Get the 100 Monkeys to Come to You!

This just announced by 100 Monkeys:

“We’re letting fans choose 20 cities in the US that we are going to play at on our tour.

They need to send their name, city, state and age all in the subject line

The info should have a comma between each item.  name, city, state, age

The winning cities will be announced October 28th.  This is for US cities only.  The Canadian contest will start November 1st.


  1. E-mail already sent out. 🙂

  2. Me too… email sent. I think this is a fantastic idea. I just hope they pick on close to me.

  3. haha i sent an email. maybe theyll come.

  4. I’ve sent my e-mail too, hopefully they’ll come close to where I live 🙂

  5. If only they could come to Australia…… le sigh…

  6. email was sent last night after I read the post, so hoping for the best!!!:)

  7. rosi argentina says

    if only they could come to Argentina i’d be the happiest girl in the world