s receiving. Seriously, who really likes being stalked by cameras and screaming strangers day in and day out?

  27. Kristen is disrespectful towards fans? Um, actually she has stopped to sign autographs in the freezing cold. My friend got an autograph and said she was incredibly nice and funny. I’d much rather her be herself than another Hollywood clone.
    Hope she never changes. 🙂

  28. cheering4twi says:

    I really enjoyed reading this interview, I always wonder what she must think of the circus that surrounds her. Seeing Twilight was the first I knew of Kristen Stewart, but it made me want to see what else she had done, and I think she is amazing. She has a very strong empathy that enables her to put herself in various characters shoes. I think she will make a significant contribution to whatever field she chooses in life, whether that be the continuation of making smart and thoughtful films or another occupation. I think at 19 she should give herself a big pat on the back. I’m just bummed that there are so many people tabloid journo’s etc that seek to bring her down. I ask you, what significant contribution are they making in their field in their lifetime?

  29. Well, I started to read the comments but I didn’t bother 😀

    Great interview and images!

  30. Rosalie's Pain says:

    I actually don’t care about her as a person. I don’t know her. The only reason I read stuff that has to do with her right now is because of Twilight. I think once the Saga is done, no one is really go and line up to see their movies. I feel the same way about Robert. I didn’t even know he was the same guy who played in Harry Potter until my friend pointed it out to me. I come to thi site for Twilight News and whatever I get on my EW magazine. At the grocerie store I see the tabloids but I dont buy them. I see all the Teen Magazines with their pictures but I dont care, I walk by them. The only Twilight stuff that I have is the books, the directors notebook, and the movie. I really like the soundtrack and the score, and have considered buying them. That’s as far as I’ll go. Same thing with Harry Potter, I love the books and I have them all. I also have the movies, but that is as far as I go. NO t-shirts, posters or anything else. Everytime I feel like re-living the experience, I simply open up a book and get lost in their world. As far as the way some “stars” treat their fans: they should not do anything for the fans! True artists do what they want and people become a fan of their work! Last but not least, I’ve read about several Twilight cast members complaining about how hard it is. Enjoy it while you can. Gone are the days of “super stars” where someone would go watch a movie just because so and so is in it. There is no need to pay any actors 20 million dollars anymore. Time to beter utulize the budget and make good movies.

  31. am i the only one who thinks these pics have a rihanna-like vibe? lol jw.

  32. I don’t think Kristen should have to be followed by the paparrazi, if they followed me around I would cuss at them and might be tempted to punch them in the face. I’m just saying that some things do go along with the job, and I love Rob, bless his heart, but the same goes for him. I feel like they are both cracking from the pressure, and neither of them do very many interviews etc. anymore. I wouldn’t want to be asked a lot of the questions they’re asked, but at the same time, the fans that are supporting them want to see them giving interviews on the red carpet and being more involved. They were both fantastic about that last year, but now understandably they don’t want to do it so much anymore, and to the fans in general, I have heard that she’s very nice in person, Kristen doesn’t come off as very respectful. Which, to a certain degree is understandable because some fans are very disrespectful. I don’t want to see paparrazi picutures of them, and they don’t have to tell us about their personal lives, but to a certain degree both Kristen and Rob need to be involved in the acting community because it goes along with the job.

  33. When I saw that picture… the first thing I thought of… was that the bottom half is depicting her as she might look when shes a vampire. Anyone agree? I think she looks beautiful regardless… but the pale skin and red lipstick are gorgeous on her!

  34. I love Kristen!!

    Great Interview!

    Amazing photos!! My favorite is the on in the lace dress. Her eyes are extraordinary!!

    • ZoeCullen says:

      I thought this pic rockedd too until i saw the video of behind the scenes. she looked terrible in the vid and pretty in this, so obviously it’s been air brushed

      • Wow! You are the exact, “fan” that Kristen is talking about in this awesome interview. And, hello? Everything is airbrushed, but that doesn’t diminish her beauty in real life.

  35. For those who have given Kristen a difficult time once again, this time because of a certain pose… she was photographed in poses as directed by the photographer. This girl is beautiful, edgy and truthful!

  36. Some of the pictures were gorgeous. They were edgy in this kinda classic way. And only she could make a mullet high fashion.

    You know, its too bad, really. All you guys who are obsessing over the finger picture, and dissecting her interview…that’s why she can’t leave her hotel rooms at nights, and can’t talk about anything personal. The more you attack these stars (who, believe it or not, are real humans), the less they enjoy their job…

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