Eclipse filming on the hush hush. is reporting about how tight lipped the production crew for Eclipse is being.   As usual, fans from all over the world are flocking to VanCity in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Robert Pattinson and other stars of the franchise.  What isn’t so usual is that fans are having more and more difficulty finding out where the filming is going on, something we caught on to very quickly as most of the reports out of Vancouver have been about finding the filming sites AFTER the filming has happened.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Eclipse producers had asked newspaper websites and radio stations outlets in Vancouver not to disclose the filming locations, citing possible security and safety concerns for both the cast and crew, as well as the fans.


  1. I want it to be hush hush. I love the element of surprise. Keep the cast and the crew safe. I don’t know how they stand it, not being able to go out without the papz harrassing them. I love the twilight books and I am crazy about the characters Carlisle and Edward. They give women belief in real men.

  2. AHHH Pathetic, I must say if you want to visit canada than go and have fun!! but not for the chance of meeting the cast members..I like the that they keep a tight set at least the actors can chillax…Not like when they did “remember me” geez i thought poor rob was goona just loose it the poor bloke. There just peeps like the rest of us be nice and be respectful…even though we all want to kiss those cute boys LOl

  3. I agree..lets give them some room peeps! 🙂

  4. of course that fans NEED to BACK OFF! These people are just trying to do their job. I would be reluctant to go out in public if I knew people were gonna constantly mess with me. Let them enjoy their lives instead of being scared of what some desperate creepy fan is gonna do to them. They have ‘press’ events to give the fans their time. But after that its the actors time & time to leave them alone.

  5. agreed with this article, just let them film!

  6. I know New Moon hasn’t come out but I’m dying for Eclipse pictures, interviews and clips. It’s my favorite book out of the series. I hope it doesn’t go without the hype that Twilight and New Moon got because the filming is overlapping New Moon. I hope to hear more press and see more pictures of Eclipse too.

  7. After coming across the pics of poor Rob returning to his hotel this weekend, I was peaved. Where is the security for the Twilight crew. I am sooo glad to hear that the mounties are on the job. I’ll be even happier when the hotel that they are staying at hires some security to keep paps and over zealous fans with cameras away from Rob.

  8. I think after “New Moon” we’ll hear plenty about
    Eclipse. Its only right and respectful to C. Weitz
    and the cast of New Moon. Eclipse is my favorite
    of the saga and pray its done good. But, they should be in the backround until “New Moon” is
    released. I’m so gratefull they are so close together and not years apart.

  9. I think it’s about time they did this. At least they can work in peace this time.

  10. I agree too. Let them film in peace but I still would like to have an update every so often. Eclipse is my favorite book and I am just excited to hear what is going on with it. But I do agree with leaving the actors alone on the off time. they do need there privacy and the fans should back off from that. If the fans don’t back off Rob might decide not to finish the series and then where would we be. left with no Edward and no Breaking Dawn.

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