Charlie Bewley: Man of Mystery was able to go in depth with Charlie Bewley about his past and his future hopes:

“Charlie Bewley won’t say how old he is.

He also won’t elaborate on the details of his seemingly scandal-heavy past, which he alludes to frequently, nebulously describing it as “erratic, risky, bread-line. High highs, low lows.” In passing, he mentions turbulent romances and family dramas, and says he doesn’t really drink anymore, but keeps mum on the reasons why. He is decidedly mysterious.

“I have to be,” Bewley says.

What’s known is that Bewley is a British expat who worked several snow seasons in ski mecca Whistler after immigrating to Canada several years ago. For a time, he supported himself by driving a cab (“I had the most money out of all my friends”) and later moved to Vancouver, a two-ish-hour drive from Whistler, to pursue his acting career. The choice necessitated another move to Los Angeles in September of this year.

This is, of course, because Bewley plays the Volturi vampire Demetri in the upcoming New Moon, the second installment of the culturally permeating Twilight Saga series.”

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  1. He seems so mysterious which makes me want to know him even more.

  2. i lk him(; hes lk batman! but batman is wayyy cooler! oo! they should lk get batman in the volturi! that would be awesome(;

  3. OMFG I loooove Charlie! Ever since I saw him in the youtube video he did with the little stuffed bunny rabbit :3
    I loove him! *mouthfoams* haha

  4. Interesting interview…he doles out a little bit of info. and then changes the subject…hmm.
    I like the fact that he has developed Demetri’s background(and ran it by Stephanie). Gave me a new perspective on the character and I can ‘see’ it. So much darker than I’d imagined..
    I hope ‘Eclipse’ is not as dark and gory as he’s claiming it will be- I’d be disappointed but I’ll have faith and give Slade the benefit of the doubt.

  5. slummedit says:

    He’s 26, and he worked at a gay bar, where he claimed he only just “flirted” with men for the things they gave him. There you have it: his sexy, mysterious past.

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